Working From Home Isolation

working from home isolation

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Working From Home Isolation – This Will Help If You Feel Lonely Within Your Home Business And Take That Feeling Of Isolation Away.

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle ConsultantIn this article Mark Ford looks at something that can have a detrimental effect on your work from home business and that is working from home isolation and shares some ways to take that feeling away.

The concept of working from home appeals to millions of people all around the world who have set up their own home business. The trouble is that it is not always a bed of roses and many of them are suffering from working from home isolation.

So do you ever feel lonely working from home? Do you ever feel that those four walls you look at all day are closing in on you and are sending you a bit stir crazy?

Coupled with the lack of human interaction working from home can be a lonely place. You are there with your computer with the ability to reach all four corners of the world but it feels there is no one there.

The thought of working from home is very appealing because business models and technology advances make it very easy for people to make a living from the comfort of their own home.

Yes there are lots of benefits of working from home. There is no commuting to work which can take up many hours of your day stuck in traffic jams or overcrowded public transport.

You don’t have to get formally dressed, if you want to you can work in your pyjamas or your comfortable and scruffy clothes. Also you can set your own hours so that you work around your family and you don’t have to officially clock in and clock out. These are just a few benefits of working from home and there are many more.

The other side of the coin though is that it can be really lonely working from home. Especially if you work is based on the internet and if you are not careful work from home isolation can soon set in and take hold. You find yourself staring at your computer screen all day. You are connected to the world but not getting any form of physical interaction back.

Also your home office can become a very sterile place and it is no good for you to keep looking at the same four walls day in and day out. You may also find that you start talking to yourself out loud just to break the silence and you look forward to the printer churning out some sort of document just to break the monotony.

So what can you do to get out of this rut?. Before I look at that I just want to take a moment to tell you about my story. I have worked from home for many years now with my property investment business along with my internet business ventures. Most of the time I am on my laptop and over the years I have developed a daily structure so that I break up the day and not feel hemmed in.

Also I have a second home abroad and because I run a business that is very flexible I can pop over to Cyprus when I feel like a change which really helps. Now I realise that you may not be in that position but I would like to share with you some simple things that you can do to remove that working from home isolation feeling.

working from home isolation
Working From Home In Isolation – Tips To Manage Your Time

Working From Home Isolation – Take Breaks

Take Regular Breaks – Don’t fall into the trap that you feel because you work for yourself you have to put the nose to the grindstone continuously all day. You are allowed to take a coffee and lunch break. Use these times to spend 15 minutes or hour to reach out friends and family for a quick chat. Better still get on Skype so that you can see a real person. This is very important but make sure you are disciplined because you will still have work to do.

Also, at lunchtime make sure you have a proper break and have something good to eat to keep the energy levels up. When I am over in Cyprus I like to pop down to the pool and cool down and there are usually some people around to have a quick chat with.

On other occasion I like to go for a quick walk around the village and there is always someone around to say hello to. So make sure you get out of the house and get the body moving.

Change You Working Environment – If you have got a favourite coffee shop where you can get can online then grab your laptop and head off down there. If you spend an hour or so there you are likely to find some inspiration and come up with some great ideas for your business.

Again when I am over in Cyprus I go down to the beach, and set myself up at my favourite beach bar to either write blog posts or plan the next project I will be developing.

Take Time Off At The Weekend From Your Work From Home Business – It is very easy if you work from home to fall into the trap of working 7 days a week and this is something you must not do. Weekends are for enjoying yourself and having some downtime from your business. Get out with the family or take part in your favourite pastime. Make sure you enjoy yourself.

Work From Home Business – Manage The Working From Home Isolation Feeling – It’s Important!

So if you have developed that working from home isolation feeling you will find that implementing what I have said will really help you. You may need to adapt what I shared to you own circumstances but if you can work around your home business then it will definitely make you feel better.

Working From Home Isolation – Time Out With Friends In Cyprus

I wish you every success with your working from home isolation management..

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