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What Is Success? The Road To Success Is A Long One… Let’s Have No Doubt About That… But… What Does Success Mean To You?

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Mark Ford Home Business Blogger

What Is Success? – The way one person defines success can be very different to the person standing next to them, there are a number of factors that influence ones view of being successful and their idea of what it means to be successful will strongly relate to the things that they value the most in life.

Let’s look at some examples on how you may view… what is success?

  1. Someone who values money will view their worth as how successful they are at their job and how much they earn for a living.
  2. Someone who highly values a harmonious family life, are more likely to rate their success depending on how much time they have to focus on their family and being present to bring up their kids.
  3. Someone who is really focused on their health and fitness may look at success in terms of how well they have trained and how fit their body is looking and feeling.

Each individual will have different ideas on what success means, and all of these are correct. The dictionary meaning of success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”, therefore if someone is fulfilling their aim or purpose, no matter what it may be, they are successful.

Road To Success | Achieve Your Goals
Planning Success

What does success mean to you?

Have you ever really stopped to think about it? Have you ever thought about what leads someone to be successful? Here are 7 important skills that are the secret to becoming successful.

what is success
What Is Success?
What Is Success Tip 1 – Have A Strong Passion

Having a strong passion or desire to achieve something allows you to work towards it with a lot more ease and flow. If something is fueled by passion it doesn’t seem like hard work and things tend to get accomplished faster due to the high level of enthusiasm to achieve.

What Is Success Tip 2 – Put In The Work

Success requires you to work hard towards your goal, but also have fun along the way.

Success does not come from a non-committed effort, instead a burning desire to do whatever it takes to master what you set out to achieve.

What Is Success Tip 3 – Get Good At Something

Mastering the skill required to achieve your goals is a must, the better you become and the more commitment you have the more likely you are to succeed. Me, well… I love to blog and work from home!

What Is Success Tip 4 – Focus On One Thing – Recommended Book – The One Thing on Amazon.com

People tend to become easily distracted, changing direction to chase the next great opportunity that comes their way. If you are really passionate and committed to your goal you will find it easier to stick to it no matter what other shiny objects you come across. Staying focused on what it is you set out to achieve will allow you to put 100 effort into accomplishing whatever you set out to do.

What Is Success Tip 5 – Push Yourself Physically and Mentally

Every one of us have our limits, the things that scare us and can sometimes stop us from moving forward towards our dreams and goals. Whether it be something like, a fear of public speaking, a lack of self-belief, or a fear of not being worthy enough, if you wish to become successful at achieving your goals, it is essential to embrace the process, step outside of your comfort zone and push yourself through the fear. Success is a journey of growth and continuous learning.

What Is Success Tip 6 – Serve Others and Have Ideas and Get Creative

Having vision, imagination and ideas is where is all starts, without a strong desire and clear idea of what you wish to achieve you may find yourself becoming un-productive.

creating a business vision
Business Vision

To be successful, you must be clear on what success means for you, only then will you be able to make your success a reality. Have a clear vision, have a strong desire, and have a determination to keep working until you have succeeded.

What Is Success Tip 7 – Persist Through Challenges and Failure

It is inevitable that you will face challenges along the way, and to be successful you must have enough determination to push through and accomplish what you set out to achieve. You must set your sights on your end goal, and not take your eyes off the prize no matter what you come up against along the way.  Desire, determination and commitment will propel you to succeed.

I want you to invite you to remember that success will not fall into your lap, you have to work hard, be determined to go after it. Those who are willing to put in the work are the ones who will succeed. Have a clear vision, a burning desire and a willingness to do what it takes. Success is a continuous journey, lean in to life and lean forward so you can reach for what it is you truly desire. You’ve got this.


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I wish you every success with your blogs and in running your successful home business from anywhere in the world. However, I invite you to learn the lessons from the videos above and from this what is success article.

P.S. I also invite you to leave a comment below to continue the what is success conversation.

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