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What Causes Procrastination and The Trap of Procrastination – Do You Keep Putting It Off Until Another Day Or Not Do It At All?

3 of the Biggest Reasons That Can Lead to People Procrastinating. Let’s Get On With It Then Mark, C,mon!

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How many times throughout your life have you fallen into the trap of procrastination, a world that involves avoiding what it is you really need to do to reach your goals and constantly keeping yourself busy with meaningless tasks in an attempt to distract you from even getting a start on that job you have been putting off?

That’s a long question but I am sure that most people who are reading this would know what I mean, procrastination is definitely a skill that some of us have mastered perfectly, including me at times, and that is why I am sharing this with you today. Now before I go and do something else let us move on with this procrastination article.

I am the first to admit that it is not a good habit to get into.

I know from first-hand experience that most of the time we don’t even realise we are doing it until it gets to the last minute and the deadline for our work presentation is due in the morning, or the guests are arriving in 10 minutes and the house is still a mess or the car is 3 weeks overdue for a wash and you just can’t stand it any longer.

I would not say that I am a professional at leaving things to the last minute but I can relate to this from times gone by. A structured and productive day with a method of operation is what I focus on now but I cannot say that procrastination does not raise its head.

That voice in my head “Mark, you have done enough go and have a lie down or I’ll do that later after I have watched the cricket” and many other thoughts constantly come in my head. I’ve learnt to manage the thoughts and stop the chit chat. After all I am blogging daily for you, so watching cricket all day will not get the job done.

You may find this Time Management Video from Mark Ford entertaining?

The realisation about what causes procrastination

I have realized that no matter what it is you are putting off, the longer you leave it the harder it is to start.

Here are 3 of the biggest reasons what causes procrastination, I’m sure there are many more but these 3 I’m sure play a big part in procrastination for many people.

What Causes Procrastination – Reason 1 – Un-defined goals

goal setting tipsPeople who leave their goals vague or too broad tend to lose focus and motivation very quickly. For example, if you say you want to “get fit” without determining how you are going to achieve this you will struggle to stick to it. On the other hand, if you say, “I’m going to get fit by going to the gym after work from Monday to Friday and do a 1-hour fitness class”, that is more concrete and therefore you are more likely to take-action upon it.

What Causes Procrastination – Reason 2 – Indecisiveness

Decisional procrastination is something that, perhaps, many of us are really good at… and it is one of the most common causes of procrastination. Essentially this occurs when the person cannot decide on the course of action they want to take, which in turn leads to them not making any decision at all.

For example, the person may continue to put off starting to write their article because they cannot make their mind up on what topic to write about. Too many choices make it all too easy to procrastinate. If you are someone who falls into the indecisiveness category, it is important to keep in mind that each time you have a decision to make you end up using a great deal of your mental resources and energy before you even begin to take any productive action. Make the decision and just do it!

Taking the time to recharge yourself mentally is very important for those indecisive people out there, this will assist you in becoming more productive and procrastinating less when making decisions in the future.

What Causes Procrastination – Reason 3 Perfectionism

Hey, as a former lawyer in the UK I may be talking to myself here because perfectionism is something I have had to get hold of as I build out my home business lifestyle and business interests.

what causes procrastination
What Causes Procrastination | The Trap of Procrastination

Perfectionism can cause people to fall into the category of procrastination in times when they are so scared of making mistakes, so they tend to take little or no action at all. Have you ever found yourself judging your work to the point that you are never happy with what you have produced that you never actually share or publish it for the public to see?

Of course, it is understandable that you want to be creating quality work, although for some of us perfectionists out there we are so critical of what we have created that we are aiming for unattainable flawlessness. How can this not cause someone to procrastinate? Giving them a great excuse to for unnecessary delay.

So… instead of using your perfectionism as a reason to procrastinate, could you possibly use it as a motivator? Perfectionism doesn’t always have to lead to procrastination, there are perfectionists out there who can be less likely to procrastinate because they are so determined to get the job done right.

Moving on From What Causes Procrastination to the Solutions…. 3 Procrastination Tips to Get the Job Done!

So how do we move through our lives with more productivity and less procrastination? That Is a great question, and it is a much better question than to keep asking yourself what causes procrastination and dwelling on that.

Let me share with you a few procrastination tips that have helped me to transition into a “do it” person, rather than a “maybe later” person.

Procrastination Tip 1 – Keep your work space organised

This might sound so cliché, and it is but it really works. Once a week schedule time to re-organize your desk, clean up your computer and prepare yourself for the week ahead. To be totally real with you I am going to put it out there that you may not find it easy to stay organised, especially if you are not typically an organised person, and there will be times that you lose track and that it ok.

What I would offer you is to simply be aware of when you are unorganised and how much it effects your productivity. How much more do you procrastinate when you don’t know where to start? It might be worth keeping a short diary of what you achieved each day to look back on and see the patterns forming. And that leads me to my next tip.

Procrastination Tip 2 – Plan your day

You might be thinking… yes, I know all of this and I have tried it, but it just doesn’t seem to stick, and I absolutely get it, the same happens to me. What I have found since working from home is that the less you put on your to do list the more productive you become. I limit my daily to do list to no more than 4 items (preferably 3). This way if I complete all three with time to spare I feel amazing and any extra tasks I get done after that are a bonus. You see, if we put a list together for the day that consists of too many things we start to feel overwhelmed and start to procrastinate because we don’t know where to start.

Procrastination Tip 3 – Eliminate distractions

Now this may be a hard one for those of you trying to work productively from home, you may have kids or family members interrupting you, the fridge may be calling you to open the door another time in case something yummy pops out at you, the doorbell might ring and you may just need a little break, every 10 minutes.

So next time you think about opening the fridge for the 100th time and reaching for that snack or checking your social media, I want you to stop and be aware of what you are doing and remember the 3 procrastination tips I have shared with you today. If you were to implement these every week I am sure you will see a marked improvement in your overall productivity.

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