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Student Property Investment as a Home Business Opportunity

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford – Home Business Lifestyle Consultant

If you have the funds available or you’re able to get loans approved, student property investment is one of the most profitable ways to generate your main income, or fund you whilst you work on your own business from home. Student applications to study at university are at their highest ever, which without a doubt means property within student towns are going to be sought after. This is where the investor comes in, because with great demand comes a great need for supply.

I have an info graphic below to show you the latest statistics on just why student property is going to be the next epicentre of ROI. Some really interesting and unexpected statistics I’m sure you’ll agree!

As well as a letting agent and attorney, one of the most integral roles you should allocate is that of a property manager. This is because it will allow you to work from home and allow them to deal with all maintenance issues regarding the property, pay bills on behalf of the landlord (yourself) and prepare your financial accounts both monthly and yearly. This will save you an awful lot of time and allow you to sufficiently develop your home business (whether primarily property investment or not).

It’s always worth asking student property experts in the industry if you’re interested and have any questions, but it’s clear to see that as there is an ever-growing influx of students every year, there is no question that property-to-let will be needed and you’ll be able to make a quick return whilst providing a service people truly need!

Please see the infographic below and let me know what you think, which fact stands out the most for you?

Created by Aspen Woolf Student Property Investment Experts > Click Here.

Thought for the day: Property investment, student property investment or otherwise, is a good way to work from home as a part of an overall multiple income strategy.

I wish you every success in your home business and student property investment.

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