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Strong Minded – Are You Mentally Strong Or Do You Capitulate For No Apparent Reason? – Is There A Way To Strike The Perfect Balance?

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

An article from Mark Ford which assesses what makes people strong minded and how they differ from people who buckle at the knees and follow the general consensus of opinions and actions that are taken.

So let me ask you a question. Do you think that you are a strong minded person or someone who stays in the shadows of other people and keeps your opinions to yourself because of the fear of being laughed upon?

Being strong minded could be debated as a person being arrogant, self-opinionated and stubborn and the general definition is a person who is determined and unwilling to change their opinions and beliefs. So does that make them a bad person? I think not because I think you should have your own opinions and beliefs and stick to them, saying that though I think that you should also respect other peoples’ beliefs and opinions. There is nothing wrong to listening to other people’s ideas because you may learn something new that compounds your beliefs even further or change them firmly in the opposite direction!

Over the course of this article I am going to look at some common traits that strong minded people have, what they do and don’t do and which will help you make your own mind up as to which side of the fence you sit on.

Being strong minded though doesn’t mean that you are always right and there will be times when things go wrong, you make mistakes and run the risk of the “told you so” comeback from other people. But hey, you stuck to your beliefs!

So let’s start to look at some of the defining characteristics that strong minded people have, and I want to start with not being easily influenced by other people.

Strong Minded – Doing Your Own Thing All Of The Time

There are a million different scenarios where people try and influence you to do things their way. The argument I suppose could be that they are just as strong minded as you are. The thing is that, even if they are experts in their own field, you still think that your way is the right way and that is what you are going to do.

I am not saying that you are like a bull in a china shop and just go hell for leather and don’t care about the consequences, no, you may plan things out, create a strategy and then execute on that strategy regardless of what other people try and advise.

The good thing about this is that you learn how to do things whether the outcome is favourable or not. If things go pear shaped, then at least you have learnt not how to do it, so you won’t do it again. As you can see I am trying to give a balanced view so that you can determine if you have a strong mind but I also hope that can see some logic in any alternatives that may be available.

Strong Minded – Don’t Always Say Yes

strong minded
Strong Minded | Don’t Always Say Yes

Strong minded people are definitely not yes people. If you are not interested in anything then you will have no trouble saying no straight away and you don’t care about who is asking, it could be the Queen of England or the Queen of Sheba for all you care.

This proves that you are not a pushover and someone who can be taken lightly. In many ways this is a great characteristic to have because you always have the feeling of being in total control of your life and the events that unfold around it.

Again I will give a balanced view of this and only say that you may be cutting your nose off to spite your face as you could be losing golden opportunities to experience new things in life, things that are a once in a lifetime event and could help you grow as a person. Something to think about!

Strong Minded – Never Letting People Treat You Badly

As a strong minded person, you will never let anyone treat you badly and quite rightly so. You must stick up for yourself and not let people treat you with disrespect. Weak minded people will just allow it to happen and be a person that allows anyone to walk over them and be bullied.

The other side of the coin is that you yourself must treat other people with respect and not treat them badly either. You can still stick up for yourself and be a nice person at the same time.

Strong Minded – Never Having The Need To Just Fit In

Strong minded people are not sheep who follow the flock wherever they go just to fit in and look right. This maybe you and therefore you won’t just do something for the sake of it, you will only do what makes you happy and are interested in and it doesn’t matter if people don’t like it. Personally I see nothing wrong with this because if you constantly try to please other people then you will never please yourself.

Strong Minded – Defeat Is Not An Option

You will never be defeated even if you try things and they don’t quite work out as planned, again you have worked out how not to do something and then you draw on your resources to then find the solution, even if this takes you another 100 attempts.

no quit attitude

Quitters are defeated as they don’t have the backbone to ride the storm, but you will plough on regardless until you reach the calmer waters.

Strong Minded – Totally Independent

Strong minded people are not co-dependant as they can stand on their own two feet and face the challenges that life throws at them. This could be financially, mentally or emotionally but somehow you find a way on your own to cope.

This is a great trait to have but they often say that a problem shared is a problem halved which could help if things get to breaking point. Sometimes reaching out for a bit of help is not losing that independence, it is recognising that things could go from bad to worse if you continue on your own!

Strong Minded – Doing What You Want To Do

You may have a one-track mind and know the path that you want to take your life down whether it is from your own making or if an opportunity arises from other people making it possible. Nothing will stop you which is great, but it always pays to have plans in place.

Acting on impulse sometimes works but often doesn’t, so make sure you have a clear plan of action to follow as you will find it easier to reach your final direction. Saying that though one great trait is recognition, and this is what I mean by that. Having the ability to notice things that are not working is critical, so you can tweak things along the way, you can still do what you want but always on your own terms.

Strong Minded – Not Being An Attention Seeker

Strong minded people do things because they want to do them and not because they feel if they do it will bring attention to themselves. Having people watch them is not the motivating factor and are much happier blending into the background with as little fuss as possible.

I like to think that I am a strong-minded person but I can see things from both sides. Throughout the years I have always appreciated other people’s opinions, whether I agree with them or not is another thing, but I have always taken things onboard.

This has helped me with many important decisions that I have made both in my personal life and throughout all my business ventures, especially when I have diversified into new industries and niches. The core principle is that once I have made the decision based on my beliefs I have always stuck to it and seen it through to the end.

I am definitely not a yes man and never felt the need to follow the crowd just to fit in and conform, rather I have followed my own path and so far, it has led me to experiencing some fantastic things and creating a lifestyle that I control at all times.

At all times I treat people the way that I expect to be treated and give them respect to their opinions and I am not dependant on anyone but if I feel the need I will ask people for advice, being independent doesn’t mean facing the world on your own. Finally I never quit as it is not in my make up, so I guess you can say that I am a strong minded person but I can see things from many different angles. If there is anything about what I have shared that you agree or disagree with then please feel free to leave a comment below, share this post or contact me here.

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I wish you every success with the lifestyle you create for yourself and being self aware.

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