Start Living Again In This Digital World

start living again

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Start Living Again – But Will We Stop It?

Mark Ford shares a quote from David Alexander Flinn on the importance of having a balanced lifestyle and accepting that it is time to look up from our phones and start living again. Enough said… it needs no words. However, maybe it does need more words. I invite you to read more below the image and you may then want to leave a comment at the bottom of this post to continue the conversation?

start living again

A quick side note to this is a recognition of the times we are in. As I share this in January 2021 a worldwide pandemic is going on and we have become, out of necessity, more and more reliant on our digital devices to stay in contact with our friends and loved ones.

I write to you today from my second home in Cyprus and without my laptop and iPhone I would be lost and totally isolated. I would not be able to work on my digital online business, blog daily and stay in touch with my partner and son. Therefore, whilst it is important to control the addiction many of us may have to being on our smartphones everyday, in times of a pandemic with Covid 19 this is perhaps not the time to manage self control over how much we use them.

iPhone addictionBelieve me, I can relate to your feelings of isolation, lockdowns, not being able to travel as much as you would like, losing your freedom, not being able to see a parent with dementia in a care home, not being able to physically be with family such as your children, siblings and parents and ‘fear’ around media reporting on Covid outbreaks and lockdowns.

Let’s stay safe, acknowledge that we need to protect ourselves and those around us and look forward to the time when we can again be free to enjoy our days as we would like.

When we do have our freedom back then perhaps consider how much we are on our phones. Do we sit at a dinner in a restaurant, for example, and have our head in our phone. I make it a habit not to go out with my iPhone when I am on a dinner date so that I can be fully present and enjoy the conversations, dinner and the person I am with. It’s important that they know we are present, don’t you think.

Start Living Again – The Look Up Gary Turk Official Video Makes You Think! – Are We Slaves to the Technology?

Accreditation: Gary Turk

I wish you every success in running your home business from anywhere in the world. However, don’t forget to live. Are you? Maintain a balanced lifestyle.

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