Sky Diving For A Cancer Charity

Mark Ford Sky Diving in June 2019

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Sky Diving – A Great Way To Face Your Fear And Enjoy The Ride On The Journey of Life!

Do you want to face your fears? I did just that back in June 2019 when I did a Sky Dive for charity and, as someone who is not keen on heights, I jumped out of a plane a long way up! I’m looking back today on this as a reminder that there really is only one way to face your fear, just do it!

Epic was my final word in this Sky Diving video – face your fears and move beyond them and then you can enjoy the ride and do something for a good cause. I loved it.

Sky Diving – Why Did You Jump Out Of A Plane Mark Ford?

A great question. I lost my father to lung cancer some 13 years ago and I know of many family and friends who have since then lost their spouses and family members to various types of cancer. In memory of my father and these people I became fearless because it was more about them than my own inner feelings about jumping out of an aeroplane 13,000 feet up at Hinton Airfield, UK.

We have choices. Just do it!

Thank you to all involved for making this possible and for those who sponsored me. £570 was raised in aid of cancer research and to help young women with cancer through Victoria’s Promise.

Donations are no longer being accepted. However, If you visit you can learn more about this. Much appreciated.

Victoria’s Promise supports and empowers young women and their families through cancer and beyond and was founded in 2014 by Victoria’s brother, Alex Eastman. Click here to read about this heart wrenching story. Victoria had lost family members to cancer and then lost her own life to cancer in January 2014.

Visit the Victoria Promise website to learn and discover more and to see how you can support the cause.

I wish you every success in running your home business from anywhere in the world and enjoying this journey we call life.

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