Skills To Develop At Work

skills to develop at work

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Skills To Develop At Work – Do You Have The Right Skills Sets To Do Your Job Or Start Your Own Business?

An article from home business lifestyle consultant Mark Ford that looks into skills to develop at work so that you can perform your day to day tasks to the best of your ability while doing your regular 9 – 5 job or if you are thinking about starting your own online business.

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

Today I invite you to consider the conversation about the skills to develop at work so that you can be as productive and efficient as possible. When you are good at your job then the satisfaction and reward you get from it is limitless, but it takes time to become the finished article. Whatever you do for a living will involve processes and systems to work with. There must be some structure in place so that you and everybody who may be around you knows exactly what to do.

These will vary from business to business and industry to industry but with every line of business it is the people who make everything tick along, hopefully smoothly and effortlessly but in reality that seldom happens all of the time. So this is what I want to cover today, and I will break things down into certain elements each of which will have many different factors to bring everything all together.

Skills To Develop At Work – Social Skills


I think the best place to start is with developing social skills and I will look at it from the point of you either being an employee or an employer, whichever camp you fall into everything hinges on communication. For every business to progress communication must be clear and concise so let’s start with the role of an employee.

When you are an employee of a business you are instantly a team member whether there are 5 people or 100+ within the company. Your role is part of the process that the business works too, a cog in the engine in other words, so you need to develop the skills of working with other people and not seeing yourself as an individual. You need the social skills to interact with your fellow colleagues, some of them you will like and maybe form friendships with and some of them you won’t but you still have to get on with them in a work-related capacity.

I think the greatest trait is to be honest, there is a saying that honesty is the best policy and I think that is spot on. If you are honest then you will never trip yourself up and nothing will come back to haunt you. With that said the world is not a perfect place and you will encounter people who are not authentic and only out to look after themselves. You will have to deal with that, the good thing is that one day they will be found out and must face the consequences.

You must also be willing to learn from people who are either on the same level as you or have a higher position but at the same time you need to be confident to put your ideas and opinions across which could help other people. Obviously you must always put in 100% and not be seen as work shy which is an instant turn off.

skills to develop at work
Skills to Develop at Work

Your working life will spread into many decades, so it helps if you can develop a passion for what you are doing because your job won’t seem a chore. Try and wake up with a positive outlook and look forward to the day, what you do has value and a purpose so try to get in the mindset of serving people to make a difference in their lives.

This will lead to greater work satisfaction and give you more motivation within the tasks you undertake and the role that you hold.


Regarding being an employer, I would say that one of the biggest skills to develop at work is leadership. You are at the helm of the ship and everybody is counting on you for direction and they are relying on you for their day to day survival, so you have huge responsibilities.

This is where great management skills are needed to get the best out of the people who work for you. You should always make yourself available for people who have concerns, worries or maybe have great ideas. In other words always keep your door open to them so that they can come to you at any time.

You should have knowledge and be competent so that you can demonstrate how you want things done, be prepared to do what you are asking other people to do as this will instantly make people respect you. Treat your employees as people and not just a number on the payroll, you don’t have to be their friend but be friendly to them and still have the authoritative presence, so they know who you are.

Also being an employer involves interaction with customers and third-party service providers of which you are the customer. As for your customers you must know how to develop a relationship with them as in general people buy from people who they know, like and trust. The statement of “the customer is always right” is debatable, sometimes they are and other times no, so you need to develop the skills to determine which is which and then know how to deal with the situation.

A great skill to develop is the one of solving people’s problems. That is why people become customers because they find their solution in you. It is your task to provide the solution so get in their minds and understand what they need, when you do this then you will have customers for life, no question! – where is the hungry market?

When dealing with third party service providers you are the one with the problem, so you need to be able to tell them what it is. There is suddenly a power switch where you are the one trying to get the best deal for the best price. Therefore, you will talk to them as your customers do to you, the boot is firmly on the other foot.

Developing Skills At Work – Digital Skills

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We now move onto more practical skills that affect everybody. The world is becoming more digital everyday that goes by and technology has taken over how we run our lives and how we do business. The simple fact is that you will have to develop your digital skills to compete so there is no point in burying your head in the sand and hoping that it will go away and return to the old days, it is simply not going to happen!

Computers run the world and that doesn’t just mean what device you are reading this post on. In business every aspect is becoming digitised, the majority of manufacturing machines are run by computer software and programs. Therefore, you need to develop the skills at work to operate them.

Most businesses now have websites, so you need to know how to either use them as a consumer or how to create and manage them. So whatever industry you are in you will need to learn about Google and the other search engines as your role may be to get as much traffic as you can to your product offers.

digital marketing academy products

Businesses rely on social media to grow so you will need to know how each platform works so that you can provide value to attract new customers, to build that relationship and then continue to serve them.

Market research is one of the most important elements to master so you will need to develop analytical skills and determine if there is demand for the products and services that you offer. Who are your competitors and what are they offering? Can you at least match them or preferably beat them on the service that you can provide?

Content creation is very important because that is partly how many will consumers make their final decision on what they purchase so you will need to learn copywriting skills and craft the right message for your audience for your objective which could be lead generation or getting a sale.

Blogging is a great way to build relationships with potential customers so knowing how to set up a blog and add content is a must along with email marketing so that you can regularly communicate with your data base of customers and leads.

Everything that I have shared with you is just a 30,000 feet aerial look and overview of some of the skills to develop at work. Your job or your business is something that you should take very seriously and always do to the best of your ability. Your ability stems from the acceptance to learn new skill sets and then implement them which then leads to mastering them. If you have any opinions on what I have shared, then feel free to contact me here or leave your comments below. I thank you for your time and wish you every possible success.

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