Sell Digital Products Online | Digital Products Ideas

Sell Digital Products Online | Digital Products Ideas

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Sell Digital Products Online – 5 Ways To Come Up With Digital Products Ideas You Can Sell Online

If you want to sell digital products online but are finding it hard to come up with ideas then this article from successful digital product creator Mark Ford will give you 5 great methods for coming up with digital product ideas you can sell online.

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle ConsultantDigital products are a great to sell online because they are quick and easy to create and highly profitable because there are no fulfilment fees and the customer gets instant gratification for their purchase because they can download the product to their media device.

Also, there are many platforms that allow you to sell digital products online in many different formats. Your digital product can be an e-book, video course, audio course or access to a full blown membership site with lots of different resources contained within it.

Digital products are very profitable because once you have created your digital product you can sell unlimited copies. Once you have reclaimed your initial expenses you will be making 100% profit on any future sales.

The sticking point sometimes though is coming up with ideas for digital products so in this post I am going to share with you 5 ways to come up with profitable digital products that you can sell online.

Sell Digital Products Online – How To Brainstorm Digital Product Ideas

Digital Marketing Academy
Sell Digital Products Online | Digital Marketing Academy Products

Sell Digital Products Online – Ask Your Existing Customers

If you already have a loyal customer base then this is the best place to start. Ask them for feedback on your current products and services and what they need for the future.

Digital Product Ideas

Once you have received their comments look for the common threads that are cropping up as this will give you great ideas for your next digital product. You also have the reassurance of knowing that you will make sales initially from your your existing customers and this could cover your development and creation costs.

Sell Digital Products Online – Turn Physical Products Into Digital Products And Vice Versa

Digital Product Ideas
Digital Product Ideas

You may be wondering how you can do this. Well, look at the physical products you have and think about how you can offer the same service as a digital service or product.

For example, if you are currently selling physical DVD’s or CD’s you already have the content created. You would have videod or recorded an audio file which you would have sent to your duplicating company to create the physical copy.

That file can easily be uploaded to create a digital version of your course. When individuals purchase the digital version they will be given a password to enable them to view the content online.

Sell Digital Products Online – Research Your Competitors

Who are your main competitors? Look at what they are selling and see what ideas they are coming up with.

How are they advertising their products and services and look to the feedback their customers are leaving. This could give you ideas for future digital products.

Sell Digital Products Online – Social Media

You could offer a free e-book and market it on social media. People will share it virally with their friends and if you ask for comments then you will get a lot more fresh feedback to analyse. You can then create a follow up product and charge for it.

Sell Digital Products Online – Interview An Expert

If you know leaders within your industry then ask them if you could interview them about a topic within your industry. Point out that it will benefit them as you can give them exposure and maybe to sweeten the deal offer some kind of revenue share of the profits.

Also if you interview an expert it will raise your exposure as you will have social proof that you network with the main players in your niche.

If you want to sell digital products online then I have shared with you 5 great methods for coming up with ideas for digital products. Please let me know if this has been of value with you in the comments box below.

I wish you every success in running your home business from anywhere in the world and profiting from when you sell digital products online.

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant

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