Self Image – The 3 Very Simple Tools to Change Your View of Yourself

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3 very simple tools to help you to change the self image you hold over yourself and change from a negative to positive vision of yourself.

How do you see yourself? 

Opportunity Seeker Mindset
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The self image we hold of ourselves can be very powerful, we can shape our entire lives based on how we believe we show up in life, and how we believe others see us.

We impose limiting beliefs on ourselves out of fear of not living up to the expectations we put on ourselves and the expectations we believe others have of us.

So many people live their lives never reaching their full potential, never really knowing who they are, what they are passionate about and what their true purpose is. So many of us play it safe forever because we are too frightened to step up and out of our comfort zones, we are fearful of ourselves, others and the ever-changing world around us. 

Creating a positive self-image is life changing and something that every one of us can do, it all begins with accepting and loving yourself for everything that you are right now in this very moment.

It may sound straight forward, but this is not something that many of us find easy, in fact it may be a journey that we get to work towards uncovering our true selves’ step by step.

I want to share with you 3 very simple tools that you can use to help change the self image you hold over yourself and move from a negative to positive vision of yourself. Tools that will allow you to see your true self and help you to realise that you are capable of achieving everything you have ever dreamed of, if you are willing to believe in yourself enough, to stand up and take it one step at a time. 

Firstly Self Image – Positive Self Talk

One of the biggest impacts on our self-image and self-esteem is the way we talk to ourselves on a daily basis, and I want you to ask yourself this question… Are you aware of how you talk to yourself? If the answer is no, then I urge you to become aware.

To keep track of both the positive and negative things you say to yourself, for one day only take note off both the positive and negative things you say to yourself. You can keep a list if it is easier, but simply dedicate an entire day to being aware of what is going on and understanding the type of relationship you have with yourself. If you are someone who has a negative self-image and a low self-esteem, once you realise how hard you are being on yourself you will have a better understanding about how you have created a negative self-image, therefore understanding where you need to start doing the work to make changes.

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Change Your Self Image Tips

The next step is beginning to work on your positive self-talk, create a list of all of the things you love about yourself, if you struggle with this think of all of the things you would say to someone if they told you they were experiencing all of the negative self-talk you are, and write those down. Now every morning when you get out of bed look into the mirror and tell yourself all of these positive things, tell yourself you are beautiful, smart, funny and so well loved. 

Secondly Self Image – Healing Meditation

There are many different and effective healing meditations out there that you can use to help assist you in loving yourself and building a positive self-image. The one that I a friend of mine found extremely effecting for her has been the Hawaiian “Ho’oponopono” healing mediation. This meditation is from the ancient indigenous people who inhabited Hawaii before westerners arrived.

The purpose of this meditation is forgiveness, forgiving yourself and loving yourself for everything that you are. Creating a space to alter the perceptions we have of others and of ourselves. The word Ho’oponopono comes from ho’o, which means ‘to make’, and pono, which means ‘right’, the repetition of this word makes it doubly right, right with both yourself and others who you are connected with. > reference (Psychology 

The Ho’oponopono meditation practice allows one to dissolve the old negative and judgmental view they have on themselves in a loving, positive and connected way. Showing compassion and unconditional love to yourself for everything that you are.

If you are someone who struggles with a negative self-image and finds it hard to show compassion to themselves, then this ancient meditation practice may be just what you have been looking for.

Here is the version that my friend likes to use and I am sure there are many more versions recorded if you searched Google or YouTube.

Accreditation: Jason Stephenson – Sleep Meditation Music

Thirdly Self Image – Be aware of your thoughts

Have you ever noticed how critical we are off ourselves? We have this inner judgement going on inside our heads that is constantly whispering either constructive or destructive thoughts to us. I believe that we tend to take this inner critic too seriously, there is nothing wrong with listening but remember not to take this critical judgement of yourself too seriously.

Something I have found useful is to stop myself when I notice my inner critic surface and tell it to be quiet. I picture myself talking to a child-like version of myself and ask myself, does this serve me and am I showing myself compassion?

I then begin steering my thoughts in a positive direction, feeling gratitude for myself, my body, my beating heart and my health and happiness. This is also a time where positive self-talk can be very useful. 

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Self Love

If you are someone who gets to go to work on creating a positive self-image, then I hope I have left you with a solid place to start, giving you some useful tools and techniques for you to begin your journey to absolute self-acceptance and self-love, you are amazing and you deserve it.

If you have taken value from this self image article and it has helped you in some way please share it with your friends and on Social Media and I invite you to leave a blog comment below. 


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