Self Empowerment | 10 Stages to Self Empowerment Success

self empowerment

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Self Empowerment – A Guide On How To Empower Yourself To Take Charge Of Your Life And Change It For The Better

A self empowerment article from Mark Ford where he shares the fundamental actions that you need to take charge of your life so that you can create abundance and true fulfilment.

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

I can’t emphasise enough how important self empowerment is, so that you can take charge of every aspect of your life and not rely on other people to create the type of lifestyle that you want for you and your family.

I work online with people every day and encourage them to empower themselves to take decisive actions within their personal and professional lives to that they continue to move forward and grow as a person.

In today’s home business article I invite you to join me as we delve deep into self empowerment and look at how it can affect your relationships, generate abundance, help you start a new business or get a better job so that you can change your life for the better. Before we go into that I want to explain just what empowerment is so that you have a better understanding of all the points that I am going to make today.

Empowerment refers to the measures that someone takes to increase their levels of self determination. Whilst acting upon their own authority they may be enjoying working on their personal and business interests and be determined to follow through in a disciplined way. During this process individuals become far stronger and more confident controlling their lives and claiming their own rights.

Individuals may feel that they are powerless and have a lack of influence. In this instance, empowerment can come from professional support from other people using the resources that they have at their disposal, so that the person in question can effectively work with power.

I am personally empowering you to use this article as a resource and then take the action steps needed if you really want to create that life of abundance. I can only provide the tools, it is up to you to take the first step.

change your lifeLet me ask you. Do you firmly believe that you can change your life for the better? If your answer is yes, then let us move on!

At this point you may be asking yourself some questions like “how do you empower yourself?”, “how can you create a better life?” or “how can you step into the flow of abundance?”. These are very common questions so the first thing to realise is that you are not alone.

There are in effect 5 levels of self empowerment which I will get into shortly but at this point I think it would be good to show you the stages that you need to go through to attain the self empowerment skills that you need which you can apply at each level.

Self Empowerment – 10 Stages to Self Empowerment Success

self empowerment
A Self Empowerment Article from Mark Ford

1. Awareness – The first stage is to be completely aware of your environment and circumstances. You have the power inside of you to determine what parts of your life you don’t have complete control of. You can then unleash that power to retake control of your life as your own and no one else’s.

2. Discard The Baggage – It is very important that you find your inner peace and to do that you must live in the present moment. We all have a past where things may have gone a bit sour which can cause anger or regret.

You may have been judgemental too many times and criticised which in many cases then turns in a deep form of guilt. This will only drag you down to a point that you find it hard to drag yourself back up, but it is something that you must do.

Let go of the past as there is nothing you can do to change it now. You may be carrying massive chips on your shoulder which is weighing you down. Shrug them off and if necessary you may need to show an element of forgiveness to find your inner peace.

growth mentality
Growth Mentality Article from Mark Ford

3. Change Your Mindset – At this point you are growing as a human being and to continue your growth you must develop a totally new mindset. Analyse what your thoughts and beliefs are and determine if they are positive or negative. Then develop the positive ones, dispose of the negative ones and replace them with even more positive thoughts.

The result will be that you now have control of your mind.

4. What The Future Brings – No one can truly tell what the future holds for themselves but everyday you will face new challenges. You should embrace these challenges and look upon them as a self empowering event which you can use on the journey to discover your inner peace.

5. Trust – You must find a way to trust yourself and other people because it will make it a lot easier for you to make definite decisions. When you have trust you will then be able to let go of all you worry about and your self-doubt.

6. Acknowledge What You Already Have – You will have many talents within yourself, but you may not have the ability to recognise them. So look at what you are good at and then embrace them. If you are waiting for other people to acknowledge them for you then you may have a long wait!

7. Chill Out – You must take time out for yourself and chill out. Find a quiet place which is free from all attractions and use this time to reflect on where you are in your life. Maybe try yoga or meditation which improves attitude and helps you sleep better at night.

8. Responsibility & Accountability – To fully take charge of your life you must act responsibly and be accountable for all the decisions that you make. Don’t play the blame game. Take ownership of you!

9. Sharing Is Great – What could be more fulfilling than to share the processes that you have been through with other people who may be in a similar situation to what you were before you started this journey of self empowerment? People will see how you have changed and will then be inspired to do the same.

Always Be Truthful – There is a saying that honesty is the best policy, so you should always be truthful with other people but more importantly you should be truthful with yourself. Lying leads to guilt and guilt leads to shame which can have a detrimental effect on your progress.

Self Empowerment Video

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These are some self empowerment tips for you to follow and act on. Now as I mentioned there are five levels of self empowerment, so I will now look more into those now.

Self Empowerment – The 5 Levels Of Self Empowerment

1. Physical Empowerment – This covers a few things such as obviously your physical health, but it also effects your physical environment and your life in general. Physically you may want to change things and the obvious one is your weight, so you need to think about how you can do it. Exercise is the stand out thing you can partake in, but you also need to look at your diet as well. What are you putting in your mouth and how can you change? You need to be aware of what you are doing which is the first step.

2. Emotional Empowerment – Emotionally how are you? Are you happy and if you are what is making you happy? On the other side of the coin are you sad and depressed, what is making you so miserable? Are there any barriers in your life that you must pull down?

Things like stress are very destructive and can be a silent killer if you don’t do something about it. So ask yourself what is making you so stressed and how can you alleviate it? Relationships play a big part in our life. You may be alone and looking for a relationship, so you need to work out how you can get out there and meet people. If you are in a relationship and it is not in a good place, then you need to pull your head out of the sand and work out what is going wrong.

3. Mental Empowerment – What goes on within that grey matter between your ears has a huge impact on your life. If you constantly look at bad images, then that effects your outlook on life. If you continually watch the news then let’s face it there is not a lot of good cheer, you will constantly consume bad reports which is not good for you. Also if you eat junk food all the time you know that you will get fat so why are you doing it?

4. Spiritual Empowerment – This is delicate subject but maybe you need to ask yourself why you are here? What do you think your purpose in life is and how can you fulfil it? The same questions can be asked regarding the people you have around you like your family and friends. Are they there to help you and for you to help them?

Self empowerment helps you evolve into the person that you think you should be, once you have worked that out then you are well on your way.

5. Financial Self Empowerment – You may want to discover how you can attract money into your life. There is a theory that you are worth what value you give to society. So if you don’t offer any value then don’t expect anything in return.

Maybe you fear money because that is what you were brought up to think. There is an old saying that “money is the root of all evil”. This may be true as it can be very destructive, but it can also be a positive thing because if you attract a lot of money then you can use it to help people less fortunate.

Maybe you don’t have the tools and resources to attract money into your life. These can be practical things but tools and resources online can also teach you the mindset skills you need. If this is the case, then you may like to check out the resources that the Six Figure Mentors offer. They have programs which are dedicated to teaching the skill sets needed to create a profitable home business along with highly qualified mindset coaches to help you form the foundations of the life you want to live.

To learn more about the Six Figure Mentors and to access a free video series please click here.

As you can see self empowerment is a very comprehensive topic but what I have shared with you will help you move forward and live life on your own terms. You may need to read this article multiple times before things click into place which is fine and remember to check out my recommended resources to help you even further.

For now, I wish you well and please leave your comments below.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your insights with us Mark. Sometimes you need to read something in a different way and suddenly it makes more sense. In a conversation I had with a client this morning we were talking about the power of resonance, an idea where you become the person you want to be by thinking, responding, and acting like that person. And it all starts with the awareness to empower yourself. Then your inner guidance is empowering you to make better choices in all areas of your life 🙏🏼❤️ It all starts with you.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It is important not to stand still but to always be looking at how to become that bigger version of yourself so that you can help others more and more.

      I have written a number of articles on personal development and growth mindset that continue this conversation and your comment adds value to this.

      It all starts with you, yes, but it also starts with your ‘why’.

      All the best Frank, Mark Ford

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