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Resisting Change – The Ever-Changing Journey Of Life –  A Perspective On Why We Resist Change

Mark Ford | Nice Money
Mark Ford | Nice Money

Welcome back and let me share with you an article that I have titled resisting change. It gives you a different perspective on life and why people have a tendency to resist the inevitable changes and the challenges they face throughout the ever changing cycle of life. Let’s move on together through this.

Change is a law of nature, everything is constantly moving and changing. In order for us to have a happy and successful life we need to both understand and accept this as our reality.

We see so many people (including myself at times) resisting and being fearful of the flow of their lives.

We try our best to take control of something that is so much bigger than us and put too much energy into attempting to mould our lives the way we think they should look.

When instead, do you agree that we should be focusing on accepting what is, leaning into the change and flow of life and focusing our energy on gaining the most out of the moment we find in front of us?

I can absolutely understand how scary this can be. I have been there myself, constantly resisting and trying my best to be the one in control. Believing that if I just keep fighting my current reality eventually it will all fall into the perfect picture I have imagined it to fit into.

However, I then accepted that seeking a new path was good for personal growth.

seeking a new path
Personal Growth | Seeking A New Path
creating a business vision
New Vision

All of this effort and desire to control comes from our strong craving to create stability within our lives, the thing I have learnt over my years on this earth is that stability is an illusion. So if we are chasing an illusion, we have obviously got it all wrong?

What if we looked at life with new eyes, eyes that accepted and embraced change as a normal part of life.

What if we stopped clinging onto what we want and began being grateful for what is.

Resisting Change – Creating Awareness Around Fighting Your Reality

Let me share with you 3 ways in which you can begin to become aware of just how much you are fighting your current reality and start to implement small changes to the way you see and live your life. Creating more harmony and accepting what your life brings.

Resisting Change 1 – Instead of fighting change, learn how to embrace it.

Sounds pretty straight forward doesn’t it, but this concept is quite broadly misunderstood by many of us. We have such a strong desire to create comfort and stability that we look straight past the fact that neither of these things can constantly exist. “The only constant in life is constant change” (Learn

The sooner we accept this the faster we can live a happy and harmonious life. Change is a healthy and very important part of your life.

Once you realise that without change we cannot experience success, we cannot have new opportunities reveal themselves to us, we need change to be creative and to grow and heal.

resisting change
Resisting Change | Breaking Through

Change allows us to experience new things, learn and develop new skills, and create new beliefs. Therefore, resisting all of this makes no sense at all. Change really should be considered a positive and necessary part of our lives. So from now on instead of fearing change, I urge you to learn to understand it better and approach your future with the view that change is a necessary part of a successful, happy and meaningful life.

Resisting Change 2 – Become willing to let go of your present negative attitudes that keep you safe and comfortable.

This can be a tough one to come to terms with, we become so entwined in our present attitudes that we find it hard to separate ourselves from their identity.

George Bernard Shaw
George Bernard Shaw – Self Improvement Quotes

You may be thinking… what is a present attitude?

Well, here goes; the questions to ask yourself.

  1. Do you complain a lot?
  2. Are you negative about certain things or people in your life?
  3. Are you constantly worried about things occurring around you?
  4. Are you constantly playing the role of the victim?
  5. Are you fearful of life?
  6. Do you resent and judge others?
  7. Do you have limiting beliefs about yourself or the things or people around you?

It is your job to look for ways you can begin to shift these negative attitudes into positive ones, because regardless of your attitude, change will still continue to present itself. Change is constant, so the sooner you understand and accept this, the sooner you will be able to see the beauty, opportunity and growth change brings along with it.

Resisting Change 3 – Always remember to include fun, joy and quality of life as a part of your ever-changing life. And stay positive!

Embracing change can open up a new way to look at life, which in turn can provide people with the space to see their life through new lenses.

Instead of seeing the hardship of life you get to see the opportunity, love and joy life brings.

By embracing change, we create space for creative ideas to flow, which will allow you to begin to feel as though you are actually working smarter not harder. There is so much we can gain from taking the time to have fun and love life, give it a try and watch how things begin to unfold in front of you.

The only certain thing about life is that is and always will be uncertain, and you do not have a say in the matter. Learn to embrace your life with a positive attitude, accept whatever comes your way and remember to always have fun and be grateful for what you have. Change is always coming whether you want it to or not.

References: Learn Mind Power – The Law of Constant Change

A Book That Could Just Change Your Life

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Accreditation: Wagner Silva

Action Point: If You Are Ready This Is Your Call To Change:

If you are finding yourself holding onto your current circumstances but you are fighting this because you know that you have a desire burning away within you to make changes to your lifestyle and move beyond the challenges you have. You do not want your challenges to define you… but the feeling of safety and staying in your comfort zones holds you back.

Change is good for you if you at least explore the benefits of making changes and the opportunities they create.

Your Opportunity To Change Is In Front Of You Today: Click the banner below and register for a free webinar about making change and how any crisis you are experiencing can be turned into opportunity. All the best with this. It worked for me and it can for you as well. You just have to bring an open mind to the table.

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