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Psychology Of Success – Success Stems From Your Mindset And Your Beliefs Affect What You Achieve – Here Is How To Create The Success Mindset You Desire…

A mindset article from home business lifestyle consultant Mark Ford which looks at the psychology of success and how to develop the success mindset so that through the right actions your beliefs become reality.

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

Welcome back to my next article in the series of mindset articles that I am sharing with my home business readers.

Today, we look at the topic of psychology of success and how to achieve success. Many people measure success from the end result. This could be obtaining your personal best in your favourite sports event, passing your driving test, climbing the highest mountain in the world or earning a million dollars per year from a home business that you have set up.

All these examples would constitute success, but it did not just happen overnight, it is not just luck, there is a process that you must go through to enjoy the success that eventually happens to you.

Every successful person must work incredibly hard, maybe even long working days and burning the candle at both ends, a never say die attitude and true belief that they have a purpose in life.

Everything stems from having the right psychology of success, the belief system that you create within that space between your ears will determine whether you are successful in life or not. It is not as easy as saying “I will be successful”, if it was then everybody would be doing this. No… you must form the solid foundations to back up that statement.

Therefore, I thought it would be really valuable to you if I shared what in my opinion are the core elements to develop your psychology of success so that you can then implement these core elements into your life. Why?

So that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve in life whether that is for personal or business reasons. Before I do that lets look at the definition of success and it is quite straight forward, short and to the point.

Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, so it may be time for you to take just a moment to think about the things that you have accomplished in life. You probably already have the psychology of success within you but don’t know it or are unaware of it.

Some of the things that I am going to share with you will make sense, you may have that “ah ha” moment but there may be some things that you have never thought would be relevant and which you must work on which is ok. By the end of this article it is my objective to give you the insights so that you can go and work on these success mindset tips and create your own success story.

So let’s begin, shall we?

psychology of success
Psychology of Success | Create A Success Mindset

As we progress through life we have a lot of outside influences which can determine the direction that we take our lives, it sometimes seems that there is a text book of life that we must follow, in other words “it’s this way or no way”. When we take this onboard and adopt this mentality we unconsciously re-create what everybody else is doing because it is familiar and it could be seen as the safe option. We then have the psychology of accepting the hand that we are dealt with and we can see no other options that is until we give ourselves a good kick up the backside and wake up to choosing something that is different that aligns more to what we want out of life.

create a new life

You must be aware and present in your own life and not in others so that you can select a path to take that will map out your own destiny. It is your life and no one else’s. So here is how you may want to look at it!

Psychology Of Success – Being Conscious & Having Vision

You must reject the status quo in many respects and be conscious of what you are doing and why you are doing it. As mentioned earlier we have many influences in our lives which create patterns that we work to but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it works for you. So it is time for you to give yourself permission to look for alternatives that you are comfortable with and align more to what you believe in.

creating a business vision
Business Vision

Now belief comes from vision, so it is time for you to determine what you want in life. Take a moment to shut your eyes and visualise what your perfect life would be, you can only achieve something that you can see.

A great example of this would be from the sporting world and I will give you a couple of examples.

If you have ever watched athletics on television, then it is very common for the track athletes to stand behind their blocks and shut their eyes. The reason why they do this is because they are playing out the race in their mind, where they want to be at certain points and what is around them. Then when the gun goes off they are completely in the zone and ready for the race.

golfer at teeAnother example would be professional golfers. They stand behind their ball, look down the fairway and visualise the shape of the shot they want to make taking into consideration the landscape and weather conditions. So when they stand up to the tee everything is clear in their mind where they want to hit the ball.

So look at your own strengths and how you can use them to create the life that you want.

Maybe create a vision board so that you can regularly refer to it to give you the motivation to take action.

Psychology Of Success – Prosperity And Intention

Now you have your vision in place start opening yourself up to prosperity. Prosperity is a state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune and welcoming all that is good within your life. Success is a state of mind, so you must start thinking of yourself as a success to become prosperous.

Then we must look at intention. This is something that you intend to do to create your success. You must have an aim and then create a plan to accomplish your aim. Ultimately your intentions will create your reality so write them down as a form of accountability to yourself. Being accountable gives you no room to hide and will cause momentum to carry out your intentions.

Psychology Of Success – The Art Of Positive Thinking

positive mindsetYou must always think positively to stand any chance of success and any negative thoughts must be expelled. Instead of saying “I will give it a go and see what happens” say “I will do everything I need to make it happen”

Negativity breeds poor results, so this is where your belief mentality comes to the fore. Strong beliefs breeds positivity, motivation and momentum.

Psychology Of Success – Accept That You Are Not Perfect

Oh for a perfect world but as we know, that does not exist. Life is a work in progress and don’t get too down on yourself when things don’t go to plan first time around, mistakes will happen and you must accept this. What you must do is learn from your mistakes which will help you grow as a person and make you stronger.

blogging mistakesFollowing on from acceptance, a skill set that you must learn is acknowledging that there are certain things that are way out of your control so there is no point in trying to fight against them.

This is especially prevalent in other people with their attitudes, behaviours and feelings. What you should be doing is concentrating on your own thinking and behaviour as it will free yourself and stop you having any form of resentment to others.

Although I have said that you must recognise that you are not perfect it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t love yourself and show love to the people who are near and dear to you. Make sure you have the right work and life balance, remember you are working hard to give you and your family a better life so you must enjoy the time you have with them or what is the point?

Success does not just refer to the amount of money you have in the bank, it is creating a life that you can live honestly and openly which is aligned with your true beliefs and highest good of others as humanly possible.

The Psychology Of Success | Dr Paul Englert

Accreditation: Andrew Bryant in Conversation with Dr Paul Englert

As you can see developing the right psychology of success is the foundation to living a successful life. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to improve yourself, create a business to deliver a dream lifestyle for you and your family or achieve any specific goal such as losing weight. You will only achieve success if you think success.

Please leave your comments below on anything that I have shared with you and your own success stories through following the steps that I have laid out for you. I wish you every success with your success mindset and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

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