Property Landlords Improve Income

property landlords improve income

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Are you are property landlord wanting to improve your income – you are fed up with giving away all your rental income?

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

Mark Ford shares experiences of rental income disappearing from property investments leading to looking at property landlords improve income opportunities.

One of the businesses that Mark Ford runs from home is a property rental business. Along with my property business partner I have owned and run a property portfolio since 2006.

Let me share some experiences of how I see the rental income disappear from my business.

If you are a property investor in the UK you may relate to this and you want to improve your income, as I did, as a UK property investor.

Do you, like me, find yourself running a property business with high outgoings and overheads.

Here’s what we pay…

  • Buy to let mortgage
  • Maintenance
  • Ground rents
  • Service charges
  • Corporation tax
  • Insurance
  • Management fees
  • Rental voids
  • Letting fees
  • Administration fees
  • Bank charges

And that is just a small sample of a long list of expenses that have to be paid out from a landlord’s bank account, daily, weekly, monthly and each year. The list goes on….

Property Landlords Improve Income Investing in Property – The Expenses

And… so what did Mark Ford do to look for a solution to increase cash flow. Turn to the internet looking for a business with low overheads… yes!

You can as well, as I have found that if you combine an online business working from home alongside building your property portfolio and commit to the learning curve leveraging the internet and digital economy, you can increase your cashflow and income as a UK property landlord.

If you click the banner below I can introduce you to the same internet business opportunity that helped me escape the rat race and increase my cashflow. Click the banner for a free video training course and improve your income.


I wish you every success.

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Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant

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