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Property Investment Business UK Residential Video – Does It Pay And What Are The Property Investment Alternatives?

Mark Ford shares an expensive experience he has had running a property portfolio in the UK as a UK property investor and landlord. Before you start investing in the UK property market as a landlord you may wish to check out the video below.

Here is what I have found… The more properties you hold to rent, the bigger the maintenance budget you need and the more call there is on any positive cash flow you may have. Trying to live off the difference between the mortgage and rent can be difficult if you have a great long list of individuals or companies to pay that money out to each month.

Property Investment The Expenses

Property Investment Alternatives

The real estate or property investment alternatives… what are they? Well, great question. There are many property investment alternatives. Let’s bullet point a few.

  • affiliate marketing
  • direct sales
  • network marketing
  • work at home business ideas
  • home business coaching
  • internet marketing
  • freelancing
  • website building
  • marketing consultant
  • the list goes on….

For me I hold the properties to cash out in the future and I turned to the internet back in 2008 when I started to learn how to build a business from home online. These days I am helped massively by my membership of a digital educational business, and this can be a good property investment alternative for you.

So if you are struggling in the current economic climate to make a living from renting property and real estate, and you are looking for property investment alternatives…

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Property Investment UK Alternatives

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