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Positive Mindset – Use The Power Of Positive Thinking To Help Transform Your Life

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

A mindset article from home business lifestyle consultant Mark Ford which looks at how to develop a positive mindset so that you can transform your life through the power of positive thinking.

I am a great believer in positive thinking because it can make your life so much better in many ways. Developing a positive mindset will instantly attract you to other people as they will want to get to know you and be around you.

Look at how you react around other people and the chances are that you try a give a wide berth to negative people if you see them walking down the street towards you because you don’t want to engage in something that will ultimately bring you down to their level and spoil your day.

On the other hand, when you see someone who has an abundance of positivity then you will make the effort to go over and see them because you want to engage and say hello to them.

Also a positive mindset leads to making you more confident in everything you do as you tend to embrace any challenges and have a great sense of satisfaction when you have success.

Positivity also lends itself to establishing better moods as we all know that we are more productive if we are in a good mood whereas when we are in a bad mood we just want people to stay out of our way and we don’t give 100% to whatever we are doing.

Being in a good mood is also great for your wellbeing because you are less stressed and you will reduce the risk levels around developing heart or blood pressure conditions which can carry underlying consequences.

Positivity leads to the increase of power that you have inside of you, hence the saying of “the power of positive thinking” but how can you develop this positive mindset? Over the course of the next few minutes I want to share with you some powerful advice to help you become much more positive in everything that you do and don’t worry everything is easy to implement so let’s get into it.

Positive Mindset – Every Morning Is A New Opportunity

motivational quotation
Motivational Quotation | Your Mindset Matters

There are not many things that are guaranteed in life but wherever you are in the world the sun will rise and morning breaks. This is arguably the best time of day and each morning is an opportunity for you to do something that will leave a mark on this world.

How you are in the morning does leave a lasting effect on how your day pans out, so a positive mood gives you the best chance to have a positive day and vice versa. So how can you start the day in a good mood.

Well firstly you can get a good night’s sleep. We all need rest and the recommendation is between 6 – 8 hours as it gives your body the chance to recover from the day before. Getting up at a reasonable hour helps as well, there is nothing positive about getting up at 10.00am because you have wasted half of the morning so as the saying “the early bird catches the worm” goes you need to be up bright and early.

When you get up tell yourself that this is going to be a good day, you can either repeat it over in your head for a minute or so or look in your mirror and tell yourself that out loud. At first you may feel uncomfortable doing this, but it really helps you get off to the best start possible.

What you could also do is have positive quotes sent to you through your mobile devices to your social media feeds. Ones that are accompanied with images have a great effect and there are many platforms online that you can subscribe to and receive these positive affirmations.

Positive Mindset – Obstacles Are Good

Life is not perfect unless you look at it with rose tinted glasses! You will face challenges everyday of your life and having a positive mindset will help you deal with them and look at the benefits of facing these hurdles.

An example may be that if you live in a country that experiences bad weather in the winter that stops you getting to work then look at how you may be able to do some of that work at home in a much more comfortable environment, and at your own pace.

Maybe you have a business appointment cancelled at the last moment which is annoying, but it gives you the time to follow up with another lead that you have that could lead to lots of business. Always look for the good points in something. What is the opportunity that arises out of adversity?

Positive Mindset – Always Try To Laugh

Maintaining A Positive Mindset Through Laughing
Maintaining A Positive Mindset Through Laughing

This is closely related to the previous point. Try and laugh about things that go wrong. You may feel that things always happen to you and there are times when you just must laugh about things otherwise you will end up crying.

Try and turns things into a story that you can tell your mates down the pub, so you can all have a laugh about it. Sometimes laughing is the best medicine!

Positive Mindset – Failing Is Great

Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail | Surround Yourself With The Right PeopleYou may think that is a stupid thing to say, well it’s not. I really hate the word failure as it can be so destructive so try and look at it from this point of view. If you try and do something but it doesn’t work out then don’t look at it as though you have failed, no look at it as though you have learnt how not to do it. You haven’t failed you have learnt something that could become a very valuable life skill.

When you look at it this way it is much easier not to do the same thing again and you won’t have beaten yourself up about it at the same time.

Positive Mindset – Speak A Positive Language

positive mindsetIt is very easy to talk yourself down as sometimes we are our own worst critics. You may be trying something completely new. It could be a new sport, a new hobby or maybe you are thinking about launching a new business from home.

It is very easy to say, “I can’t do it” where you should be saying “I can do it and I am going to learn how”. Straight away you are giving yourself belief which is the most important factor anyone can have. If you don’t believe in yourself then you have no chance.

Closely related to the previous point of failing you may say that you were “stupid doing something that way” whereas you should say “never mind, that did not work as planned but it will next time”.

Positive Mindset – The Time Is Now

I don't have the timeThe past is the past and there is nothing you can do to change it so don’t even go there. Likewise, the future is something that has not happened but what you do now in this present moment could have a great influence on it. So you must think in the moment, what is happening right now.

You may be in a dodgy situation so what positive thing can you do right now to turn the tables back in your favour. Always live in the present, you can certainly make plans and goals for the future but what you do now will determine the outcome of those goals. The past has gone, let it go otherwise it may eat away at you and prevent you from developing.

Positive Mindset – Find Positive People

I touched on this within my introduction and it is very important to surround yourself with positive people. When it comes to making friends don’t get involved with negative people, you know the ones who are constantly moaning about life, other people and seem to have a chip on their shoulder about something or other.

Look to form relationships with people who are always optimistic, can only find positive things to say, have ambition and a clear vision of what they want in life. This will definitely rub off on you.

At work steer clear from the people who don’t have anything good to say about the company or their job. Form friendships with people who love what they are doing, who are enthusiastic and only have good to say about their fellow co-workers. These are people who will have your back when you need them and then return the favour if needed.

Mentorship is a very valuable thing to look for. Mentors come in all shapes and sizes whether in your personal or professional life. A mentor is someone who can give you guidance when you need it, someone who knows what they are talking about and are only interested in helping you evolve as a person. They have no hidden agenda and will always give it to you straight even if you don’t like what they say. They are doing it for your benefit and you are the one who will emerge as the best version of yourself.

So look for proven and credible people, not people who can talk a good game but people who can walk the walk.

I hope that you have taken great value from my take on what it takes to develop a positive mindset. If you need any help or clarification on anything that I have shared with you then please feel free to contact me here or leave a comment below.

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