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Personal Growth – What Are the Stages That You Need To Go Through To Become The Best Possible Version Of Yourself?

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

A personal growth article from Mark Ford in which he shares what stages you have to go through in your life so that you can emerge as the best possible version of yourself to find true happiness and fulfilment.

Personal growth is a complex subject and many people over the years have stuck in their two penneth as they see fit. This can lead to differing opinions and therefore people may become confused and not know which version to believe or disbelieve. So yes, by now you have guessed correctly that I am going to stick my hat into the ring and give you my version of personal growth and I am going to do it by inviting you to stay with me as I share what stages people must go through to emerge into a totally fulfilled person.

Before we look at the stages I want to cover some basic topics that will help you grow as a person both in your personal life and any career or business interests that you may have.

To start this off, you can invest in yourself. Now before you put the barriers up to the word “investing” let me tell you that investing can be a free as well as a paid solution so this is a mindset issue that you must get over. Instead of thinking “how much is this going to cost me” you should be thinking “how will this improve me as a person and my life in general”.

Your local library is a free resource and an aladdins cave of material that you can access to use for your personal growth plan and strategy. Look at parts of your life where you feel you need to improve and then take action by consuming the information that you need. This can be done by simply borrowing a few books and many libraries are now connected to the internet, so you can find out more information in just a few clicks just like you have done by landing on this webpage.

personal growth
Personal Growth | Become The Best Version of Yourself

You can then invest in training by seeking out the top leaders within the personal growth industry, and there are many of them. They will all offer training programs that are both free and where you need to put your hand in your pocket, but it could be the best thing you ever invested in.

These people should be taken notice of because they were all in a position of needing to better themselves and at one point sought the help from people that they were aware of or admired. They have walked the walk, so why not try to copy and emulate them?

Everything you do should be focused on trying to better and further yourself both with your personal life around your family and friends by making those relationships stronger, and also keep working on improving your professional life. This could be within the environment you work in and the career you have chosen or within your own business to help that grow and prosper in the competitive world that we all live in. And… even better when it allows you to live your purpose, just like my online business does.

Now it is time to look at the key stages of personal growth and the reasoning for them.

Personal Growth – The Key Elements To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Being Unaware – At this stage people are just unaware of what they are doing, and this leads to a sense of being unfulfilled. The actions that they are taking is causing them to be fearful in life and their lives become mundane and routine. The focus is on how to make the money they need to survive and then on how to make more money. Then they feel the need to meet more people, but these are not necessarily the right people to meet. Relationships may have no meaning and that leads people to always blaming others and not themselves.

Also when you are in a state of unawareness if you reach a personal milestone or goal you do not have that lasting feeling of satisfaction or joy which is very sad.

Eventually there will be a point where you suddenly wake up to what is going on. You will have a lightbulb moment and things will become clearer and realise that there is more to life than what you currently have or are experiencing. Here you will transition form being in a state of unawareness to being bright eyed and totally aware of your surroundings.

Being Aware Of What You Have Been Doing – Now that the lightswitch has been turned on you become totally aware of all the bad habits that have consumed you over a long period of time. You realise that you have wasted so much time of doing totally irrelevant things such as watching so much crappy television, consuming too much bad content in the newspapers which has led to you having a negative outlook on life. You may think that working all the hours in the day is a good thing but in fact this can have a detrimental effect on your life both physically and relationship wise.

Doing all these bad things is a good thing though which sounds strange to say but bear with me. You are now aware of what not to do and it gives you the opportunity to create new habits that are good.

seeking a new pathSeeking A New Path – You will now have a clear direction of where you want your life to head. Therefore you will seek people who are heading in that same direction because you will want to fill your world with like-minded people. You will want to be part of a new community which may create some issues that you will have to face.

This may lead to family members or friends not understanding what path you are taking and trying to steer you back to what they think is the right direction because this is the one they have followed. They may think you are mad but it is important to stick to your guns and follow through on what you think is right.

Can you bring yourself to ignore the people who think their advice is logical and correct and take your own growth path? Yes… then you will continue to move forward regardless of what any other person thinks or says to you. You should not be judged!

Committing To What you Feel Is Right – This is where you will start to take action on your new beliefs and ways of thinking. You will start to create habits that are aligned with your new sense of direction. This applies to any personal changes you want to make along with career and business strategies and beliefs. This is where you may need to seek professional help as I mentioned earlier on in this article.

People who see improvement in their personal growth are the ones who take action, so you need to become an action taker also!

You Then Become Resistant – This is a stage that you will have to overcome on more than one occasion and it will potentially recur for many years into the future. It is only natural that you will doubt yourself and you will encounter many other obstacles that are put in your way. Here is where your self will and no quit attitude has to be at its strongest and you will have to stay committed to continue on the journey that you have set yourself.

It will be your ultimate test. You will discover your true values and beliefs but if you persist then there is only one outcome and that is you will emerge a much stronger and resilient person for the experience.

Becoming Judgemental – When you get to this stage then you will think that your way is the right way and if people think otherwise you will become judgemental because it doesn’t align with your thoughts and beliefs. This is not a nice place to be as you will have had negative feelings and thoughts to other people who you think were judging you and vowed that you would not turn into that person.

However, it means that you are true to your own values and beliefs which in regard to your own personal growth is a very good things and it leads you nicely on to the last stage.

personal achievementsAccepting Who You Are – Congratulations you have arrived at your final destination and that is accepting who you are. You have been on a roller coaster journey of emotions and experiences which has involved you having a lot of self resolve to push forward.

You have changed as a person but that doesn’t mean you are a new person.

What it does mean though is you are now more authentic and realise that you have flaws just like other people but now you accept yourself for who you are and them for who they are.

You are a lot more forward thinking along with accepting that both good and bad things happen, and for the purposes of why they do. Everything happens for a reason and now you know how to handle anything that life throws at your way.

Jim Rohn – 10 Life Skills Everyone Should Learn

Accreditation: Best Motivational Speech – “Emanuel James “Jim” Rohn (September 17, 1930 – December 5, 2009) was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, and the mentor of Tony Robbins”

Personal growth is an essential part of everyone’s life. When we enter this world it is the start of an incredible journey, full of exciting, good and bad experiences and it is how we handle those which makes us into the best possible version of ourselves. It is not the bad experience itself that defines us but how we react to it that does.

I hope that this article has helped you find your own path in life and opened you up to personal growth strategies. If you would like to continue the conversation with me then I invite you to leave me a comment below and I will respond to you.

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