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passion into profit

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Passion Into Profit – Can You Really Turn Your Passions Into A Lucrative Online Business?

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

In this article Mark Ford reveals how you can turn your passion into profit by creating multiple income streams within an online business.

We all have things in life that we are passionate about. They could be pastimes such as cricket or other sports, arts and crafts or you may be handy with your hands and can create wonderful things out of natural resources.

Also your passion maybe that you just like to help people and offer professional and constructive advice within your niche.

Whatever your interests are, you can realistically turn that passion into profit by setting up a home business either online or offline and sharing your knowledge with your audience.

It is safe to say that if you have a passion for something then there are millions of people who are just like you and this will be your target audience.

The great thing about this is that, once you have built the relationship in terms of know, like and trust with people who share similar interests to you, then they will be more than willing to pay for related products and services.

Now you may think why would they want to pay for the information when there is already lots of free information on the internet. Well, here is the answer. We all lead very busy lives and we simply do not have the time to trawl through the search engines for hours on end looking for what we are trying to find. Hence they look for a quick fix and a solution to the problem they are experiencing so this is where you come in, packaging the information up for them through educational information products.

If you can package up products and services that will impact people’s lives in a positive manner then you will be onto a winner. What you need to do is research what people want, learn how to package it up and then find the hungry audience. So let’s look at what kind of products and services you could offer.

Passion Into Profit – E-Books

Home Business Lifestyle Newsletter Edition 1 | Make A New StartThis is arguably the easiest thing to create. What you need to do is create a free e-book based around your knowledge and passions, highlight a specific pain point or interest and create a short e-book of around 20 – 30 pages. You may be wondering how you can profit from something that is free but there is a specific strategy that you need to follow and it all starts with the free offer.

You can create your e-book by creating a simple Word document and then converting that into a PDF which people can download. Then you offer this e-book through a lead capture page where people enter their name and email to access the free report. By doing this you start to create a database of subscribers and you can then promote your other products and services to these people.

A follow up marketing strategy, using email promotions, maybe to create an in depth e-book that compliments the first free product and you charge a small fee for this. Your subscriber then turns into one of your customers who become the foundation for your home business.

You then offer other products and services at tiered price points which will we look at now. This is known as the sales funnel or upsell.

Passion Into Profit – Audio & Video Courses

This is the next part of your upsell process. Audio and video courses are great because they are interactive and engaging. If you can create a modular course for people to follow step by step which teaches them a specific process, then a lot of your initial customers will take you up on that offer.

You can either offer these courses as a one time sale and give them access through download pages or your could create membership sites for people to access the purchases and charge a monthly fee which will create residual income streams for you.

Passion Into Profit – Workshops & Seminars

This is where the real profits for your business will be made. These services are designed to offer a life changing experience for your customers and therefore you can charge hundreds, if not thousands, for them.

These are live events and are usually held within conference centers or even exotic locations all around the world. Here you get a chance to really connect with your customers and build a lasting relationship with them.

passion into profit
Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Passion Into Profit – The Business Model

Here is a brief overview of how you can turn your passion into profit and the business model setup.

  • Free E-book
  • E-Books Your Charge For
  • Audio & Video Courses
  • Physical Books or E-Books
  • Software
  • Workshops & Seminars

A simple structure that can be implemented into any niche or industry. Now this may sound a bit overwhelming to you and you may not know how you can set this up. Let me help you with this.

I am an elite member of an online business educational organisation who specialise in helping people set up their own online businesses. Many of the members have gone onto create lifestyle businesses based upon their passions through the training and mentoring programs they offer and I would like to invite you to register for some free online business education.

They currently offer a free video workshop series and access to their training and resources. Here you will understand the process of making money on the internet and how to set up and structure your online business. To gain access to this training please click the image below and work through the training modules.launch online income streams

So as you can see it is possible to turn your passion into profit and I have linked you to all the resources you need to make it happen.

Start your free workshop series today by clicking the image above and I wish you every success.

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