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Loyally stepping up for others SO THAT they are given inner peace. The place to be to find solutions to change your current circumstances and live a home business lifestyle!



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What Do You Do Mark Ford?

Would you agree that It not just about what we do for a living but more about our life purpose? In my case to loyally step up for home business entrepreneurs SO THAT they gain inner peace and achieve their lifestyle goals.

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What Is Success

By Mark Ford | Apr 28, 2021
Posted in

What is success to you? – The way one person defines success can be very different to the person standing next to them, there are a number of factors that influence ones view of being successful and their idea of what it means to be successful will strongly relate to the things that they value the most in life.

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Strong Minded | Strike The Perfect Balance

By Mark Ford | Apr 27, 2021
Posted in

An article from Mark Ford which assess what makes people strong minded and how they differ from people who buckle at the knees and follow the general consensus of opinions and actions that are taken.

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road to success

Growth Mentality | Grow Your Online Business

By Mark Ford | Apr 26, 2021
Posted in

An article from Mark Ford which shares some insights on determining whether you have the growth mentality to ensure that your online business goes from strength to strength.

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Anita and Steve Richardson | Live Your Life To The Full


Let's Raise A Glass to Mark!

Mark Ford - we would like to raise a glass of champers to you for helping and assisting us through thick and thin. You knew when to push us, you knew when to hold back and you also knew when to guide us to other mentors in different fields.

We have certainly made a friend for life. We have loved being in your company throughout every home business consultancy session.

God bless you Mark. > Anita and Steve Richardson

Mark Ford's Story

A warm welcome to the Nice Money Publications website, published by Mark Ford, Home Business Lifestyle Consultant.

Mark Ford has, in one way or another, worked from home since 1996 and founded Nice Money Publications in 2008 to pass on his experience to fellow home business entrepreneurs to help them make nice money working from home.

Mark, through Nice Money Publications Limited, offers worldwide online educational services and information products to help you upskill and build your home business.


Mark is passionate about stepping up for others SO THAT they are given inner peace.

Many people live the life they think they have to live. They are overworked, underpaid, and unfulfilled. But the good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. My goal with this website is to educate you on the possibilities that exist online along with helping you recognise your potential and equip you with the skills you need to turn that potential into a viable online home based business in the ever expanding digital economy.

In addition, to recommend to you online tools, education, tips, and ideas to help kick-start your home business.

Mark has extensive business and life experience gained by serving as a qualified UK senior legal adviser for 29 years, 15 years as a director of a Property Investment and Management Company, 13 years running a number of online businesses and publishing newsletters, 10 years as an entertainment agent, and for 5 years creating, developing, implementing and managing a Mastermind Experience program for a USA LLC.

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