Opportunity Seeker Mindset

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Opportunity Seeker Mindset – Is This You? – Are You Ready To Change?… Some Cold Hard Facts!

Opportunity Seeker Mindset
Mark Ford – Opportunity Seeker Mindset

Opportunity Seeker Mindset – Opportunity Seeker vs Entrepreneur?… Which One Are You?

I want to help a lot of people get very clear today on something very important.

In fact, I’d like to reprogram this entire industries expectations so we completely separate the ‘opportunity seekers’ from the REAL *Entrepreneurs*.

Because it’s that ‘opportunity seeker’ mindset that has so many people failing miserably, and not doing what they REALLY need to be doing if they want to create success. So let me tell it to you like I see it, ok?

This industry is down right competitive.

You have TENS OF MILLIONS of people competing for the same 150,000 new people who start a home business every week.

You have the vast majority of people running around acting like business owners yet applying ZERO real business principles to anything they are doing.

Seriously… what the heck business do you know that pushes a few buttons and sits on Facebook all day that makes 6 figures?.. Not too many right… And we’re not done yet…

You have the vast majority of people who try to start a business being taught ‘BS’ business skills!!

Is it just me… or has the world changed very much in the past 40 years? What was that thing called again… techmenology… or something like that?

And the Ironic part is… it’s no one else’s responsibility for your success other than your own!

> It’s no one else’s responsibility to teach you how to be a real entrepreneur.

> It’s no one else’s responsibility to teach you how to market.

> It’s no one else’s responsibility to create in you the desire to grow.

The drive for all of that has got to come from within you… or you’re walking on thin ice I’m afraid.

Other people can absolutely help you, teach you and further your growth… but they can’t instil in you the necessary drive you need to make use of all that knowledge.

Your success absolutely has to come from the burning desire you have inside that *cannot* be extinguished by anything and I mean anything.

And here’s the truth… Starting your own business is not like getting a job. Business is competitive. Business *takes skills*.

> It takes 10x more than working for someone else ever will.

> It will demand from your spirit a relentless persistence.

> It will demand from your intelligence a relentless application.

> It will demand from your emotions patience and growth.

> It will certainly demand your time, energy and effort if you want to see a shred of success manifest in your life.

A ‘business opportunity seeker’ gets involved with a business and hopes they will be successful. They fantasize about what it would be like to have all this money.

They spend more time in fantasy land than in actual reality learning how others who make tons of money actually do it.

And guess what… anyone who is making tons of money in this industry right now is not sitting around ‘hoping’ or ‘fantasizing’ about what their future might be like.

Enter the real *ENTREPRENEUR*.

The entrepreneur is sitting around marketing the business.

Learning new skills. Developing new talents. Increasing value. Studying other successful people. Practicing, persisting, growing… all the time. The real entrepreneur looks at a challenge and says, “Ok, no problem, I just need to figure out a way around it.”

The real entrepreneur sees his competition and says, “That’s all they got? Please…I’m going to eat them alive.”

The real entrepreneur seeks the real information they need to move them closer to their goals… and they stop at nothing to get there.

No event can deter them. No failure can extinguish their fire. No negative person can possibly persuade them any differently of their ‘SHEER POWER’ to create the reality they want for themselves.

Road To Success | Achieve Your Goals
Planning Success

The real entrepreneur is a juggernaut that cannot be stopped. So I ask you… which one are you?

And more importantly… which one do you want to be? The same road to success is in front of every single one of us.

The same knowledge that many have used to create a 6 figure monthly income on the Internet is available to you. Are you ready?

Your success will be a result of how earnest you are about growing a real business. It will be the result of how much energy you put into learning and developing new skills, talents, and abilities that will make you money.

Your success will be the result of how dedicated you are too ‘growth’ in all areas of your life. Business and personal.

So the choice is yours …. But after today there is no more disillusionment about who is successful and who isn’t when it comes to owning your own business.

The real entrepreneur mines the gold out from the ground the business opportunity seeker is standing on.

Financial Freedom Through FulfilmentSo get out of our way or grab a shovel…

The funny thing is… there’s a heck of a lot of gold to go around… and most people don’t have a clue how to use a shovel!

Hopefully you took this message to heart today, and are ready to make your choice once and for all… Opportunity seeker? or… Entrepreneur?… It’s on you…

Yours In Knowledge – Mark Ford

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