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Open Mind – Have You Got Tunnel Vision Or Are You Open To New Ideas And Change?

An article from home business lifestyle consultant Mark Ford about the importance of having an open mind rather than getting stuck with your own opinions and thought processes.

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

Today, let me ask you a question. Do you think you have an open mind or are you the type of person who believes that your opinion is the only one that matters? Now I am sorry if you have taken offence to that previous statement, that was not my intention but if it has struck a nerve then there may be something in it?

The general rule of thumb when it comes to the meaning of having an open mind is that you have a willingness to or accept different ideas or opinions.

This is very powerful because it can open up so many possibilities both in your personal and professional life and I will give examples in just a few moments.

If you can’t open you mind then I am afraid that you are putting severe restrictions on your life as a whole. There is never a one size fits all but if you close your mind off to everything around you then that that is how you will be looked upon.

It is perfectly okay to have strong views, but it doesn’t mean your view is right.

If you constantly disagree with everyone you have a conversation with then guess what is going to happen, they are going to give you a wide berth, or they will steer clear of certain topics because they know you are not prepared to hear another side of the story. What you must realise that in many cases individuals may be trying to help you but eventually they will have the attitude of “what’s the point” and will stop trying.

You will be classed as self-opinionated, arrogant, rude, possibly aggressive and generally not a nice person to be around. You run the risk of becoming a social outcast which can have a severe knock on effect which leads to loneliness and total isolation from your peers, friends and family. Is this really the life you want to lead? If you carry on this way, then all you will do is end up with the same result as you are getting.

So what is the answer? Well as it suggests you need to open yourself up to the possibility of change, to take on board what other people are saying and to accept that not everyone has the same opinion as you.

I realise that this could be hard at first, but if it is something that you to stick at then one day the penny will drop about something and then you will wish that you had changed a lot sooner. So let’s look at some benefits of having an open mind.

Open Mind – The Benefits Of Having An Open Mind

open mind
Open Mind | The Benefits of Having an Open Mind

Experiencing Change – This is very powerful because it opens up your horizons and how you look at the world in general. You may then realise that change is for the better and that by not accepting change you have been holding yourself back.

Loosening Control – Everyone likes to think that they are in control but there is a danger of becoming a control freak and it messes with your mind. So try and relax to a point where you feel that you are nearly losing control of your thought. By doing this you are allowing new experiences and ideas to enter your mind which can have a wonderful and liberating effect on you.

Becoming Vulnerable – Now you may think that this is a bad thing but on the contrary, this is the first step to acknowledging that you don’t know everything and there are endless possibilities in life that you would have never considered.

Making Mistakes – Again you may feel it is strange to include this as a benefit, but it is very important. In the past you would have been blinkered and never seen the mistakes you have been making, therefore you carry on making them. Having an open mind allows you to see what you have been doing wrong. Also it helps you see mistakes that you will make in the future and give you the opportunity to rectify them and not make them again.

You Become A Stronger Person – Your self esteem will increase along with your confidence as you will be learning new things about yourself and the world around you. You will try new things and then master them which will install a new level of self belief which will make you a better person.

Fulfilling Relationships – Suddenly the people who stayed away will come back because they will realise that you accept and welcome their opinions now. They will also take on board more of what you have to say so it is a win/win for all concerned.

You Become Honest And Authentic – This is possibly the greatest attribute that anyone can have. You become a real person because you accept that you are not all knowing, and your true character and values come to the fore.

So lets look at a few examples where being single minded could be holding you back. We will look at personal things first before looking at a couple of business related examples.

Open Mind – Health Issues

working from home isolationYou may be suffering from stress due to your job, money or things not going so well at home. If you are stubborn minded, then you tell yourself that you will deal with it when in fact all you are doing is making it worse day by day.

In this example you may want to consider something like meditation, Pilates or yoga. Something that is peaceful and relaxes the body and gives a feeling of inner self. This would bring your stress levels down along with blood pressure so that the feeling of anxiety diminishes.

Maybe you are overweight and think the best way to combat it is just to change your diet. Well that is a good step, but you may also want to consider embarking on an exercise routine to complement the change in your diet. Go and see a personal trainer at your local gym so that they can work out a tailored plan to suit your needs.

By doing this you will be with other people in the same situation, with the same weight loss goals and you can form relationships with these people and share ideas.

Open Mind – Business Related Issues

open mind
Open Mind | Business Related Issues

You may be a traditional business owner, someone who has operated the same business model for years and years, but it is now starting to struggle and put pressure on you. You may be in the mindset that you just need to stick it out but you have been getting people trying to give you advice but you are not open to that change.

It may be that you need to change your supplier, give yourself a whole makeover and re-brand or enter the digital age of having an online presence. Maybe you need to change your marketing strategy to attract a wider audience but are not sure how to do this.

For all these examples you will need to seek professional help, people who know exactly what they are talking about and can teach you new business methods which at first you will be uncomfortable with but by adopting an open mind philosophy you will soon see the benefits of change.

I think that being open minded has been an ingredient for my success over the years. I have always listened to other people, taken on board what they have said and been adaptable, especially within my business. The nature of my business is that things can change from day to day and you need to embrace that change to enable you to move forward and progress.

In summary if you are feeling unfulfilled, maybe lonely then it maybe that you must open yourself up to listening to other people and taking onboard their opinions rather than closing off your mind and thinking that you are always right as this may not be the case. Open yourself up, embrace change because in many cases it may be for the better, but you won’t experience it if you stay set in your ways.

I hope that this article about having an open mind has highlighted some things that may be holding you back. If there is anything that you are unsure of and need some direction on, then please feel to contact me here and I will do my very best to try help you and resolve your concerns. As always, I wish you every success.

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