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Would you take a risk with a new business venture to create a life you love? Sandrine did… Check out the home business success story….

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle ConsultantWelcome back and if today you are searching for a way to create a bigger life through a new business venture, and not just something you do as a job to pay the bills, then you have landed in the right place. Let me share with you the following home business success story about a fellow Community member, Sandrine Hecq.

Sandrine has a really special story, one that I think will resonate with you. She was doing everything she could to make ends meet until she took a big risk to create a life that she loved. 

Plans are great until you realize you don’t have the tools, connections, and know-how to set those plans in motion. Is embarking on a new business venture a gamble? Sure, but let me assure you, so many of our community members have achieved greatness by taking a shot in the dark.

Click the video image below to learn more.

New Business Venture – How Bad Do You Want It?

As Sandrine she says in the video, “It’s all about how bad you want it.” … And I hope you want it just as much as I want you to have it. A life that you are passionate about.


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Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant

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