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Motivational Stories That Inspire Us To Spring Into Action!

mark ford, home business consultantTo succeed in life we need to follow a path, a path that has a number of steps along the way. Whether we reach the next step or not is down to our belief in what we are doing, taking the necessary actions and being prepared to work with an open mind to learn what is in front of us and apply our learning into our lives to move forward.

When we know our goals and why we are involved in a particular business opportunity at home, we are better placed to succeed because we will walk the path we have set for ourselves.

What helps me ‘keep going’ and to maintain momentum is to read motivational stories and listen to motivational songs.

To help you with remaining motivated and maintaining focus today I would like to share with my blog readers one of my favourite motivational songs and also the content of an email I received which has within it a very interesting motivational story. If you are feeling that you need your spirits lifting a bit today then I hope that these motivational stories help to inspire and motivate you.

Heather Small Proud – Motivational Song and Video – Get Some Inspiration For The Day Ahead!

If there was ever a record or song that fills you with inspiration for the day, this has to be it. Heather Small, Proud. What a fantastic motivational song!

One of my favourites and something I listen to most days to help make me feel productive and to get motivated for the days tasks ahead. Play it at the start and end of your day and see how it uplifts you and makes you feel.

Heather Small – What Have You Done Today to Make You Feel Proud?

inspirational quote H.Jackson Browne

Motivational Stories – A Very Inspiring Message!

A business colleague and friend of mine shared with me the following message. I thought it contained some content that would be of value to my readership so today I would like to share it with you.

Motivational stories help us spring into action so I hope you enjoy reading the message below and that it gives you some inspiration to see through whatever business you are involved with.

Here’s the message from my friend Jane Jackson, who is an independent mortgage adviser with Moneywatch Finance. Message from Jane Jackson … “As you probably know I am not a big sports fan, however I am amazed by some of the things they achieve.

A friend sent me this at the weekend so I thought I would share it with you.

What I love more than great performances is either people doing a P.B. (personal best) or defying selectors who say their performance isn’t good enough.

Marilyn Okoro needed a time 0f 2.03 in the 800 metres to guarantee a place in the UK team for the World Championships. It was deemed her last chance before the team fly out to South Korea. Her time was 2.04 (100th of a second out).

Was she gutted? YES – Was she upset? YES – Did she complain, moan, blame.  NO.

Two reasons.  She knew the rules and what’s the point.

However what she did next was amazing. She found a race meet in a little club. No TV coverage, no coach, no medical team and decided to have one more go. She ran 1.59.2 and has now booked her place.


What would you have done?

Those motivational stories make us ask … why do we give up too early?

We have all heard the old war stories and think that was then.

Today you have a choice.  Run one more race. ” … end of message.

What a great motivational story. I hope you enjoyed reading it and got some value from the message that was shared with me.

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Have a great day.

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  1. Great post here Mark.

    Everyone needs some motivation and inspiration and this post will do that.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Brenda Campbell


    Very inspiring post…thanks for sharing! Everyone needs to be motivated at times and this is perfect.


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