Motivation | How To Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

Motivation | How To Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

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Motivation – What Is Motivation? How To Get Motivated And Then Sustain It

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle ConsultantAn article from home business lifestyle consultant Mark Ford on the definition of motivation, how to get motivated and then how to keep motivated so that you can fulfil the desires you have within yourself and the goals that you want to achieve.

Motivation stems from our needs and desires which leads us to take actionable steps. These steps create a behaviour and when we see positive results we want to repeat that behaviour.

Motivation – Examples Of What Could Motivate You To Take Action

Health – These desires and needs can occur from a multitude of different situations. The first can come from your personal circumstances and a great example of this would be your health. Maybe you have put on weight and there can be many triggers for this happening such as loss of a loved one, the breakdown of a relationship or maybe you have lost your job. You find yourself comfort eating and it is not until you start to feel out of breath when walking and unfit do you start to notice what has happened.

The motivation then is to improve your health because you know that if you don’t then you will be facing some serious health issues in the future such as diabetes and high blood pressure. You also become self conscious and worry about how other people look at you which leads to anxiety, worry and stress which again is not good for your health.

So the desire and need is to get fit and lose the weight and the actionable steps would be to eat more healthier and start to exercise. Therefore, you would possibly buy some healthy eating recipe books and join your local gym. You then formulate a plan of action on your daily diet and how many times a week you will exercise. Once you start to see positive results after a week or so you sustain the motivation to repeat the behaviour and habits that you have formed.

Another example would be if you are a smoker and maybe you have said to yourself that you will give up one day, but those days run into weeks, months and years and you never do anything about it. Then something happens that shocks you into doing something about it when your doctor says that unless you give up you will be dead in 12 months.

The desire is to carry on living and the need is to stop putting poison into your lungs. The motivation is to see your children grow up, so you will do anything to make sure that happens. Potions, pills, patches and hypnosis. You will try anything and once the craving subsides, your taste buds come back to life and you can smell fresh air instead of nicotine then this is the motivation to never put another cigarette between your lips.

Financial Motivation

Money and wealth is another thing that causes motivation. Maybe you are struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month and you know that you need to generate more income, so you become motivated to find ways to do it. This may result in you having to take on an additional job in the evenings and weekends which is great at first because you now have enough money to pay your bills, but you then find out that you don’t see the family as much.

This means that your desire and need has now changed because you want to spend more time with you family. You are now motivated to maybe set up a home business so that you can be around the family at the same time as earning a living. The actionable step would be to find a home business solution, then learn the process to run it and once you see money go into your account you will want to scale that business up Then you will be able to eventually quit your day job and be at home all the time.

Then you find yourself at home all the time and your spouse still has to go out to work 40 – 50 hours a week so you become guilty. Your motivation would then be to scale the business even more, so you get into the position of being able to retire your spouse or maybe work together from home as a couple.

Emotional Motivation

Motivation | How To Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

Motivation to do things also comes from the content that we consume through the media. Newspapers, television, radio and printed material that comes through your letterbox often contains information relating to world disasters, humanitarian issues and charitable organisations who are all asking for help.

This obviously tugs at the heart strings, so you feel passionate and duty bound to do something to help. Actionable steps would be to contact these organisations, organise events to raise money or for you to simply contribute your own money in the form of a donation. When you see that your help is getting to the areas that need it, this will then give you extra motivation to do more and involve others.

Motivation – What Are Your Desires And Needs?

It is time for you to look at your circumstances. What are your strongest desires and needs and is it possible for you to achieve them by doing what you are doing now, or do you need to change things.

A great exercise is to take some time and write down what you would like your ideal day to look like. Is it spending time with your loved ones or friends, doing your favourite pastimes or maybe it is a combination of both of these.

Then scale it up a little bit and visualise your ideal week. If you woke up on a Monday morning what would you like to do and accomplishment by the end of Sunday night.

Then look at the bigger picture and imagine your ideal world. It may be peace for all mankind, no poverty and everyone living an abundant life. I know that this is something that you can’t do alone but if your motivation is that high then you can find resources to help.

Motivation – What If You Can’t Find The Motivation

lacking motivationThere will be times when you lack motivation, but the good news is that there are many resources you can call upon for the help you need. There are many motivational speakers on the circuit and each one of them have published books which look at motivation in a lot more detail. These books can be purchased in a physical edition along with digital versions that can be read on your favourite e-reader.

Also there are many audio books. Why? Because some people prefer to consume their content in this way. It is as though someone is speaking to you personally, so you can sit back and relax free from all other distractions.

A lot of these speakers also have their own podcast stations. If you are not familiar with this term a podcast is like a radio station where you can tune in for live episodes or catch up on the latest recording.

What could really help you is to attend in person the many seminars that are on the circuit. Here you can meet the speakers and network with the other attendees. Lifelong friendships and relationships can be formed in this way. Many people swear by these as there is nothing like being in a live conference room for the atmosphere and energy that is transmitted.

I have attended many seminars for different reasons, but the common thing is that once you emerge from the event… your energy and motivation levels are at their highest and you have an overwhelming sense of momentum to take action on what you have heard. Then you get caught along a wave of optimism that seems to get bigger and bigger and you have the feeling that you can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it and commit.

Meditation Sessions and Motivation

Another technique to try and find your motivation is to start the day with a 5-minute meditation session. This is your time of the day to get totally encapsulated in your thoughts and after that a great way to get the energy levels up is to go for a morning run or have an exercise routine in your home. This is to get the blood pumping and the oxygen flowing through your body to give you the shot in your arm that you may need.

Motivational Speech from Denzel Washington

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Motivation – In Summary

Everything stems from your desires and needs so you must be clear and concise on what they are. Then you need to plan, take action and then it is a rinse and repeat process.

I hope this article on motivation has highlighted some great examples which you may be able to relate to and it has given you some ideas on how to build those motivation levels up so that you can fulfil your desires and needs and achieve your goals.

I wish you every success in all you do..

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