Millionaire Mindset | The Key Elements Needed

millionaire mindset

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Millionaire Mindset – Have You Got What It Takes To Become A Digital Entrepreneur Millionaire?

A mindset article from home business lifestyle consultant Mark Ford which looks at the key elements to develop a millionaire mindset which all entrepreneurs need to reach their goal of being a digital millionaire!

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

So who wants to be a millionaire? I guess that you have heard that asked many times in your life. However, do you know what it takes to develop a millionaire mindset? No, then welcome to this page and let’s discover more…

Just to get one thing straight this is not an interview to see if you are suitable for the very popular worldwide gameshow, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’. That has been around for many years and if you look at the ratio of contestants to millionaires made it is still very low. To be successful on that show you obviously need a high level of general knowledge and a good portion of luck to get 15 questions you know the answer to all in a row.

Regarding business you can’t rely on luck to make you a millionaire, it’s not about sitting in a chair for 20 minutes or so and hoping you are going to become rich. To be successful in business takes a lot of hard work, dedication, determination, resilience and developing the right millionaire mindset.

Your mindset is arguably the most important factor to get right. That grey matter between your ears is like a super computer that when you literally put your mind to it can achieve anything that you have set your mind to.

millionaire mindset
Millionaire Mindset | The Key Elements Required

Most people in life, if you ask them, will admit that they have dreams of becoming a millionaire and live those dreams by watching various television shows which highlight the millionaire lifestyle, this is as far as they get. Their lives will never change and it is as simple as that.

The ones who live these kinds of lifestyle for real are the ones who do something about it and make it happen, that is just one difference between them, the other is the mindset. What I am going to ask you to do is take your thinking as far as you can, to places that it has never gone before, in other words to stretch your thinking to the limit. Do you think that you can do that?

I am going to share with you several exercises that you must either complete or take on board for all of this to work and for you to develop the millionaire mindset. Hopefully you will have some “Ah ha” moments when things start to finally fall into place, things that you will never have thought of or considered before, but I can assure you that they are all parts of this great jigsaw puzzle that you need to put together.

If you have ever done a jigsaw you will have probably on some occasions been very frustrated if the last piece is missing, you have put in all that time and effort and come up that little bit short. Therefore, I say you must complete every step for it to work. So without further ado let’s get into developing your millionaire mindset.

Millionaire Mindset – Have Vision

creating a business vision
Business Vision

If you want to be a millionaire then your vision and goal should be to have a seven-figure business, write down $1,000,000 and stick it on your wall, but that is only the starting point.

You must then ask yourself why you want to be a millionaire and be crystal clear on your reasoning. The reason I say this is there will be times when things get tough, you will have to put some long hours in, some of that time will be frustrating to the point that you want to pull your hair out.

You may have to get up in the middle of the night for a conference call instead of getting a good night’s sleep but because you have your “WHY” it will make it easier for you to follow through and do it.

When you are defining your why another question to ask yourself is the impact that you want to have when you reach the goal of having a seven-figure business. Also, what impact would it have if you did not reach your goal.

As an example to help, what if your why was to help your nearest and dearest, how would it increase the quality of their lives for you to reach you target, then flip it and think of the negative impact on them if you didn’t achieve this. It will give you inspiration.

Millionaires are very much in the moment. It is a now, now and now mentality and they never put things off, they act because it keeps them on track.

Millionaire Mindset – Do Something You Love

The average working life for people is around 45 years give or take. Unfortunately, a lot of those people don’t enjoy what they do for a job which is very sad. They may be the dreamers I spoke about earlier but accept the hand they have been dealt rather than cut those cards and re-shuffle.

So the second part of this millionaire mindset blueprint is to love what you do, things will become effortless and eventually the money will flow like a river. You will have passions in life from which you can make a real sustainable and hugely profitable business. Put those passions to work and build a business that you love.

Millionaire Mindset – Become A Problem Solver

working from homeThe best way to make a lot of money is to solve people’s problems and I will give you a really good tip here, that person who needs a solution will sometimes be you. So lets look at this in more detail and we will start with you.

You will face challenges every day within your business, that is 100% guaranteed so for your business to progress you will need to find the solution. People who fail are the people who don’t meet these challenges head on, they tend to sweep them under the carpet and hope that they go away, which they won’t.

Solving other people’s problems are your customers.

People generally buy things to solve a problem they are experiencing whether that is health, financial or they just need to find out how to do something. Even to the point that they need a new television because the old one went bang and they look for a new one!

So this is where you come in as the problem solver, their knight in shining armour who can save the day and bring a sense of balance to their life.

Millionaire Mindset – Continually Grow As A Person

growth mentality
Growth Mentality Article from Mark Ford

This is all about personal development. Looking for ways to improve your skills sets. This could be leadership especially if you have people who work for you. This will rub off on them and in time they will develop their own leadership skills which will help your business overall.

Don’t be afraid to seek coaches and mentors to help you with certain areas of your business and within you personally.

These people will have an impartial view because they are looking in from the outside. They will be to the point, no messing about and definitely no BS.

This is a positive thing and should not be taken to heart because it will help you and your business grow exponentially.

Millionaire Mindset – Think Like A Millionaire

positive mindsetThis is from the get go. There is no point waiting until you become a millionaire to start thinking like one. In your mind you must be a millionaire and then you will attract the resources to make it happen.

By doing this you will be taking the actions that you need to take, the ones that millionaires take without having to think about it a lot. It will become second nature for you and you will develop millionaire habits which, once formed, are very hard to break. They become second nature and a part of your conditioning.

Once you have this thought process you will start to mix with millionaires, the elite of the elite which will have huge influences on you. You will get the sense of belonging within this environment, you will feel that you can stand your corner and then you will be accepted within this inner circle of power.

These are my millionaire mindset tips for you to follow. One word of warning though. Human nature makes us very impatient and we want to get to the end before we have even started. There is a tendency to try and cut corners to speed up that journey. If you try and do this then all you will do is take longer.

Go through each step one at a time and in order, there is a methodology to this. Only move forward when you have completed the previous step 100%. There is the old adage of “how long is piece of string”. For some it is shorter and for others it is longer. Determine your own pace and move at that speed and I am confident that you will develop the millionaire mindset you need to succeed within your home business.

The Millionaire Mindset Video

Tony Robbins shares his method to shift into a millionaire mindset and become wealthy.

In this video you will learn specific strategies that will help you condition your mind with new beliefs around the topic of money and success.

Accreditation: Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins and VYBO

I wish you every success as you develop your millionaire mindset. However, don’t forget to live. Are you? Maintain a balanced lifestyle.

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