Meet Landria Onkka

Meet Landria Onkka

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An introduction to Landria Onkka, an Award Winning Author of Best Seller,”The Rooftop Christmas Tree” now a Television Movie shown worldwide

Meet Landria Onkka | The Rooftop Christmas TreeWelcome back and today I wanted to introduce you to a true warrior in the community of solopreneurs I am associated with, Landria Onkka. Landria is an award winning author of best seller, the “Rooftop Christmas Tree” and also author of a sequel, a “Bell for Christmas” grand prize winner Hollywood book fest, and also “Wooden Mistletoe”

Landria Onkka has accomplished a lot of things, like building her own online business and becoming a YouTube sensation, none of which she credits to her time chasing a “big business” career.

In fact, one of the most important things you’ll learn here is that money is a by product of freedom and fulfilment. Pure money chasers are more often than not the same people who find themselves working crazy hours only to come home feeling overworked and unfilled.

Click through and listen to Landria Onkka in the video link below as she shares how affiliate marketing has been a total game-changer for her.

Meet Award Winning Author Landria Onkka

Landria Onkka – 3 Seconds to Manifest Anything Without The Law of Attraction

Here’s some commentary from Landria Onkka on manifestation … “It only takes 3 seconds to switch into a higher thought to manifest anything without law of attraction (loa). Why “without” law of attraction? Because you can shift into a frequency instantly without having to attract anything. Simply BE the higher thought and manifest anything. You can do this in 3 seconds. I know because I timed it in this video and I show you how you can switch into that positive thought that manifests positive things. Anyone can do this. Do this every day and watch your reality shift.

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