Mark Fords Story – Part 4

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Mark Fords Story – The Home Business Owner Lifestyle

Mark Fords Story – The Home Business Owner Lifestyle

In this article Mark Ford continues his story by delving deep into the lifestyle that he has created for himself through the flexibility of being a home business owner.

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Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford


Hello, Mark Ford here and I can’t believe we are at day 4 of my story. By now you should be building a good picture in your mind of the person that I have become through what I have shared with you so far about my life, my family, my career and the home business ventures that I have successfully entered into and built online.

Today is a little bit more relaxed because I want to paint a picture of the kind of lifestyle that you could build for yourself if you were to take a leap of faith and become a home business owner.

To do that I think the best place to start is with the lifestyle that I enjoy, after all it is my story that you are travelling through on this blog, and thank you for doing so.

However, you can paint yours too! Don’t let fear hold you back. Change the story, change your life, change the beliefs and change your conditioning!

Mark Ford’s Story – 2006

Let’s start by going back to 2006. This is where it all began as a full-time home business owner. As you now know I left a highly successful legal career of 29 years because I felt unfulfilled and disillusioned with the whole institutionalised way of life that I had been involved in. Millions of others are still experiencing this and it could be said that many are wasting their life. When I look back I was! I knew I could achieve more.

Watch This Wasting Your Life Video

Courtesy of Prince EA

build your website traffic right awayCouple all of this with the daily long commutes into work. As we battle our way into the office to do the daily grind , we all fight the traffic no matter what form of transport we choose to use.

At least with a car we have the element of comfort and privacy but most of the time public transport can be less desirable, stuck in a capsule full of other individuals not looking forward to the day ahead and not in a healthy environment, people with sniffles, colds, the flu and god knows what other ailments. Look back at that Wasting Your Life Video above. It tells us that most people have a heart attack on a Monday morning. Wow, what a statement!

Start A Home Based Business Workplace


In September 2006 I founded with Elizabeth Poole Pooleford Property and this took all the commuting out of the equation for me. How did that happen?.. Well, I converted one of the rooms in my house in Staffordshire to our office.

I lived in a quaint village called Bradley and the peace was deafening, birds singing and fresh air, totally different to the sound of car horns and pollution that people must endure if they work in large towns and cities.

Mark Ford’s Story – Home Business Systems

I have always been good at creating systems, especially in my legal career, and I soon realised that now I worked from home I had to create a daily method of operation, a checklist so to speak. This would enable me to have a solid structure to work to so that the tasks I needed to complete each day were done on time. This is my first tip to creating a home business lifestyle, you need to have that structure in place. Also you need to form habits which will take some time to bed in but give them time.

Bradley Church, Staffordshire, UK

One of my habits was to go for a walk around the village after breakfast, with a piece of fruit in hand I would spend around 15 – 20 minutes filling my lungs with clean fresh air, saying good morning to people out walking their dogs and generally being grateful at mother nature. I had the time to appreciate that everyday, come rain or shine.

Even after living in Bradley for many years you always spot new things that sometimes can be a source of inspiration for ideas to explore for your home business development.

I also set the hours that I would work to. It can be easy to slip into working 16-hour days and there are times when you may need to do this especially when you are starting out, but it is very important for your health that you create a work/life balance and take time out. Burning the candle at both ends isn’t overall a recipe for disaster but it certainly doesn’t help with your productivity or energy levels.

Mark Ford’s Story – Your Appearance

Another thing to consider is your appearance. When you work from home you don’t have so much contact with other people and I have seen it over the years where people forget about their general appearance. You may have read articles where you can work in your pyjamas, well that is true, but I think it is a sloppy way to conduct your business. You should always make the effort, be clean and tidy, you don’t have to be suited and booted so to speak but at least take some pride in yourself.

Mark Ford’s Story – It’s Not A Hobby!

What I am doing at the moment is just laying some ground rules for working at home because when you make that decision to become a home business owner it is how you set your stall out that will impact whether you are successful or not.

Having a home business is not a hobby that you can play at, it is serious stuff and when you do it right you will then start to reap the rewards of what a home business can do for your quality of life.

Mark Ford’s Story – Nice Money Publications

When I started Nice Money Publications in 2008 it was in a totally different industry to property. This is digital marketing so there are no boundaries to hold you back. You are living in a virtual world where business and transactions can happen in a split second which is completely different to the property business because that was more localised and when set up is more about managing the business.

Home Business Lifestyle – The Laptop Lifestyle

The Laptop Lifestyle

You may have heard of a term called the “laptop lifestyle” but do you really know what it means?

In plain English you have a portable business at your finger tips so wherever you are in the world you can operate your business as long as you have an internet connection. It can be from a hotel room, a local coffee shop, your favourite beach or 35,000 feet up in the air on an aeroplane.

I will just back track a bit to say you can even use your computer if you are offline. There may be occasions where you can’t get online but then if this happens, due to the business I run, I can still create information products such as reports and e-books which can then be digitalised when I can get back online so in effect there are no restrictions.

A digital business like mine, run from home or anywhere in the world, can be set up to run automatically. I have mentioned on a few occasions that I am good at creating systems and this is the key to online success. You must systemize your home business because when you do it creates the time freedom that I now enjoy today.

working from homeHere is the comparison to a traditional business and a digital business. Generally with a traditional business you must be at the point of contact with your customer for it to function, either in a shop or office where people come in or if you have service industry you would probably have to go to the customer. This means that there are only so many hours in a day you can trade.

With a digital business, which sells products and services online, you are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Yes, even on Christmas day you can make money but this all hinges on your online systems, when you have them in place and the marketing skill sets you can write your own paycheque and have the time to enjoy it.

Mark Ford’s Story – Cyprus and the Digital Experts Academy

mark ford cyprus
Mark Ford On A Pleasure Boat In Cyprus

So my lifestyle now means I can be spontaneous. I have homes in the United Kingdom and Cyprus, so I can choose where I want to be at any point in the year. All I need is my laptop under my arm and take my business with me.

It hasn’t stopped there as I have also travelled the world within my previous role of being a Liaison Officer to the Digital Experts Academy Mastermind Experience members. I served in this role from March 2015 to the end of June 2020.

I have, since 2015, helped the Digital Experts Academy plan out and develop the Mastermind Experience program and I worked with their members daily.

I worked with aspiring entrepreneurs helping them with overcoming their challenges around fears, areas where they want to up skill, leadership, setting and achieving goals, business incubation and business development.

I was privileged to be in this role and travel with the members, and the Digital Experts Academy internal team, to exotic locations around the world to help run exclusive Mastermind Retreats for the members where we Masterminded on new ideas, networked with each other and lay on practical activities to develop team work, incubate businesses as well as going on fun excursions.

So, it was work but not in the general sense, more like a working holiday where I got to be with exciting and open-minded people who are creating their own digital lifestyle.

A lifestyle of freedom and choice. This is a great passion of mine in respect to helping other people achieve their dreams and goals in life. I invite you to come back to and read Part 5 of my story tomorrow where I will share more about my work with the Digital Experts Academy.

Mark Ford’s Story – The Passion for Cricket

Sydney Cricket Ground

A home business lifestyle allows you to be free to enjoy many things that you would not otherwise enjoy if you were tied into a 9 to 5 job. For me, this is to follow one of my passions in life which is the game of Cricket.

Over the last few years I have travelled the world following the England Cricket Team on their world tours. From all around England to Sydney, Australia and anywhere in between. It’s how I relax and take me time, which I suggest you should do as it is important. It is not all about business and money. You run the home business to serve others and your lifestyle!

Mark Ford’s Story – 2 Possibilities of a Home Business

A home business lifestyle makes two things possible. The first is you get to choose what you want to do and the second is freedom to do it when you want.

Also you can control your earnings potential. If you need more money to maintain the lifestyle you create then you just need to set up another home business system to generate another income stream and up skill.

Mark Ford’s Story – Part 4 – Conclusion

I hope that today I have given you an insight into my life and how I lead it. Your ideal lifestyle will be different, but you can absolutely achieve it through having a home business and there are plenty of opportunities available to you, one of which I will introduce you to tomorrow so make sure you come back then.

I wish you every success in running your home business from anywhere in the world and profiting from your home business.

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