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Managing Your Money Mindset – 5 Ways To Begin Working To Change Your Money Mindset.

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

No matter what it is you wish to achieve within your life, your mindset plays a vital role in whether or not you succeed, your mind is a very powerful tool if used in the right way. This applies too many facets of our lives and today we look at how that can play out in terms of managing your money mindset.

The thing is that most of us have never been taught how to utilize our mind to create positive impacts on our life.

Have you ever heard the terms ‘fixed mindset’ or ‘growth mindset’?

Dr. Carol Dweck studied children’s attitudes and behaviors around failure and found that those that actually believed that they could get smarter put in more effort to make it a reality (growth mindset) and those who lacked this belief (fixed mindset) also lacked the motivation to put in the effort.

The good news is that studies have also shown that the brain is more malleable than we realise, and these inherited and learned mindsets that we have can actually be changed, with practice we can alter the way we perceive ourselves and the outside world around us.

Today, let me share with you 5 ways you can begin working on changing and managing your money mindset. This will help you work on having a growth mindset that allows you to believe that you are capable of achieving and receiving more.

1. Managing Money Mindset – Let Go of Your Past Experiences

Holding onto your past experiences does not actually serve you in any way, although many of us tend to get caught up in what we have been through and let the constant replay of our past dictate our present and our future. Do our past experiences make us who we are today and define us?… What do you think?

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Your Mindset Matters

I believe the key is to learn to live in the present moment, learn from your experiences as they arise and then simply let them go, take whatever lesson you may need at that time and move on. In terms of effecting and managing your money mindset here is an example;

Say you want to start a business but have had a bad experience and lost a lot of money with businesses in the past.

Living from that place of fear, using your past experience as your new reality, would prevent you from taking on new business ventures in the future and potentially missing out on something that would actually make you a lot of money.

Can you understand how detrimental it can be living your life this way?

Instead of moving on and taking on future opportunities you will be stuck reliving your past forever. Instead you could be focusing your time and energy on learning from those who have actually been successful in business, learning how you too can build a successful business for yourself.

Never forget that your past does not dictate your current reality or your future unless you choose to live that way. We are all born rich and we are all capable of making a lot of money if we choose to work hard towards our goals. In terms of how you choose to live, what is your choice?

2. Managing Money Mindset – Learn How To Change Your Money Story

It is one thing to forget about your past experiences, but it is a whole new ball game when it comes to your current situation. You may have debts or problems to deal with, so how do you change your feelings in real time, as the situation is unfolding?

I know from experience how hard it is to attract or manifest wealth into your life when you are actually in a state of lack. There is good news though, you are actually capable of tricking your mind into believing you are in a state of abundance. Now this may sound crazy and believe me it feels a little crazy at the beginning and believe me also when I say that it also really works.

So here is what you can do; instead of focusing on the money you don’t have, focus on the money and possessions you do have. Focus on your beautiful family and friends and the wealth and happiness they bring into your life.

By doing this you begin to live from a place of gratitude, and from this place amazing opportunities can arise. I also find it helpful to visualize your future self, you can do this via a meditation or simply just taking time to visualize what your life would be like if you were earning the money you wanted, what would you be doing, where would you go on holidays, what type of house would you live in?

As well as visualizing, make sure you really feel what it would feel like to be living in that way.

  • How happy and content would you feel?
  • How successful would you feel?

By putting yourself in that space you are fuelling your desire to actually make it your reality, therefore whether you realise it or not you begin taking more action in order to make it your future reality.

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Managing Your Money Mindset

3. Managing Money Mindset – Practice Having Gratitude Daily

being gratefulAs I spoke about above, gratitude is a very powerful tool, one thing you may want to do is keep a gratitude journal, writing what you are grateful for each day and taking the time to really feel the gratitude in your heart and body.

If you are after a mindset shift to help you live a happier more abundant life, gratitude is one of the big influencers of the law of attraction. It is as simple as writing 5-10 things that you are grateful for everyday and see your life begin to shift in a positive direction.

Another powerful practice is to become conscious of being grateful throughout your day, when someone tells you that you look nice, when you kiss your kids or spouse goodbye or hello, when you sit for a moment to enjoy your morning coffee, the sunrise or sunset, the bird flying overhead, all of the simple pleasures you experience throughout your day.

In these moments simply take a moment to feel the gratitude and happiness flood your body. It won’t take you long to realise that by shifting your mindset in this way, you are creating a filter which allows you to attract more of the good things into your life.

4. Managing Money Mindset – Build Your Confidence

self confidence, self belief, trust your journeySo many of us underestimate our worth, we focus our lives on being and doing what it is we think others want that we forget to love life doing the things that we love and the things that make us happy.

Every single one of us have our own unique value to offer and I believe that that is what we should focus our time on. Whether you are at work or a stay at home parent, I want you to remember to take the time to stop and think about all off the amazing things you accomplish every day, think about the value you are bringing into the world and into other people’s lives.

If you continue to do this every day you will soon realise how much you are actually worth and that you deserve everything you desire and everything you receive as a result of the value you offer. If you are confident that you are worthy off the money you want, then it is only a matter of time before it shows up.

5. Managing Money Mindset – Learn to Love Money

There is no way you will be able to create a positive money mindset if you have negative feelings around money.

This could be in the form of fear of losing it or a negative outlook on what type of person you may become if you have money. I want you to remember that money is not the problem in this situation, it is your mindset that is causing the problems.

Your outlook and mindset around money actually has nothing to do with money itself, it has to do with past experiences you have had with money, or past judgements you have made about having a lot of money.

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Money Mindset | Managing Money

Do me a favour and take a moment to think about all of the great things you could do if you had more money, the people you could help, the businesses or charities you could support, there is no shame in loving money because you will only become more of what you already are if you have more money. So when it comes down to it, if you have negative feelings about money, it is up to you to turn them around and begin to think of all of the good things you can do with it.

I hope after reading this you can now see that it is within your power to create a positive money mindset.

In fact it is up to you to take control and begin living your life in a way that helps you to accept and create abundance. You have the power in your own hands and you can manifest whatever wealth and happiness you desire into your life.

Developing a Growth Mindset with Carol Dweck

Accreditation: Stanford Alumni


1. Mindset Works – Science

2. Self Made Ladies by Mia Fox

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I wish you every success with re-creating your money mindset. If you have taken value from this managing your money mindset article then please share it with your friends on social media using the graphic links at the top of the page, or leave a comment below. Thank you.

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