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Living Within Alignment – Living A Life Of Passion and Purpose To Be FulFilled… Are You?

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

Living within alignment… Have you ever heard people talking about how important it is to live your life in alignment with your passions, to find your purpose in order to live a more fulfilling life; and then thought to yourself…

  • How am I meant to do this?
  • I have no idea what my purpose is and whether or not I am capable of fulfilling it?
  • How do I know if I am living within my alignment or not?

Something that I have come to realise lately is that life is not always about loving everything you do but instead being grateful and appreciative that you are here to experience the moment that is in front of you.

Throughout my life experience I have, at times, been guilty of falling into the trap of focusing so much of my time and energy trying to work out what it is I am passionate about and how I am meant to mould that into my life’s work and begin living a more fulfilled life, living a life where I am more aligned to what I am doing every day.

What I have found lately though, is that I was wasting so much of my energy on trying to be aligned with who I was that I really wasn’t enjoying life at all, I was putting so much pressure on myself to get it right and to feel passionate about what I was spending my day working towards, I forgot about what was most important in my life. So my advice to you is…

Before you go searching for something outside of yourself to make you happy, it is essential to learn the basics of living in the moment. To become aware of how the lessons and skills you are learning from whatever you are doing right now are serving you to become better equipped for the situations or opportunities that you are presented with in the future.

Being in alignment does not necessarily mean finding the one thing you are passionate about and living your entire life doing that, being aligned is a lot deeper than that.

creating a business vision
Creating A Clear Business Vision

It is about facing every situation you find yourself in with a clear vision of your core values and taking the action that makes you feel empowered.

It is about embracing life with a head on attitude, serving those you cross paths with, sharing love and compassion and being a shining light for others to follow. It is about being all of this regardless of what your external circumstances are.

Within our world today so many of us are so caught up in our own problems that we forget to look at the bigger picture. We base our lives around what serves us best and have forgotten what it feels like to truly make an impact on others and the world around us. We get so caught up with the flashy cars, the big house and the stylish clothes that we lose track of who we are and what actually makes us happy.

So, I have put together a number of guidelines which I hope may help you to identify when you are out of alignment, and tips to help you move back into a space where you are in line with who you are and what you are passionate to achieve within your life.

living within alignment

4 ways that will help you to identify if you are living out of alignment.

Living Within Alignment : Feeling anxious and unsettled

Do you ever find yourself feeling anxious throughout your work day, almost feeling fearful and not really understanding why? This is a good sign that you are shifting out of an aligned state of mind. If this is something which you notice happening to you more often than not, it may be time for you to focus on allowing those feelings and sensations to be your inner compass guiding you?

A practice I find useful is to take 5 minutes to focus on where the feeling is within your body (it may be your heart, stomach head etc.), don’t try to push the feelings away even if it is uncomfortable to feel them. Instead comfort yourself, tell yourself that everything is ok and feel that you are safe and supported in that current moment. This practice has helped me to stay in a more aligned state of mind, give it a go, it may help you too.

Living Within Alignment : You can just sense that something is off

Have you ever had that feeling that something is just not right, you feel it, but you just can’t work out why? Or what it is? You may even question that you are imagining the whole thing, my advice to you is to please not ignore it. Listening to this awareness can be very powerful, your inner wisdom may just be trying to make you aware of something that will help to bring you back into alignment.

For example; you feel a little uneasy about the job offer that you just received… the job is probably not the right path for you, listen to and trust your intuition.

Living Within Alignment : Feeling tired and exhausted

Managing Overwhelm | Stuart Ross Overwhelm TipsYou might be thinking… how am I meant to not be exhausted, I am constantly racing around after kids, juggling my job, and trying to keep everything and everyone else happy around me.

I want you to open up to letting yourself begin becoming more aware of your energy levels.

I believe that feeling tired and worn out is a huge indicator that something is off, instead of getting vitality and energy out of life you are being depleted due to the overwhelming and uninspired life you are living.

If you are a driven and ambitious person it is easy to get stuck in the habit of not asking for help, thinking that you can do everything yourself.

Well I want to give you a little bit of advice… before exhaustion sets in and you truly burn out, reach out and ask for help. It is not a weakness to ask for support, it is a strength to recognize that you need help. Respect yourself enough to take the time to stop and recharge, you deserve it.

Living Within Alignment : You have forgotten what makes you happy

This is a big one that us adults tend to let slip, we are no longer able to recognize what lights up our soul.

  • What really inspires you?
  • What lights you up and what are the things that you love to do?

Don’t spend your life being the driven, high achieving, successful person that doesn’t even know who they are and what makes them happy. In order to find this again, I find it useful to think back to when we were children.

  • What did we do that made us smile?
  • What did you do for fun?

Begin to look into ways you can find that happiness again as an adult, think outside the box and give yourself the chance to feel that happiness again.

Maintaining A Positive Mindset Through Laughing
Maintaining A Positive Mindset Through Laughing

Denzel Washington – Fall Forward!

Accreditation: AlexKaltsMotivation – Read The Full Post Here

Next time you are feeling any of the above, I want you to ask yourself a few very important questions…

  • Why am I feeling this way?
  • What is it that makes me happy and feeling more aligned?
  • What is the fastest way I get back into my alignment?

Once we get to know ourselves better and begin to love and respect ourselves for all that we are, we find that we begin to feel more energetic and inspired to live a life where we are passionate and inspired to be the best version of ourselves.

I wish you well and invite you to continue the conversation by leaving a comment below.


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