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Have you been searching online for list building strategies and tips that really work, check out the information in this article that will help you learn more about this subject.

mark ford, home business consultantIf you’ve been searching online for list building strategies and tips, you’re probably feeling pretty overwhelmed right about now. There’s a lot of information out there, and it can get quite confusing. If you’re looking for list building strategies that really work, the following information will help.

A. The List Building Three-Step Process

There are three primary steps to great list building: creating an opt-in box or lead capture page, getting it out to a large audience and prompting people to sign up.

Those three steps are the foundation of today’s set blist building strategies, but you need to carry out each step in the right way. Specific details about making the most of each of these steps are outlined below.

Step One: Creating an Opt-In Box or Lead Capture Page

You can’t successfully build a list without creating an opt-in box or lead capture page first. After all, you need to know what people will be clicking on in order to market it properly. There’s a lot of advice out there about completing this step, and it doesn’t really belong in this particular post. At any rate, you’re going to need to design this element before you can dig into the actual list building.

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Aweber Email Marketing Is A Great Solution for Ready Made Opt In Box’s and Lead Capture Pages

Step Two: Drawing in a Large Audience

In order to build a great list, you need a lot of traffic. It pays to study up on traffic generation tips. If people aren’t coming to your lead capture page, you can’t hope to develop a great list. Fortunately, there are several great ways to bring traffic to your opt-in box. A few of the simplest ones include:

  • Social Media Marketing – It’s free to join and use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. These sites make it easy to reach out to a huge audience too. Out of all of the list building strategies that I’ll share with you, this one is a no-brainer. Get involved in social media marketing and watch your traffic soar.
  • Article Writing – People go online to get information. Why shouldn’t you give it? Submit articles to online article directories. Include links to your lead capture page on them. Over time, these articles will draw in considerable amounts of traffic.
  • Video Marketing – You don’t need a studio to create a great video. You just need the video to draw people to your lead capture page, so go for it.
Step Three: Compelling People to Sign Up

After getting people to your page, you need to get them to act. To that end, list building strategies and tips like including a free offer or incentive, offering an e-book for download and engaging in cross-promotion are all worthwhile options to consider. It only takes a second for a person to submit their email address, but they need a compelling reason to do so. As with traffic generation tips, there are many possibilities to consider. You can start with something basic like a free sample and branch out later.

By keeping these three important steps in mind, your list building efforts are sure to pay off handsomely. Put them to work right away.

B. List Building – On Demand Workshop

Giving away a set of training videos that provide the solution to peoples needs can also be very effective in generating opt ins where people leave their name and email in exchange for the videos. The Six Figure Mentors On Demand Workshop Video Series is one you should consider. It has some great online marketing advice from a top marketer in the Internet marketing world, Stuart Ross.

If you have enjoyed this article you can get from Mark Ford, through the Six Figure Mentors, the digital marketing video bootcamp providing you with more list building tips and strategies to make money with an online business.

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