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learning mindset

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Learning Mindset – Developing The Mindset And Skill Sets To Create A Digital Lifestyle Business

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Mark Ford

Another mindset article from home business lifestyle consultant Mark Ford which shares the learning mindset needed to develop the skill sets that are needed to create and launch a digital lifestyle business within the digital economy.

This month I have talked a lot on different aspects of mindset covering elements such as money, leadership, changing your mindset and strategy. Today I want to cover how to develop a learning mindset when it comes to creating a digital business.

The digital economy is booming and is only expected to grow in the foreseeable future. You may have heard of people becoming very wealthy by leveraging online platforms to develop digital lifestyle businesses, this may be the reason you have landed on this webpage or you may just be intrigued on what it takes to become a digital entrepreneur.

There are many facets to building a digital business but as with anything in life to become successful you must have the right mindset in place. When it comes to learning sometimes there are barriers that you must overcome which could be not accepting that the information is correct, not being adaptable to change or not taking to the people who are trying to teach you. This maybe because as human beings we often think that we are right and are not open minded to other opinions and methods.

To develop the learning mindset to create a digital business, you must have the acceptance that you may not always be right, you will have to listen to things that you may not agree with, embrace different working methods and utilize tools and resources that you may not have heard of or understand how they work.

This may be the time also to look at how you have committed yourself to learning in the past. Usually at a very early age learning is fun because it is very hands on, making things, breaking things and then mending them, getting hands dirty. However, with the digital age, things have changed.

learning mindset
Learning Mindset – Developing The Mindset And Skill Sets To Create A Digital Business

Then as you get older things start to get more serious, you develop as a person, attitudes grow and you become resistant to people telling you what to do. This may have resulted in you not getting the results you wanted or fulfilling the potential that you had when you were younger. This means that you did not have a learning mindset, which you may have addressed over time and realised what you did wrong or if you haven’t then is it now time for you to change your ways?

On the other hand, you may have been the person who embraced learning, someone who was dedicated to growing as a person, took every opportunity with both hands and took advantage of all the resources at your disposal. If this is you then you are perfectly positioned to take it further, learn more and discover how to turn that potential into a successful online business, starting today.

The journey you will go through will sometimes be bumpy, there will be challenges to overcome but there will be things that you take to like a duck to water. You will need to be resilient, develop perseverance and a never quit attitude. With that said let me show you some of the steps that you need to learn to become successful online.

Learning Mindset – Providing Solutions

home business training courses

To be a successful business owner you will need to learn how to become a problem solver. Business revolves around problems and solutions. Customers, who can be other businesses, experience problems and they are looking for solutions that are offered by product vendors and providers which is what you are.

Customers usually start the conversation by asking for the solution and it is your job to engage in that conversation and understand what they need. Then you form a relationship with the customer so that they begin to know, like and trust you. Look at your own buying habits for a moment and I bet that you only buy from people you know or who have a good reputation, you wouldn’t just walk up to anyone and give them money. So you need to get in the head of your ideal customer, connect with them and then provide the solution.

Learning Mindset – Products & Services

Your solution will be the products and services you offer. Part of your learning process is to understand what type of products and services you can offer. Products usually come in two forms, either physical products or digital products so you need to learn from market research which is the best option for your potential customer, it could be either or a combination of the two.

Services are usually associated with consulting, mentoring, coaching etc and can be provided in person or remotely through leveraging technology. Again, market research would tell you which is the best way to provide your service.

Whatever you decide to provide as your solution you will need to learn where to source them, maybe have them created by third parties or you can create them yourself through many different procedures and processes. Remember that sometimes you do not need to create a product as you can be the affiliate or obtain private label rights. More on that here.

Learning Mindset – Trading Platforms and Your Own Website

There are many online trading platforms and this is where the learning mindset you have developed will come into its own. You can use established platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy & Udemy but there are strategies you must learn to maximize the potential they offer.

Then we come to you having your own website or websites. This could be one of the barriers that you have to learn to overcome the most. In the past you may have shied away from or maybe had some phobia against building your own website, but your new-found attitude will embrace this challenge.

wordpress video tutorials

Learning Mindset – Marketing Your Products & Services

This is where the rubber meets the road, the meat and potatoes of business. We have already established that you need to be a problem solver by offering products and services as solutions which you can offer on a trading platform but how do you attract your customers.

It is all about the marketing, whether that is through free or paid marketing channels. This is where you will make the initial connection with your potential customers and engage in that first connection. The company behind the banner below is who helped me with this and you may want to click through to learn more.

Learning Mindset – Going Back To School

Over the course of this article so far, I have highlighted many things including the psychology of learning, asked you to look at your history and attitude to learning and shared with you some tips about the elements needed to build an online business. Also, that you will have to learn certain processes and systems to give yourself the best chance of success in the long term.

If you have the right learning mindset you can piece all of this together yourself by being resourceful to connect the dots. This will take you longer to achieve your goals, but you do run the risk of receiving conflicting information which could lead to confusion and frustration, but I reiterate, it can be done.

Or you could walk through the school gates again and be taught by professional people who are experts in their field and who are successful online business owners. You need to be coachable so what do I mean by that?

You must walk in with an open mind and listen to what people are telling you, after all they are doing it for a reason and that is to help you create a digital lifestyle business so that you can live your life on your own terms.

The best proof comes from people by you. Tim Low turned his life around from being a lawyer to a successful online business owner and you can too, if that is your wish? – if you click the image you can listen into Tim’s success story.

Tim Low's Transition From Employee To Entrepreneur

Then you need to take action on what you are taught. Implementation is the greatest learning tool in your arsenal because you will learn what works and what doesn’t when you make mistakes, which you will.

Support will be at hand when you need it, but you will need the tenacity to build your business, no one else is going to do it for you.

The four main elements I have highlighted will be included in the training and resources that are provided for you to leverage so there is no need to go and find them for yourselves, and because all the information you will receive is from one place congruency plays a major factor, so you will not get any conflicting information.

I have set the scene for you and I am sure that you want to know more information on where you can access it. The resources are provided by a company known as Mentors who have for a number of years been helping thousands of people create successful online businesses through their teaching, coaching and mentoring curriculums. I have been a member since May the 29th 2011 and the skill sets they have taught me has enabled me to position myself as a home business lifestyle consultant and now let me offer to help you?

I have created an article which tells you everything you need to know about this top educational and home business recommendation, how they can help you, the benefits to you, along with information about myself and how they have helped me.

Click on the image below to learn more.

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I hope that this article has helped you understand why developing a learning mindset is vital to give you the best chance of success in business. Make sure that you check out the Mentors recommendation as it could be the perfect vehicle to help you start along your own road to successful entrepreneurship.

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