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Leadership Mindset – Are You A Follower Or Do You Have The Mindset To Become A Strong Leader?

In this article Mark Ford looks at developing the right leadership mindset so that people start to follow you instead of being the one who follows the herd.

Let me ask you a question. Do you think that you have a leadership mindset or are you one of those people who are happy to be led and follow the herd? If you are unsure then in this article I will identify some characteristics that will determine which side of the leadership fence that you sit on.

leadership mindset
Leadership Mindset – Being Innovative

The general consensus for the term leadership is the following, “the action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this”. So as a leader you are the figurehead for people to look up to and you should have the skills sets and mindset to guide them through differing scenarios and helping people overcome obstacles that they may face.

There will be many people that have influenced you within your life with their leadership qualities. You could take some time to think of these people and asses what they did to help mould you into the person that you are, then look at how you act around other people to see if any of that has rubbed off on you.

What I would suggest is you start with your parents or guardians. They are the people who have brought you into this world and then led you on your initial stages of life’s great adventure. Your core values and morals would have stemmed from them, but you will have encountered lots of different leaders such as teachers and work colleagues each with their own twist on life that would have influenced how you behave and the thought processes you go through facing challenges when they appear.

To help you further to determine whether you have a leadership mindset I am going to highlight some basic signs that are the core foundations of a leadership persona and mentality. Hopefully what I share will resonate with you and give you the confidence to then develop the right mindset to impact other people’s lives.

Leadership Mindset – The Basic Signs Of A Great Leader


I think the best place to start is communication. Communication is a two-way street and great leaders have the ability to listen and speak in a clear and concise manner. Also they take on board other people’s opinions and ideas. That doesn’t mean they always have to agree with them but having an open mind helps in forming that give and take relationship.

Forming those relationships relies on a leader being able to connect with people and relate to them but still establishing that stance of authority. Having the ability to teach, inspire and support people is critical to creating and then maintaining those relationships.


Another great communication trait is that leaders are always honest and transparent so that the people under them know exactly where they stand which then breeds that element of trust.


Empathy is closely related to communication because it is the ability to listen to and see how people are feeling. By clearly understanding what people are going through will determine which cause of action is needed to help with the situation. It maybe that people just need a sounding board or an arm across the shoulder, great leaders know what to do and when to do it.

Problem Solving

This then leads on to problem solving. Great leaders are great at solving problems and this is especially evident within the workplace. When problems occur, leaders step up to the plate and take control of the situation and resolve it without panicking and with great efficiency. This highlights the confidence that a leader should have and then it inspires others to always look for solutions.

People with a leadership mindset are great at thinking outside of the box because sometimes a solution is not always obvious. You can see a leaders mind turn over, brain cells working overtime and having that sense of not being beaten is a clear leadership quality.

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Open Minded And Accepting Change

Having an open mind is vitally important to become an inspirational leader. The world is a continually changing environment and things can change without any notice. Leaders embrace change and, in many cases, thrive on the new challenges that appear. They have a form of acceptance that just because it has worked before doesn’t mean that it is going to continue to work in the future, so they must keep up with the latest trends and concepts to keep pace with their competitors.


Following on from this comes resourcefulness. Great leaders know that they don’t always know everything so they have the ability to tap into the resources that they need. This may result in having to learn new skill sets so they actively seek the people in the know and then leverage their experience and knowledge to help with their own development. The term “making a mountain out of a mole hill” doesn’t apply to leaders, some people may look at things as a crisis, leaders make the best of any situation.

turn a crisis into an opportunity

Positivity exudes from the greatest leaders even in times of great adversity. Negative things happen, that is just life, but it is how people respond to this which will determine if that situation goes from bad to worse. Positive leaders can turn what is bad into good, what is negative into positive.

Leadership Mindset – Commanding Respect

passion into profitGreat leaders also command respect from the people who are around them. Now respect is not something that is dished out willy nilly, respect is something that has to be earned and you do that by the actions you take.

This could be delicate situations at work, treating people the same on all levels, not showing any form of favouritism, showing discipline when needed and always being fair.

Also one of the most important things to do is to never ask anyone to do something that you are not prepared to do yourself. This is great management because other people will know that you are prepared to get you hands dirty and have the ability to do what you are asking.


Having great morals, standards, ethics and values are great leadership qualities. Emphasising what you believe in sets the standard so people around you know exactly who you are. There is nothing wrong with speaking your mind as this shows your true commitment and passion. This will also be recognised by other people who know that because of your strong values you will not hold back in speaking up for them if for any reason they are too afraid to do it for themselves.

Leadership Mindset – Seeing The Potential In Others

skills to develop at work
Skills to Develop at Work

Finally, true leaders have the skill set to see potential in other people. Maybe this has happened to you in the past where someone has really encouraged you to develop specific skill sets to attain goals that you have set yourself.

The encouragement that leaders show could be the catalyst that someone needs to turn them from being a timid wall flower to someone who has a huge impact on society from the value that they deliver. Sometimes people just need the opportunity and this is where true leaders step in and provide a platform for them to develop.

As you can see this leadership subject is quite complex and it takes special individuals to step up to the plate to show people the guidance they are looking for. Hopefully, with what I have shared you can determine if you already have a leadership mindset or not. If you haven’t then you now know the elements that you have to work on so that you can emerge from the pack and race right up to the front to guide and inspire other people.

One of the signs of a leadership mindset is resourcefulness and there are many resources that you can use to help you develop that mindset. You can read books, listen to podcasts or you can attend seminars hosted by expertise in their field. Do everything you can to help with your personal development if you want to take on the mantle of becoming a leader. I personally have access to many resources and if there is anything that I can help you with then please feel to contact me here at anytime or leave a comment in the box below.

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