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Lead Generation Strategies – 5 Ways To Generate Leads For Your Online Business

mark ford's storyIn this article Mark Ford shares 5 lead generation strategies to create an endless flood of leads for your online business.

Lead generation is the lifeblood of your online business so you need to constantly come up with ideas to keep leads flowing into your online business. Before I go on I just want to clarify what a lead is.

A lead is someone that has expressed an interest in something that you have to offer for free or the products and services that your business offers. Once you have acquired a lead it is your task to build an ongoing relationship with them. When they know like and trust you they may eventually become a paying customer.

There are many ways that you can attract leads to your business and new strategies are being developed everyday. In this post let me share with you 5 lead generation strategies that have stood the test of time and will work for you for many years to come.

Also I will give you access to a powerful video presentation from one of my business mentors where he lays out start online business information in front of your eyes. So make sure you read this post until the end to access this video and your opportunity to get started.

Lead Generation Strategies – 5 Powerful Ways To Attract High Quality People To Your Online Business

lead generation strategies

Lead Generation Strategies – Publish High Quality Content

traffic generation articlesThis is a particular favourite lead generation strategy which has created thousands of leads for my online business over the years. You should be publishing high quality content that relates to your business and niche to your blog on a regular basis.

I recommend you do this daily as it will help you get recognized with the major search engines. Potentially, they will then rank your content highly in their search results which will lead to lots of free traffic visiting your website.

Lead Generation Strategies – Webinars

This is a fantastic way to generate leads. A webinar is a live presentation that you host which connects you with your target audience. Here you can introduce yourself to your prospect and provide value to them with niche related training.

What you do is set up a registration page where people have to leave their email address to attend the webinar and then you send them a link to attend your webinar in a welcoming email.

There are many free webinar hosting services such as Google Hangouts which you can access through your Google account.

Lead Generation Strategies – Produce How To Videos

Video is very powerful and it is many people’s first choice in the way they consume their content. So what you can do is record helpful videos relating to your industry and then upload them to video hosting sites such as YouTube.

Under your video you will place a link to your lead capture page and encourage people to click that link at the end of your video.

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Lead Generation Strategies – Answer Questions

This can be a bit time consuming but it is still very effective. Individuals are always looking for answers so they post questions on websites such as Yahoo Answers & Quora.

So take some time to go through these sites and look for questions that relate to your business and give them the answers they are looking for. These sites allow you to give your contact details so that people can then be guided back to your websites.

Lead Generation Strategies – Create An E-book

Now this may sound a bit daunting to you but don’t worry it is very easy to create an e-book. Look at the industry you operate in and come up with some potential problems that you can solve in the form of an e-book.

You can look at questions that you are regularly asked or you could use the previous strategy of going through sites like Yahoo Answers to get ideas for your e-book.

The e-book does not have to be a long publication. You could produce a high quality publication of around 25 pages that highlights a particular problem and then offer it for free. Here you would set up a lead capture page to gather peoples email addresses which are all leads for your business.

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Earlier I mentioned that I would give you access to some high quality online business start up information from one of my business mentors. In the video below Stuart Ross addresses a number of questions he gets in his business about running an online business.

Watch the video and then click the link below the video to get access to the On Demand Online Business Workshop Series. If you decide to become a member of Stuart Ross’s Digital Online Business Training system you will also access high level training on all aspects of lead generation strategies.

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All of the lead generation strategies that I have shared with you are tried, tested and proven to work. So it is over to you to become creative in attracting high quality leads to your business.

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