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Retire Young – An Inspirational Quotation Shared By Mark Ford To Inspire You To Consider Whether You Want To Retire Young!

mark ford profile imagesSharing an inspirational quote on life to help inspire you to check in on yourself about wanting to retire young. I don’t. Building a home business on the internet and helping others is fun. What would I do with all that spare time? If I close my mind down and just chill… is that dangerous to my long term mental health.

I didn’t retire young anyway. I started building an online business at the age of 50 and now I am 60. Before this I built a property portfolio, a disco business and I also served for 29 years as a UK lawyer. I am not sure that retirement is in my blood!

When I retired from a role of being the Mastermind Experience Liaison for the Digital Experts Academy In June 2020, I had the chance to retire and just enjoy the climate here in Cyprus.

I tried it for 3 months and decided in the end that it was better to do both. Enjoy travel back and forth to the UK and Cyprus and also build an online business. So… in October 2020 I re-launched Nice Money Publications and started blogging again everyday, which is a passion of mine. I hope you are enjoying the posts?

On the question of retiring young, there are downsides that no one tells you about. We may dream of not working all our life and retiring young and relaxing in the sun. However, when we have achieved that is it always a bed of roses?

I read an article posted on CNBC Make It from Sam Dogen about retiring young with $3 million in the bank, sharing 5 downsides of early retirement that no-one tells you about. If you have a goal to achieve this… great… and if you do this working from home online, even better. However, I invite you to check out the article and get a different perspective on what it is like to retire young.

This is the thirteenth inspirational quote in the series of 30 inspirational quotes and the others can be viewed here.

Inspirational Quotation on Retiring Young

I hope these inspirational quotes have inspired you in some way and if so please leave a comment below. I wish you every success with your blogs and in running your home business from anywhere in the world.

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