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Sleep Trouble – An Inspirational Quotation Shared By Mark Ford To Inspire You To Accept That Managing Sleep Is Important…

mark ford profile imagesSharing an inspirational quote on life to help inspire you to accept that as someone working from home managing your sleep is so important in all we do. It goes without saying really, without sleep we are wiped out and unproductive.

The challenge is, and I know this from the way my mind talks to me everyday, that we are driven to build our home business and our brain works on overtime.

I find that we must have balance and let our mind and brain rest from the daily thoughts about, “I must get this done and I must get that done”.

We go to bed thinking about what we achieved in the day and what we didn’t get done, and we wake up thinking about what must get done that day. Maybe, like me, you wake up and think, just another hours kip but your mind is already active and it won’t let you have that extra hour. What do you do instead? – you jump up out of bed driven to get on with what your mind is talking to you about.

Now that’s great, but we must train our mind and brain that it is going to be allowed to rest. I do this by meditation, listening to relaxing music and setting a hard stop in my day at 7 p.m. at the very latest. Anything that has not been done. Well, that’s tough, it get’s rolled to the next day.

You see I quite enjoy watching Wheeler Dealer and that to me is a shout out that your business and work day is up. It is time to de-compress and come back down to the ground floor, because if you don’t do this Mark you will take your to do list to bed with you and then you will not get any sleep, or wake up too early with a head full of, I must do this and that.

mike brewer wheeler dealer

Balance is key here and if we are to get good sleep every night and get up fresh every morning, then we must train our brain that it will be rested and take time out for us! – Thanks Mike!

Here is an article I discovered about working from home and sleep trouble along with how to handle it. You may find this useful in relation to building a home business and getting good sleep. Happy zzz.

This is the eleventh inspirational quote in the series of 30 inspirational quotes and the others can be viewed here.

Inspirational Quotation on Sleep

I hope these inspirational quotes have inspired you in some way and if so please leave a comment below. I wish you every success with your blogs and in running your home business from anywhere in the world.

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