How To Practice Gratitude | 5 Gratitude Tips To Stay Happy And Be Grateful For What You Have

being grateful

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How To Practice Gratitude and Do You Practice Gratitude? – These Are Two Questions I Have For You Today. A Pattern Interrupt – Is Gratitude Something You Do For Yourself And Others?

How to Practice Gratitude. Gratitude has incredible effects on our well-being. 5 gratitude tips to learn how to show more gratitude every day to others.
mark ford home business blogger
Mark Ford Home Business Blogger

Gratitude is the utilisation of the quality of being thankful; having a readiness to show appreciation for the moment you find yourself in, and to return kindness to others without expecting anything in return.

I believe that gratitude puts things into perspective. Have you ever noticed when you are feeling grateful everything seems easier, your challenges don’t seem to bring you down but instead lift you up.

You show more love and your overall happiness is high, you simply just have more love to share with those around you.

On the flip side, there are times that us humans find it quite hard to be grateful for what we have, we struggle to see the light and become consumed by the challenge that we face.

It is at these times when it is most important to have the tools to help you find your way back. Therefore, I offer to share with you 5 gratitude tools that I use regularly and that work for me, to help me find my way back to a state of mind that allows me to feel and show gratitude for what I have once again.

Here are my 5 gratitude tips which will help you to understand how you can begin to show more gratitude every day to everyone that you cross paths with.

How to Practice Gratitude 1 – Finding gratitude within your challenges

We tend to believe that gratitude is only something we can feel when we are being grateful and thankful for the positive experiences we have, when in fact, showing gratitude for the negative experiences we have can actually more accurately show you what you have to be thankful for.

being grateful

Take the time to venture a little deeper into your past experiences to help you to figure out how the challenges you have faced in the past have actually helped you to learn and grow into the person you are right in this very moment. Are you proud of what you have overcome?

How to Practice Gratitude 2 – Practice Mindfulness

Something I practice regularly, is to think of 5 things that I am grateful for every day before I get out of bed. All it takes is a few minutes to think about these things and become aware of how much love and gratitude you feel when you think about these things, sit with this feeling of gratitude in your body and really soak it in. Doing something similar to this every day will help to rewire your brain to be more naturally grateful for what you have.

positive mindset

Your brain is a very powerful tool and taking the time to practice gratitude will give you a bigger capacity to lead a life that is filled with empathy, love and gratitude.

The longer you stick with this practice the bigger the impact will be.

How to Practice Gratitude 3 – Keep a Gratitude Journal

You can do this straight after your morning mindfulness practice that we went through above. Simply write down all of your positive thoughts and keep them in a journal. Write down everything you are thankful for and that way you can keep track of the positive things within your life and use the journal to refer back to when you are in a negative state of mind. Use this journal as a good reminder of how much you have to be grateful for.

When you put pen to paper, you have no choice but to consciously think about the words you are writing, it also helps to reduce those other distracting and ungrateful thoughts. Try to write in your gratitude journal every day, either after your mindful gratitude practice or any time throughout the day that suits you best.

How to Practice Gratitude 4 – Appreciate Everything

Instead of just focusing on being grateful for the big things that happen within your life, get into the habit of being grateful for every good thing in your life, even something as simple as the clouds in the sky, the food on the table or the bird singing outside your window. There is nothing too small for you to be grateful for.

How to Practice Gratitude 5 – Be Happy

self worth

Being grateful can make you happy but being happy can also make you grateful”. ( 2016)

There are plenty of ways we can work on changing our mood, such as exercise, participating in the things you love, being surrounded by the people you love or simply taking time to spend time with yourself.

Once you find effective ways to get your positive mood flowing, showing gratitude will become a lot easier.

So remember that your happiness is in your hands, and once you take responsibility for your own feelings and begin taking action to begin feeling more gratitude for what you have in life and stop putting so much focus on the ‘so called’ problems that your mind has created, you will see massive positive shifts within your life.

how to practice gratitude
How To Practice Gratitude | 5 Gratitude Tips To Stay Happy

How To Practice Gratitude Video

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Practice Gratitude Posted to Facebook by Mark Ford

Okay, it’s tough. We feel the challenges we have and live them and then we can become defined by them.

However, the challenges are what we can learn to be grateful for because they define us, make us who we are today, enable us to look back on how proud we are in what we achieved in the face of those challenges and that it is how we deal with those challenges and how we respond to them that is important.

It is important also to remember the things that we are grateful for and how to practice gratitude. I find that when we feel a bit low, lacking energy, drowning in our challenges, that it is good to remember and acknowledge what we are grateful for.

I am just like you, a human at times lol, who feels the anxiety that challenges bring us and yes, I will sit in them a while, pity party… well maybe… but become eventually solution focused, acknowledge the challenges, how can I move out of them and how can I have gratitude in the face of these challenges I have.

I reminded myself that finding gratitude within the challenges, practising mindfulness, gratitude journals, appreciation, and being happy are all areas of life that I need to stay within.

Drowning in challenges is where I/you will stay… drown… what am I/you grateful for?

This brings me to today’s post where I have been giving thought to 5 tips on how to practice gratitude and if you are interested in reading this, I invite you to go over to How To Practice Gratitude | 5 Gratitude Tips To Stay Happy And Be Grateful For What You Have

I am grateful to those of you who stay connected, reach out and express friendship, care and love.

Thank you.

Final Thought:

Gratitude and happiness go hand in hand, therefore if it is happiness you seek, taking the time to show gratitude on a daily basis is the perfect place to start. I would love you to continue the conversation with me, please leave a comment below and I will respond.

References: 8 Ways To Have More Gratitude Every Day by Janet Miller

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