How To Make Money With A Blog | 4 Make Money Blogging Tips

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How To Make Money With A Blog – 4 Ways To Earn An Income From Your Blog

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

In this article prolific blogger Mark Ford shows you how to make money with a blog by using 4 simple make money blogging strategies.

If you have followed me for any amount of time you will know that blogging is a real passion of mine and something that has generated a lot of success for my online business.

Blogging is a powerful medium because it enables you to get your message out to your targeted audience while providing amazing value.

The more you give, the more you will receive back and you do this by providing solutions to problems that your readership are suffering from.

Over time you will create a loyal readership that constantly come back for more and they will share your content so that you attract new fans on a daily basis.

Also having a blog will position you as an authority within your niche so that you are the person that people turn to. Now we have established why having a blog is very important for your business I am going to share with you 4 strategies which will show you how to make money with a blog.

How To Make Money With A Blog – How To Create 4 Income Streams With Your Blog

Make Money Blogging | Earn Money Blogging

How To Make Money With A Blog – Google Adsense

If you have a Google account then you have access to lots of resources that can help your online business. If you have a blog then you can take advantage of the Google Adsense platform. Within your Google Adsense setting you can generate a simple piece of code that you insert within your website settings. Once you have done this Google will start to show advertisements on your webpages and when a person clicks on the ad you will earn money from Google.

To make significant amounts of money from Google Adsense you need to have high amounts of daily traffic as each click only generates a few cents, but all these clicks add up and you could potentially receive a nice payment from Google month in month out.

How To Make Money With A Blog – Banner Advertising

how to make money with a blog
How To Make Money With A Blog

Here you can sell space on your website to individuals who want to display banners that redirect to their websites and product offers. You sell the ads on a number of impressions based over the course of a defined time frame which is usually monthly.

Again you will need to build your home business blog out over time so that it is receiving website traffic, and then you can look to make money from your blog by selling advertising space, just like they do on the social media platforms, such as Facebook.

As well as selling ad space on your blog to other home business owners, you can of course place your own banners within your content, just as I have below. Living a laptop lifestyle allows us to build a home business from anywhere in the world, wherever there is an internet connection.

start home business

How To Make Money With A Blog – Affiliate Marketing

The Power of Affiliate Marketing | How Affiliate Marketing Works
The Power of Affiliate Marketing

This is one of my favourite home business models and one that I have had a degree of success with. Affiliate marketing is a performance related business model where you promote other peoples products and services for a commission.

There are thousands of affiliate programs and potentially millions of affiliate products and services for you to promote. Whichever niche you are in then there will be an affiliate program for you.

One of the best ways to promote affiliate products on your blog is to create content that focuses on a specific problem. Then you highlight the pain points before eventually offering a solution which is the affiliate offer.

How To Make Money With A Blog – Product Reviews

There are many companies that will pay you to review their products and services. Usually the only criteria is that you have a high traffic website for them to take you on and after time you will see the amount of work they give you will increase substantially.

How To Make Money With A Blog – Your Blog Content

I have been blogging for many years now and I recently collated all my experience and success within an e-book called Your Blog Content which is a blueprint to building six figure home business blogs. You will learn everything from how to start a blog, which platform to use and how to create content to publish on your blog.

Also I cover the benefits of blogging for your business before I reveal even more ways on how to make money with a blog. For a limited time I am offering Your Blog Content for free and you can download your copy by clicking on the image below.

Your Blog Content Blogging Report

With these strategies that I have shared with you, and by downloading the Your Blog Content report, you will have learnt how to make money with a blog. My hope is that you take action and start your own blog so that one day you can achieve the same level of success with blogging as I enjoy.

I wish you every success in running your home business from anywhere in the world and profiting from making money with a blog.

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