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How To Build An Email Marketing List – The Money Is In The List, So They Say!

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If you operate any kind of internet business then you really need to know how to build an email marketing list. The reason is that this will be one of the biggest assets that your business will have, and here is why.

Every business relies on leads coming in on a daily basis, this rule applies to both online and offline businesses. The power of the internet allows us, as marketers, to build up a database of people’s details such as names, physical addresses and most importantly email addresses.

Now we need to understand something, building an email list of thousands of people does not happen overnight. In order to know how to build an email marketing list you will need to learn powerful online marketing strategies.

How To Build An Email Marketing List – The Money Is In The List!

Before I get onto a fantastic resource that I have available for you to help you understand how to build an email marketing list, I just want to address a saying that goes around the internet marketing world.

The saying is “The Money Is In The List”. Now this is true but it is not as cut and dry as it may sound. If you build up an email marketing list of thousands of subscribers then yes, there is the potential to make a lot of money from those subscribers.

As a rule of thumb the so called “gurus” of the internet marketing space claim that every subscriber that you have on your list is worth $1 per month in revenue. So, a simple maths example would be if you had 5000 subscribers, then you should make $5000 per month in revenue when you promote your own offers or affiliate offers to your list.

Now that sounds fantastic, $5000 per month for just sending out emails, that would make a huge difference to your business and cash-flow. Just hang on a minute though, you have to do some groundwork to make all this happen. It’s not push button money.

how to build an email marketing list

That is why I said earlier that the saying is not as cut and dry as they make out. What you need to understand is that the money is in the relationship that you build with your list over the course of time.

If you just put up a lead capture page, offer a free e-book or something similar, collect the email addresses and then just send out promotional emails peddling every offer under the sun, then your subscribers will get fed up with you and unsubscribe.

This means all the work you did and the money you spent to get them to subscribe would have meant nothing.

What you need to do is after they have subscribed to your list, you have to build that relationship by offering value to them. You can offer value in many ways, either by telling them your story so they get to know you, offering free information on your business, by giving them training on a certain aspect of their business, through blogs, videos, and by giving them additional free resources.

5 Tips On How To Build An Email List Fast

Then you will find that there comes a time when the trust factor will set in. They will know like and trust you and when you have them at this point, then that is when the money will start to flow.

How To Build An Email Marketing List – List Building For Profit

So that is the basic principle. Earlier I said that I have a fantastic resource that will teach you exactly how to do this. It has been written my my very good friend and business mentor call Stuart Ross.

The resource is called “List Building For Profit” and in it Stuart Ross reveals the exact strategies that he used to generate over $480,000 in 18 months. So if you want to know how to build an email marketing list then click on the image below, and once you opt in you will get instant access to the report.

list building of profit workshop

With the resource I have given you you will know exactly how to build an email marketing list which will become your number 1 business asset.

I wish you every success in running your home business from anywhere in the world as you build your email marketing list.

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