How To Build An Email List

how to build an email list

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How To Build An Email List – Tips On How To Attract Red Hot Prospects To Your Business

mark ford, home business consultant
Mark Ford | Home Business Consultant

In this article Mark Ford shares some tips on how to build an email list of genuine prospects for your online home business.

Today, let me share with you some powerful tips on how to build an email list full of laser targeted subscribers.

Email marketing is still as powerful now as it has ever been and when you build a list of responsive and targeted people you have a really valuable asset for your online business.

Over the years I have built multiple lists of thousands of individuals which allows me to communicate with them regularly to provide value and to promote my own products and services along with affiliate offers.

If you are to be successful with email marketing it will be because you have taken the time to build that all important relationship with your subscribers and over time they will convert into high value customers.

So, in this post I want to show you how to build an email list of targeted people for any niche or industry that will serve you well for many years to come.

How To Build An Email List –  6 Tips To Building A Responsive Email List

how to build an email list

How To Build An Email List – It’s All In The Planning

The first step is to identify your target audience. There is no point trying to appeal to everyone as you will be wasting a lot of time and money in the process.

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So look at the products and services that you are offering and create potential customer avatars to see who would be interested in your offers.

By doing this you will be clear on how you can help and provide value to them.

How To Build An Email List – Give Something Away For Free

Aweber Free Email MarketingNow you may be wondering how you are going to make money by giving something away. Well the principle is the more you give then the more you will receive.

You need something to encourage people to give your their name and email address and a free offer is the best way to do it.

Your free offer can be an e-book or video series that highlights a problem that your visitor is suffering from. It should be perceived as highly valuable, focuses on their main problem and gives them an instant solution.

This will take away any objections they have about giving you their details and you will then know that they are fully qualified prospects who will be interested in your paid offers further down the line.

How To Build An Email List – Make Your Free Offer Available Instanlty

Make sure that you offer is available for instant download as soon as the person has subscribed to your list.

You do this by  instantly sending them to the download page and you also give them a link to your product in the welcoming email which is instantly sent out once they have subscribed to your list.

How To Build An Email List – Make The Sign Up Process Easy

You should set up a lead capture page which shows an image of your free offer and the benefits your offer will give to a person visiting your page.

Then you need to be clear on what that person needs to do. It is called a call to action and you should only ask for their name and email and direct them to where they need to enter the details.

How To Build An Email List – Ensure Privacy

Individuals are very wary about handing over their contact details to people they don’t know so make sure you have a privacy policy at the foot of your page and clearly state near your subscribe button that their details are 100% secure and you won’t share them with anyone. See an example here.

How To Build An Email List – Share Your Contact Details

To give the visitor more reassurance make sure you share with them you other contact details such as your social media channels. This will allow them to check you out to make sure you are a real person and they can trust you.

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How To Build An Email List – List Building For Profit

One of my business mentors, Stuart Ross, has created a report called List Building For Profit where he shares his email marketing strategy that generated over $480,000 in an 18 month timescale.

In the report he details everything step by step so you can copy the strategies and implement them into your own email marketing campaigns. For a limited time I can offer you free access to this report and you can reserve your copy by clicking the image below.

list building for profit special report

These list building tips share with you how to build an email list by implementing the strategies that I have shared with you. Also you have access to an amazing free resource to help you further with your list building efforts and I wish you every success with building highly responsive email lists. Click the book image above to learn more.

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