How Often Should You Blog

how often should you blog

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How Often Should You Blog – 5 Reasons Why You Should Blog Daily… Will You?

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

Blogging is a passion of mine and many people don’t realise the power of blogging or how often should you blog.

In this article Mark Ford looks at how often should you blog to get your message across to your readership.

Content marketing is incredibly powerful and it is being recognized by major international corporations who have dedicated content marketing departments to drive traffic to their corporate websites.

Also there are millions of solo-preneurs who utilize blogging to make full time incomes, so whatever the size of your business there is no reason why you should not consider use blogging in your home business and marketing strategy.

It is very cost effective and it gives you the chance to showcase what your home business is about and how your products and services can help people overcome problems that they are suffering from.

Asking the question again, how often should you blog?, for myself it is very simple for me to answer this.

My recommendation is that you should blog daily. Now this may surprise you, because some may say that this is not necessary, or you may think that this will take a lot of time out of your week. Very true… but… how much do you want to help your audience to achieve their goals so that you can achieve your own goals?

In reality, once you get good at it, putting a blog together normally takes around an hour or so from start to finish. In that respect it is quite easy to fit blogging into your daily method of operation. Also after you have done this for around a month or so it will become a habit and effortless.

If you need to know more then, prior to me working in a consultancy role for the Digital Experts Academy, by doing blogs daily resulted in generating over $30,000 in one month promoting affiliate offers which can be fully verified. So can you put aside an hour or so a day?

How Often Should You Blog – Blogging Daily Can Result In The Following…

how often should you blog
How Often Should You Blog – 5 Reasons Why You Should Blog Daily

How Often Should You Blog – It Engages Your Audience

By blogging daily you are engaging with your readership. You can ask them what they want you to write about and send out surveys to your subscribers, or though your content, asking the audience what they would like you to share with them. You can then craft your content around that.

Doing this will ensure that you never run short of topics and blogging ideas and you will also be teaching them as well as solving problems that they may be suffering from.

Another blogging tip I would give, is to write as though you are speaking to them personally rather than them thinking they are reading from a text book. This allows you to bring your personality to the fore as well.

How Often Should You Blog – Driving Traffic To Your Website

Blogging is a great traffic generating strategy and the more you blog the more organic free traffic you will receive. Search engines recognize blogs that regularly add content and you will see your posts being ranked for the keywords that you are targeting.

You can also operate your own blog syndication system and post your latest blogs on your social media profiles to further increase the amount of traffic to your website.

The knock on effect is the more traffic you get then the more interaction, sales and conversions you will receive from your product offers.

How Often Should You Blog – You Are Seen As Adding Value

In this respect the value you are adding is measured by usefulness. Create your content around educating and entertaining your readership as well as solving problems.

If you do this then you will soon build a loyal fan base who will know that you add value daily so will come back time and time again.

How Often Should You Blog – Become An Authority

Over time you will be seen as an authority or an expert in your niche. Your fan base won’t look to anyone else apart from you to help them with their problems and this is where it becomes very powerful.

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing strategy and because you will build up trust your readership will then recommend you to their circle of influence resulting in your fan base growing organically.

How Often Should You Blog – Sharing Your Message

Blogging is your platform to share your message, feelings and thoughts. Therefore you will connect with people both practically and emotionally. You will be able to show your personality so that your audience will realise that there is a real person behind all the words.

How Often Should You Blog – Your Blog Content

For more help on how to blog and what kind of content to create on a daily basis please click on the image below to receive a free copy of my blogging e-book called Your Blog Content.

Your Blog Content | Free Blogging eBook

You now know how often should you blog, and the reasons why. Also you have a great resource to refer to with my e-book called Your Blog Content so, if you would like to, make sure you grab your copy by clicking the image above.

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