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Understanding the psychology of a customer. Matt Press, Splash Copywriters, champions the need to understand human psychology.

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle ConsultantWelcome back, today I am sharing an article from Matt Press, Splash Copywriters, about the importance of understanding the psychology of a customer – what makes us tick?

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Here is what Matt Press shares with us…

As a copywriter, I’ve an interest in writing words that work for businesses, regardless of whether the words are for a blog, an advertising campaign, an ebook or the front page of a website.

Through studying what makes words that work, I often champion the need to understand human psychology. So here is part one of a two-part guide to looking at what makes people and consumers, therefore us, tick.

Take a home-based business for instance. You’re going to be selling something and it doesn’t matter what it is. You might be selling shoes or food, plumbing services or SEO, the fact is, by understanding a couple of key principles, your copy can become much more effective.

Understanding the psychology of a customer – People buy from people!

For starters, people buy from people. That’s even the case for huge businesses like Amazon. Sure, you may not be speaking to an Amazon employee when you’re clicking on that website link, but you’re probably acting after reading someone’s review.

And the smaller the business, the greater the role of the human touch. By revealing the people behind your brand on your website and by adopting a number of different tactics, you can vastly increase the chances of gaining a consumer’s trust. As they’ll ideally be finding your business and buying from you via the internet, that’s going to be vital.

In a nutshell, a successful online business will hopefully mean that a customer can find you and be convinced to part with their money without ever speaking to you personally.

Everyone loves to feel special, so your words can go a long way to achieving that. Actually, scrap that. Your words will be solely responsible.

Also, people like to be reassured with testimonials and client lists because, as you’d imagine, if others have trusted you, they can too. This whole concept of trust and likeability is why blogging is so vital. Because businesses often need their websites to be clean and not clogged up with blocks of text, it doesn’t give us a lot of room to talk about various topics within an industry. Who wants to land on a homepage with 1000 words on the latest plumbing news? However, a blog does allow us that chance.

A blog can unlock serious potential because you can reach out to both new and existing customers alike. By giving out free news and advice, you can build your profile, and by being open about challenges and goals, you add some personality to your business.

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Matt Press – Splash Copywriters Accreditation

splash copywriters“Matt Press is an experienced copywriter who has written words for some of the UK’s biggest brands, such as Sky, Three and Vodafone.

Working through his company Splash Copywriters, he creates content and delivers marketing, branding and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advice to businesses of all sizes.” Learn more about Matt Press and his copywriting services over at his website > Splash Copywriters <

I wish you every success in your own home business sales.

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