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1. How Have The Consultations With Mark Ford About Your Internet Business Helped You?

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Guy Morse-Brown

We have known and worked with Mark Ford on a number of projects and found him to be reliable, accessible and well informed. We think of him now as a friend and have found him to be one in deed as well as word. He is deeply interested in the outcome of his projects and ‘keeps his eye on the ball’. Mark Ford is supremely enthusiastic about his internet business and really believes in his products, which gives his associates confidence to move ahead with all the advice he offers.

If you are new to the idea of earning money via the internet, then you need a reliable guide to teach you the insider secrets of what can be a very intimidating and confusing experience. Mark Ford will help you to focus on what is important as you begin, and enable you to avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes as you continue. Through the information he provides, you will learn the secrets of marketing your products so that your effort is rewarded by increased profits.

We ran a very successful internet business for many years, but we would have avoided all the mistakes, saved a lot of effort and succeeded sooner if we had access to all that Mark Ford will provide. Mark Ford has been before you and found what is worth spending time on and what isn’t, so YOU can benefit!

2. How Have The Consultations With Mark Ford Concerning Your Real Estate Business Helped You?

Having retired from our manufacturing and publication businesses, we recently decided to consider the possibility of investing in property.

We were introduced to Mark Ford by our son, and were immediately impressed by his presentation of the services that he could offer us.

Before making a decision to go ahead, we visited one of his clients, and were very impressed by the comments of the owner of the property in relation to the excellent information Mark Ford had provided on how to go about renovating a house.

This, together with our son's encouragement, led us to undertake our first venture with a buy to let refurbishment project, which we followed through to completion with a number of site visits. Once again, we were impressed with the detailed and professional property and information service that Mark Ford provided, both to ourselves and to the final property tenants.

More recently, we have started to build our property portfolio under the expert care of Mark Ford, and we look forward to continuing to enjoy what has become a very happy and enjoyable relationship.

Mark's attitude to his clients, both investors and tenants, exemplifies the qualities of sound business dealings, combined with a degree of social care that is rare in these days, and we have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wishes to explore the possibilities of how to invest in property in these difficult times.

Guy Morse-Brown (MBE) and Ann Morse-Brown - Staffordshire, United Kingdom
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