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Growth Mentality – Have You Got The Right Growth Mindset To Grow Your Online Business?

Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant
Mark Ford

An article from Mark Ford which shares some insights on determining whether you have the growth mentality to ensure that your online business goes from strength to strength.

So are you a complete newbie when it comes to online business and have no idea where to start when it comes to ideas and processes or are you a current online business owner that is struggling to market your business and getting frustrated with the lack of results?

Whichever side of this fence you sit on, you can be rest assured that not all hope has been lost and there is a way forward for you and your business.

Yes, you can launch and then grow a business that you are incredibly passionate about and you can re-program your brain for success.

What you need to do is develop a growth mentality and mindset along with learning the skill sets that you need, finding the right resources and then leveraging them before finally finding the right people to have around you and support you through your adventure.

growth mentality
Growth Mentality Article from Mark Ford

One of the reasons that you may not have the correct growth mentality when it comes to business is that you have been the victim of wrong advice. You like me and millions of other people all around the world have at one point registered to receive information on new business opportunities or strategies which initially seemed the best thing since sliced bread only to then feel overwhelmed, suffering from information overload where nothing really makes sense and instead of feeling inspired you are left dejected and frustrated.

This leads to you feeling sceptical each and every time you receive something in your inbox or articles that you read on people’s websites, trust has gone, and you think “oh no, here we go again”! Chances are that you still take a look and are instantly felt let down all over again. But we continue to find the solution that could lead us to financial security because at the end of the day you want to love what you do and do what you love and acknowledge the only way to find that is to learn how to run your own online business.

Now the only way for to achieve this is to develop a growth mentality and mindset. What I am going to share with you today are some insights on how you can develop that growth mentality to enable you to finally accomplish your goals and dreams.

Growth Mentality – Let The Genie Out Of The Bottle

genie out the bottleNo I am not talking about the famous Disney movie Aladdin where he lets the genie out and gets granted three wishes, no I mean the entrepreneurial spirit you have inside. It is time to let that spirit run wild to see where it will take you.

Every business starts from one thing and that is an idea which you may already have. If you are struggling for that light bulb moment, then one thing to do is never give up. Really search your soul to see if you have a real purpose in life. Are you here to serve people and how can you possibly do that?

Also entrepreneurs are very adaptable which leads them to becoming incredibly effective. So you will need to develop a willingness to accept changes that will happen within the digital economy that you will be entering. You will also have to be flexible and be accountable for the actions that you will take.

As an entrepreneur you will be passionate about the business you embark upon and you will always be looking to be creative and innovative within your marketing methods. The thing about digital marketing is that it is very fluid meaning that strategies can change very frequently due to the major platforms changing their algorithms. This means that you will have to embrace the challenges, accept that things will not go to plan all of the time and if necessary start all over again.

It is also a complete misconception that you must have hundreds of thousands of dollars to get your business off the ground. There have been examples of people turning just a few hundred dollars into six and seven figure businesses. This doesn’t happen by luck and chance though, no it takes an incredible work ethic, a lot of grit and determination, a lot of belief and the mission to serve people to impact their lives for the better.

Another fact of the entrepreneurial spirit is to have a vision and to be clear on the goals that you want to achieve. Then have the growth mentality of wanting it so bad that nothing will stand in your way of succeeding.

So what skills do you possess and along with your passions how can you turn these into a profitable online business? You can bet your bottom dollar that if you are passionate about something then there will be millions of people from all around the world with the same passion. This is your audience to serve and solve the problems that they are encountering. Think of it this way and there are only three stages to it. Problems need solutions and that equals money for you and a better life for your customer and yourself.

Growth Mentality – Habits & Systems

First look at your own habits and determine if they make you productive and effective enough to take these into your business. Look at all these habits both good and bad and write them down. Now I know that you may be thinking what is the point of this? Well, when you have it all written down in front of you it will help you to create a blueprint for success.

You can then compare them to the idea that you have and see if these habits are the right fit for the goals and aspirations that you have. Then you clearly define what you are trying to achieve, the target market you are trying to reach and the products and services that you are going to provide.

Are the habits that you have performed geared up for you to become successful in the business you want to create? If you don’t have those good habits, then it is time to form some that will. This will force you to change your behaviour and change your perspective, so it may be a great idea to take advice from expert people within the field of business that you want to enter. Also study the habits that they have and try to emulate them, after all if it worked for them why should it not work for you?

Also my advice would be to seek out mentors who you can learn from and in some cases copy the systems that they have set up which has lead to their success. Why try and invent the wheel when someone else has already done that for you!

Proven success will lead to your own success so one day you too will become an expert in your own field and then pass that knowledge on to other people who are in the position that you currently find yourself in.

Growth Mentality – Build A Team Around You

EntrepreneursAt first you may have no option than to work on your own due to financial constraints but when you gain some traction and momentum it will pay you to get a highly talented and creative team working for you.

You will find that you get more done in a shorter space of time which increases productivity to generate more positive results. Many people are reluctant to do this because of the cost implications but when you can see the benefits it leads to the development of a growth mentality for your business.

Growth Mentality – Your Next Step

I have mentioned a lot of things such as entrepreneurialism, developing ideas, forming habits, creating blueprints, mentorship and developing systems. Well you need all of these and more to develop your growth mentality and now I would like to share with you a resource that I have used for many years that teaches all the above and much more.

This online business training program specialises in helping people initially grow as a person by teaching them everything they need to know about online business and developing the right mindset for success. They then go further by providing the tools and resources to pull everything together to help create profitable online businesses through promoting their own products and services as an affiliate.

I cannot speak highly enough of them and I have worked closely with the two co-founders of the company. What I can do is give you access to a 7-day video training course that shows you how the company can help you create and launch a profitable online business that will position you as a successful online business owner. If this is something that interests you then click on the image below and register your details and I will send you the first video instantly to your inbox. Click the image below now!

As you can see it is relatively easy to create a growth mentality when it come to online business if you implement the strategies that I have shared with you. Coupled with the resource above I am confident that through mentorship, application of what you learn, working on your mindset, consistency and a good work ethic, you can be the next success story. I wish you every success in all you do.

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