Famagusta Ghost Town


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Mark Ford Visits Famagusta Ghost Town, Cyprus 10th June 2018 – A Real Eye Opener

As we move through the journey of life focusing on our next day, month, year it is so easy to be focused on what we want out of that period of time. Take time to think of others too and their lives.

Back on the 10th June 2018, as I visited Famagusta Ghost Town, I was reminded how many Greek Cypriots were displaced following Turkey taking over Northern Cyprus back in 1974.

They had their peace and ‘time’ interrupted and the trauma they went through is inconceivable in having to relocate from North Cyprus to South Cyprus and vice versa.

It’s a reminder to live in peace each day because we never know when that will be disrupted. We all deal with life’s challenges. However, be there for others too and live a fulfilling life in doing so.

Famagusta Ghost Town
Famagusta, Cyprus – Just as it was left back in 1974

I remember visiting Famagusta, Cyprus and that it was a heart wrenching experience listening to Mr John, our tour guide, tell his story of his displacement from his home in Famagusta, Cyprus at fifteen years of age being driven out by the Turkish army.

We never know the full story of both sides so we don’t judge. However, to be in his company was very thought provoking, even emotional at times and more than a trip for tourists.

I visited with Greg Fiona Scott and we were all equally astounded at how it had all been left as it was since 1974.

At least now the border is open to go across from the South to North. However, for governments to divide into two such a small island between a Turkish administration and Greek Cypriot administration is something many can’t seem to put words too. The Cyprus problem as they call it remains unresolved and a cease fire has ensued for 46 years it seems.

Having the freedom to travel by not being tied to a nine to five desk is great. However, by looking outside of ourself as we travel and enjoy the history we broaden our knowledge to share with the world what we see.

What we see is not always sun, sea and sand. We also see much more.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn what has made it possible for me to be free to travel more and broaden my horizons.

I wish you every success living your balanced lifestyle.

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