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Would You Like 90% Email Open Rates?

Continuing with a series of email marketing tips today we look at how your email open rates can be improved. In this respect ask yourself a question … what was the first thing you read as you landed on this page today … the headline “Would You Like 90% email open rates?”

home business lifestyle training, home business lifestyle newsletter, email marketingYes, right, has it made you continue to read more? Yes, great because having the right headings, not just in your blog posts, but also in your email messages can drastically improve your email open rates. When you send someone an email, the headline is the first thing that your potential customer will read and the way it is phrased should invite them to open the email.

Having email open rates percentages up to 90% can be helped greatly by well crafted email headings in the subject line. Also, creating a good first impression with your email marketing is vital if you want your emails opened and read. Unopened emails won’t get your message out and no-one will know what you’re sharing.

Email Open Rates – Do You Want To Do the Work Yourself or Would You Like To Find A Tool That Will Save You Time?

Now to help you with improving your email open rates this can go two ways;

  1. Work out the headlines yourself – not ideal if you have a lot of email messages to write and email campaigns to get out.
  2. Use a free tool that I can link you to today – if you would like to save a lot of time creating headlines I can share with you a really useful blog headline generator. If you go to this link here > HEADLINE GENERATOR < you will be able to access a list of blog title generators (use for your email titles too!). These are completely free resources to generate your headlines and help improve your email open rates.

I am pleased to be able to make this available to my blog readers to help them with their email open rates and improve on their email campaigns.

Email Open Rates – Further Reading For You!

You may also be interested to read my articles on Email Marketing Wording and Improve Email Marketing which will also help you with your email open rates.

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I wish you every success in running your home business and profiting from your email marketing strategies.

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2 thoughts on “Email Open Rates”

  1. Hey Mark!

    Thanks for the Big Up. It’s the tools which are the stars of the show. Use them, in tandem, to create an attention grabbing headliine which also has emotional impact and your open rates on emails and blog posts will soar…

    P.s. I also read your ‘Improve Email Marketing’ which contains yet more solid advice from you. Anyone who chooses to work with you will enjoy a fast track start in this exciting industry, because of your in-depth knowledge of Internet Marketing.

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