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Email Marketing Effectiveness – Why Email Marketing Is Important For Your Online Business

mark ford profile imagesIn this article Mark Ford looks at email marketing effectiveness and why it plays an important part in your online business.

You may be wondering if email marketing is still important for your online business. Well, I can tell you that it is still as important now as it has ever been and in this post I will look into email marketing effectiveness and how you should be incorporating it into your overall marketing strategy.

There are billions of people who have an email address and you are one of them. So look at you own habits when it comes to checking your email. How many times a day do you do it and what actions do you take when you open an email?

You will get offers to products that you have an interest in and the email message will guide you as to whether you make a purchase or not. As an online business owner you need to use email marketing to connect with people who have expressed an interest in your business and products.

Lets dive into the reasons you should be creating an effective email marketing strategy for your online business.

Email Marketing Effectiveness –  5 Reasons You Should Be Using Email Marketing In Your Online Business

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Email Marketing Effectiveness – 1. Lead & Customer Acquisition

Everything starts with acquiring leads which you can turn into customers. When you have mastered online marketing and have systems in place, such as lead capture pages, it makes it very easy to capture people’s name and email addresses.

Yesterday I did a post on how to create a lead magnet which clearly shows you the process on how to set up lead capturing systems so make sure you take some time after you have read this post to check this out.

Email Marketing Effectiveness – 2. Cost Effective

You will have some initial cost of acquiring leads through the advertising that you do but from then on email marketing can be looked upon as free marketing. The only other cost you have will be for the service provider that you use.

Aweber Free Email Marketing

It is possible to reach potentially thousands of people with one click of your mouse. You will have an email database that you can send your product offers to for years to come.

You can segment your list into people who have bought from you. It is always easier to sell to an existing customer than trying to acquire them. You may agree that this makes email marketing the closet thing to push button money.

Email Marketing Effectiveness – 3. It Is Personal

Within your email marketing service you will have the facility to personalize your emails and build a relationship with your subscriber

Adding a personal greeting can sometimes make all the difference which determines the decisions that people make. Also you can constantly provide value to people by offering help and updates on your business offerings.

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Email Marketing Effectiveness – 4. Encourages People To Take Action

If you have done everything correctly and built up a relationship with your subscribers then it is easier to encourage them to take action on the content of your email.

You want to get into the position where they can’t resist acting on your recommendations.

Email Marketing Effectiveness – 5. You Can Measure Your Results

Within your email service dashboard you will get instant results on how many people have opened your email and how many have clicked on the links that you have incorporated into your email copy.

Then you can segment people who are more responsive to your messages and then target them specifically.

Email Marketing Effectiveness – List Building For Profit

List Building For Profit is a report that one of my online business mentors Stuart Ross has created that details his success in email marketing. He has developed a system that generated over $480,000 in just 18 months and within this report he details everything step by step so that you can copy his system.

list building for profit special report

What’s Included In The List Building For Profit Report?

Also included in this report:

  • “What is a Digital Business System?” – Learn how a simple online system can eliminate many of the frustrations and pitfalls faced by newbies and struggling marketers alike.
  • “The Hidden List Secret” – The secret sauce that turns your list into raving fans desperate to buy your products and services.
  • “The Digital Marketers’ Online Code” – How to create a super-successful, online business fast without having to do all of the grunt-work on your own.
  • The “3 -Things” – As long as you’ve got these three things, everything I describe in this report is within your reach.
  • How to “Combine the Elements” – This section will walk you through how to put all the components of the system together, and create a well-oiled machine that works for you – even while you sleep.
  • How to “Leverage Other Peoples’ Time and Expertise” – Why you don’t need to create your own products to sell and having all you’ll ever need to start earning “real” money online.
  • “Shave Years Off Your Learning Curves” – Once you understand how to master the 3-simple steps outlined in this report (with our help, of course) you will have every tool you could possibly need to create your digital life.
  • And, the best news of all – How you can use the (virtually turn-key) SFM Digital Business System to pretty much do all of these things for you, on autopilot! – (Yup, you read that right too.)
  • Note that this report goes back some time, and has been updated. However, the free content is still relevant for today’s market.

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I hope that you feel you are now a bit clearer on email marketing effectiveness and why you should be using it in your online business. Make sure you grab your List Building For Profit System

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