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Email Autoresponder – What To Look For In An Autoresponder Service

mark ford, home business consultantIn this article Mark Ford writes about what you should look for when you sign up for an email autoresponder service.

Today, let me share with you more information concerning email marketing but more specifically the email autoresponder you use within your online business.

This service is crucial for your online business because it allows you to capture an individuals personal details such as name and email addresses. Also, once you have their details it gives you the opportunity to have ongoing communications with your subscribers.

Essentially you can fully automate you entire lead generation and communication with an email autoresponder and there are many service providers in the marketplace. Each one will have their own features but there are certain things that you need to ensure they offer your business.

I have compiled a list of essential elements you need to look for when choosing your email autoresponder. I hope it helps you in making your choice of an email autoresponder service.

Email Autoresponder – The Must Have Features

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Email Autoresponder – Can You Personalize Your Emails?

You will have received emails yourself where you are greeted with a opening personalization like “Dear John” and it is a great strategy for you to incorporate into your emails.

This is very simple to add to your emails because the service provider should have the facility to add a simple coded message that you can insert into your emails.

Having a personalized email will increase your open rates and lead to higher conversions in your business.

Email Autoresponder – Can You Send Broadcasts?

Broadcasts are different to automated emails because you may have times when you need to connect with all of your subscribers about certain offers you have or offer them additional value.

Here you can compose an email and then fire it out instantly to your list with one click. You will then get to gauge who is opening your emails from the analytics in your dashboard and if you find that certain individuals are more responsive you can then target them specifically in future broadcasts.

Email Autoresponder – Can You Import Contacts?

You may have lists of email addresses from other providers or you have contact details in many different places and you want to centralize everything. Make sure that you can import those names into your new email autoresponder.

Email Autoresponder – The Number Of Contacts You Can Have And The Pricing Structure

You need to know that the email autoresponder can handle large numbers of subscribers. So check to see if there is a limit or not.

Usually you find that their pricing structure will be staggered depending on the number of subscribers you have but make sure they have large capacity features.

Email Autoresponder – Can You Set Up An Email Sequence?

It is wildly acknowledged that an individual needs to hear from you around 7 times before they make the decision to take action on your message so you need to make sure that you can set up what is called an “email follow up”. Here you can pre-load your messages and when someone subscribes your messages are then delivered automatically depending on the timescale that you have set up.

Email Autoresponder – Aweber

Now I have given you some essential features to look for in an email autoresponder I will recommend the service that I use to handle my email communications.

I use Aweber and have done so for many years. In my opinion their service is second to none. Their system is very straight forward to set up and they offer all of the features that I have mentioned above.

They offer very good value for money and their deliverability is first class so you can be assured that your emails will be sent out when you want. To find out more about how Aweber can help your online business please click on the banner below and I will get out to you a free report on why Aweber is right for your business.

aweber overview

Your email autoresponder is an essential tool for your online business. Make sure you look for the features I have mentioned and then set up your email communications for your online business.

I wish you every success with your email marketing and running your home business.

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