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There Is Always An Opportunity In A Crisis... We All Remember The Covid 19 Pandemic And The Devastation It Caused On All Our Lives Around The World. For Many That Was An Opportunity To Start A Business Around Their Passions And Enjoy The Lifestyle Benefits!

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Do you remember asking yourself, when will the COVID-19 pandemic come to an end? We all eagerly looked forward to the day when the world would be declared Covid free. We missed packing our bags and heading out for a vacation. To bask in the sun and do all that we missed during the unending lockdowns and quarantine periods.

Why sit and wait? With the time we had on our hands, many including me, used up the time by working from home on our online businesses or started a home business and turned a crisis into an opportunity. Lifestyle benefits were thrust upon us!

Covid 19 Travel Restrictions | Mark Ford

Home Business Lifestyle Benefits - It's Your Turn

Now it can be your turn to do this. If you are asking yourself will my boss willingly give me that dreaded break?

Most likely, no!

home business lifestyle benefitsThen you can take control and enjoy the lifestyle benefits of working from home. This edition 5 of the Home Business Lifestyle Newsletter shares the lifestyle benefits with you in more detail, when you take the bull by the horns, throw your towel in the ring and get started.

Interestingly, many have decided to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of working form home and be their own boss. Yes, you can be your own boss and for many during Covid times that became a reality, as did the wonders of video conferencing and using Zoom.

Work when you are all psyched up. During your low moments, you take a break without anyone questioning why you didn't turn up for work.

And, when you plan for a holiday, you enjoy it without worrying about how people are holding up at your workplace.

Setting up an online business is the trick—a real deal and the best decision you will have made. You will dictate your lifestyle. After all, we all want to live a happy life.

Giving it a second thought? I hope not. Running an online business comes with so much better lifestyle benefits.

Home Business Lifestyle Benefits

Although it can be a daunting experience, it is the most flexible business plan. Growing your business from home has some aspect of flexibility that you can't obtain from just anywhere. If you happen to rent a space, the difference with working from an office is minimal. The routine is almost the same.

As a home business owner, here are some of the privileges and lifestyle benefits:

1) You can work from anywhere

lifestyle business example
Work from anywhere with your lifestyle business

Showing up to your place of work is the order of the day for most employees. To cut down on transport costs, you will have to stay locally, somewhere around the office. You are so tied to the office that doing your own stuff becomes almost impossible.

With a home business, you have the freedom to choose where you'll be working from. You can be working even when you're on vacation. Yes, that sounds crazy but the point is you get to choose when and where you work, on the beach, at home, on the sun bathed patio as I do, at a restaurant or coffee house, you can keep working as you socialise. You decide!

mark ford in the carribean
Mark Ford in the Caribbean | Benefits of a Home Based Business

Imagine being on your sun bed with a glass of wine in the Bahamas, you can be running webinars and attending business meetings. You can also be having consultation calls and be taking new orders from wherever you are in the world. The world becomes your oyster and you can shape it in the form you love.

2) Flexible Working hours

We all have different hours of the day when we are most productive. For some, the crack of dawn is their ideal moment. The night owls will have to wait and thrive deep into the night. It's a free world, and everyone has their priorities. Go for whatever brings your optimal performance. Do the income producing tasks at a time when you are most productive.

When you go the home-based business way, you are at will to choose your best time. A person who is more productive during the night, working an 8-5 job for them is meaningless. They will be spectators at their place of work.

spend more time with family
Spend More Time with Family

An online business gives you the time you need for other activities. When waiting for the perfect moment to work, you can go out for a sporting activity. Better still, you have ample time to spend with your family and loved ones. As a work at home dad, you can help with babysitting during the day as you bond with your baby. You have the flexibility with your own schedule.

3) You are your boss

It could be said that everybody wishes for this. You may say that this is not the case, some people don't want to be a boss. If that is the position what does it mean being an employee?

Being an employee means there are rules that you will have to follow at your workplace. Also, there is someone whom you report to at the end of the day. The management sets the schedule for how things run in the company. In case of an emergency at home, you need to pick your child up from school or even have a medical appointment; you first must seek permission. If not granted, you have no option other than sucking it up and getting on with it, or continuing to put your point across why you need time out of work.

personal development skills

The company might not be doing well business-wise. Things might be going south. Being an intelligent person, you might have salvaging suggestions. Since you're powerless, there's nothing you can do about it.

Sadly, the remuneration package is limited to your boss's decision. The amount of work you do is not a determinant of your salary. Whether your input brings millions of dollars to the company, the amount your boss pays is what you will take home. It doesn't sound pleasant at all.

Being a home-based online entrepreneur could be a lot different. You will be your own boss. You have the authority to set the rules. You will freely take leave when you have an emergency.

Your family can enjoy weekend getaways without you bothering whether you'll have another break the following weekend.

Your business is under your control. The quality as well as selling of your products is your affair. If you want to change anything, you don't have to consult anyone.

Your pay depends on the business's earnings. Some days you will make a lot and some not. There could be rainy days too!

Financial discipline is required to keep your life going even when the sales will not be promising.

4) Tax Benefits

When working for a company, the government treats you like any other employee. Regardless of your salary, you will have to part with so much more tax money.

Working from home means certain tax entitlement benefits. Tax benefits help you to save more of the earnings from your business. For instance, a certain percentage of your mortgage interest, home maintenance costs as well as utility bills.

Disclaimer: I am not to be taken to be giving financial advise here and you must carry out your own due diligence. To ensure maximum tax benefit, get in touch with a tax professional to guide you on the best alternatives.

5) Your Dress, Your Choice

To some extent, clothes evoke our emotions. Wearing suits for an entire week can be overwhelming for some people. And, this is what being an employee in an office means. Be it on Monday or Friday.

If you are a casual person, then a pair of jeans, tee-shirt, and sandals are good to go. You can always wear that which feels comfortable.

However, when meeting clients, looking as official as possible is inevitable.

6) Reduction in Overhead Costs.

Employee Expense

Working for an employer can be quite costly. You will have to change your wardrobe often, pay for lunch, pay for petrol or public transport.

Your car will also need regular servicing. Due to hitting the road daily to work, it will suffer wear and tear. The maintenance cost sets in.

When there's a lot of work on, you might work till late, which forces you to get take-away meals. You'll be spending some extra money again!

Maybe, you will have to hire a nanny if you are a parent with little babies or take them to a day care.

The expenses spent on overheads reduce the take-home pay.

Work From Home Expense

Working from a home-based office means cutting out most of these costs. You will look after your kids. With no commuting, it saves your car the wear and tear and spending so much on petrol. Cutting out these costs means flexibility of your pricing. Your prices will not be fixed like your competitors' who want to cover the expenses. Flexible prices translate to good sales.

7) Personal Growth

As a small-business owner working from home, you will start viewing life from a different perspective. Your competitors will challenge you to do better. You will meet new people with varying experiences of life. They will make you develop new skills and abilities that you never imagined. The experiences will be unique each day. Some days will be exciting; others will be draining.

Sounds intimidating, right? No need to worry. You will brace up and quickly handle the change.

8) No Experience Needed

With so many jobs requiring prior knowledge and experience, internet marketing requires none. If you have access to a computer, laptop, or phone with an internet connection, you can get started.

starting a business from home
Living A Laptop Lifestyle

No educational qualifications or previous internship is required.

Affiliate marketing business would be an excellent venture for anyone willing to start their online business career. Whether you're a retiree or a young person, all that matters is pushing yourself beyond the limits.

9) Technology Becomes Your Friend

Working online means you get the most from that which technology has to offer for your business. Most of your business functions will be purely online, unlike the traditional business method that will have you parading your products outside the mall or streets.

For marketing your products, you can use scheduled email marketing tools, Social media posts and blog posts about your products.

Google Analytics exclusively offers market research. You will have an idea of who likes your products and reach out to them.

From your computer, laptop, or phone, you can manage your entire business. All information about the products and clients is on the cloud. With the traditional method, you would have to commute to a specific location then go through heaps of files for simple data.

Home Business Lifestyle Benefits - Conclusion

I hope you make that bold step.

A home-based business will give you the flexibility you need while earning good money. You will have the time to concentrate on your personal life as well as do your business.

With everything being digital, make this lucrative move by starting home business before your competitors do it.

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