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A Digital Experts Academy Review from Mark Ford, former Mastermind Experience Liaison and founding member. Get the run down from an insiders experts academy

Digital Experts Academy Review. In partnership with the Six Figure Mentors, the Digital Experts Academy is an international community of entrepreneurs and mentors that is pioneering the way for non traditional education and providing progressive paths for individuals to follow in order to turn their unique visions into thriving online businesses.

As I write this I have been a member for 9 years and so you are getting this digital experts academy review from an experienced member and not from someone who writes a Digital Experts Academy scam article and then at the end promotes another program.

Also, Mark Ford also for 5 years worked on their internal team creating, developing, implementing and managing the Mastermind Experience program for the Digital Experts Academy, a USA LLC. This is the top level program that the Digital Experts Academy offers and so this Digital Experts Academy review is not written by an affiliate from the ‘outside’ but from someone with first hand experience of the inner workings of the Digital Experts Academy, in particular the Mastermind Experience level.

mark ford, home business consultant
Mark Ford | Home Business Lifestyle Consultant

Take this as it is, take it or leave it. However, it is written by someone with first hand experience of this educational and transitional program and from someone who can help and support you with this and answer any questions you may have. If you are looking for a digital experts academy review I intend this to be a full and detailed run down for you, so that you have the information before you get started. Are you ready? Let’s go…

If you just want to get going, they offer a free Digital Expert Academy workshop series <



Digital Experts Academy Review – World Problems and Issues

In a world rocked with upheaval and uncertainty in recent times, getting a stable, well-paying job that also caters to your interests is increasingly becoming a pipe dream for many.  All hope is not lost, though. There are plenty of opportunities online, with more than enough depth for millions of online entrepreneurs.

Whether you want to pursue the affiliate marketing route or you are interested in creating an e-commerce business, the choice is yours. And with the right knowledge, skills, and tools, the online business world can be your outlet and solution.

Digital Experts Academy Logo

The Digital Experts Academy is a training platform/program designed to equip students with all the necessary skills, knowledge, tools, and mentorship to start, manage, and grow online businesses. The program focuses on training students by providing real-world, actionable step-by-step systems students can replicate. Moreover, the program comes with outstanding mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and experts.

Who Is The Digital Experts Academy?

The Digital Experts Academy, a brainchild of Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross, is a community of highly accomplished entrepreneurs and mentors on a mission to provide non traditional education that positively impacts students’ lives and sets them up for success.

The group of international entrepreneurs works to provide progressive paths that individuals can follow to turn their passions and unique vision into thriving online ventures. The Digital Experts Academy has partnered with the Six Figure Mentors to deliver engaging and impactful education.

The mentorship program is a core element of the Digital Experts Academy, given that the course revolves around helping novice online entrepreneurs build successful and enduring businesses.

The Digital Experts Academy has a lot of qualified and experienced mentors that students can lean on to get advice. Students connect with mentors through Q&A sessions, live events, seminars, coaching, daily live webinars, and past webinar footage, providing invaluable assistance and guidance that can differentiate between success and failure for many online entrepreneurs.

Crucially, the Digital Experts Academy has experts in all facets of online marketing entrepreneurship. Delivered mainly through the Marketing Mastery training program, they have mentors who are experts in:

– Search Engine Optimization,
– Amazon Merchants,
– Amazon Associates,
– Branding,
– Social Media Marketing, including YouTube Marketing,
– Blogging, and much more,
– Think online marketing and personal growth, think also that they have an online training solution for it.

What Does The Digital Experts Academy Do?

The Digital Experts Academy is a platform that provides budding online entrepreneurs with the necessary education, mentorship, and camaraderie that every aspiring online business owner needs to succeed in the ever-evolving online landscape. The Academy is designed and built to help students turn their vision and passion into thriving businesses.

The Digital Experts Academy Mission: they state their mission to be…  “Our mission is to help driven individuals realize their full potential by giving them the tools, digital skills, and mentorship necessary to bring their unique vision to the world.”

For novice online entrepreneurs to succeed, they need to select one path from the many different potential paths available. Choosing a path tends to be easier said than done. With numerous options and opportunities available, choosing one particular path to pursue and build your online business is difficult regardless of your skillset and experience.

The Digital Experts Academy will familiarize you with everything you need to know about online marketing, personal growth and business. After that, the students narrow down the path to take based on their interests and vision of being independent. Your mentors will help you move ahead while taking into consideration your ideas and concepts of independent entrepreneurship.

Why Does The Digital Experts Academy Do What It Does?

The Digital Experts Academy is guided by the pursuit of educating as many next generation entrepreneurs as possible. The program is built with the passion for imparting knowledge and skills entrepreneurs need to create successful businesses that leverage the power of the internet. Crucially, another core feature of the Digital Experts Academy is to help individuals create businesses centred on their interests and passions.

The program proponents believe that it is not enough to just attain the necessary skills needed to develop businesses around popular digital platforms. It is also crucial for individuals to thrive and grow at a personal level. To this end, the program does take a unique approach in helping individuals understand and leverage their passions in creating and growing their businesses.

Digital Experts Academy Live Event

About the Digital Experts Academy

As the name suggests, Digital Experts Academy is best described as a non traditional education platform whose sole focus is to educate students on everything pertaining to online marketing, personal growth and business.

The Academy, created by Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross, centres on limitless online marketing skills for limitless growth. To this end, the Academy has three facets to educating students.

Facet 1 – The Digital Experts Academy

The first element is the Digital Experts Academy (DEA) itself. DEA focuses on providing great training and mentorship to budding digital marketers and entrepreneurs. By partnering with Six Figure Mentors (SFM), DEA is populated with coaches, entrepreneurs, and great mentors who can guide students on the right path to building successful and enduring enterprises in the online marketing space. In this regard, the program is designed to help students starting from scratch increase their odds of success.

Facet 2 – LinkedIn Learning Partnership

Aside from the Digital Experts Academy’s mentorship, proprietary education, and training, they have also partnered with LinkedIn Learning. Through this partnership, DEA students gain access to one of the most comprehensive platforms for online courses. LinkedIn Learning has over 10,000 training videos with countless more added each year. DEA students can, therefore, learn and hone their knowledge and skills while receiving the best mentorship through the Digital Experts Academy.

Facet 3 – Digital Marketer Partnership

The third facet is the certification of your education. The Digital Experts Academy has partnered with Digital Marketer (Digital Marketer is a leading online marketing certification provider) to certify Digital Experts Academy students’ education and skills. The Digital Experts Academy and Digital Marketer work together to offer DEA students highly customized paths towards learning digital marketing by providing tactical training certification.

Crucially, through this partnership, students attain the credentials necessary to establish themselves as authorities in the digital marketing sphere and can certify that they are trained in a certain skill.

The Digital Experts Academy Internal Team

While Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross might receive a lot of DEA’s notoriety as co-founders, their organization is populated by highly professional and experienced personnel. From the member services team, coaches and trainers team, events and media team, product development team, content social media team, technology team to their operations and finance team, the entire organization is filled with highly accomplished and diverse individuals, all 48 of them at the time of writing.

The Digital Experts Academy has assembled a team that is passionate about serving students and giving them the best environment to succeed in creating online businesses and thrive as entrepreneurs. They understand the value of customer support, good education and mentorship and strive to provide the students with the support needed, along with the best education and solutions.

What Are The Features Of Each Of The Digital Experts Academy Programs You Can Join?

digital experts academy review

DEA has numerous programs you can enrol in to meet your needs and bring your vision to light. Every program is well resourced and robust enough to impart adequate education and the skills you need to set up and run an online business. Below are the Digital Expert Academy product packages that you can buy into:

Digital Experts Academy Review – #1. The All-In Package

The All-In Package is an all-encompassing package that DEA offers. Unlike other packages that DEA offers, the All-In Package provides students with all the training, courses, tools, and support they will need to succeed.

You will also benefit from the daily interactive live stream workshops. In effect, the package is designed around the central idea of helping students become masters of the online entrepreneurship domain.

Digital Experts Academy All In Package
The Digital Experts Academy All In Package
The Digital Experts Academy – All In Package – Some of the Features

Unlimited Access – Students who sign up for the All-In Package gain access to DEA’s massive library of training and educational courses and tools.

For instance, students gain access to over 10,000 courses covering marketing, business, and technology. Additionally, students benefit from the daily live coaching webinars. DEA’s multiple daily webinars bolster student knowledge of the trending technologies and tactics used by successful online businesses.

Your All-In Package also comes with past live event videos. The live webinars form a crucial knowledge base that All-In Package students can use to improve their knowledge of online businesses.

Experts Teachers and Mentors – All-In Package members access experienced and qualified teachers and mentors. While a training course will give you the knowledge necessary to succeed in online entrepreneurship, a mentor can steer you to the right path to attain success much faster and easier. With DEA’s All-In Package, you get to access qualified and experienced mentors to help, guide, and advise you on your online business journey.

Learn Anywhere – You can access the course, tools, and training from anywhere. You can learn on the go, at home, at your office, or anywhere else. Essentially, you can learn at your convenience.

lifestyle business example
Work from anywhere with your lifestyle business

DEA’s System For Selling Online – With this package, you will attain proven systems for selling online. The easy-to-follow system helps students get up and running selling profitable affiliate products and, therefore, create successful businesses.

Digital Business Lounge Membership – An essential feature of the All-In package is the Digital Business Lounge membership, giving you access to all the plugins, tools, and website technology needed to create an online asset for your business.

Learn To Build Online Business From Scratch – At the core of the All-In package is the focus on helping students build online businesses. Stuart Ross will help you take proven steps to start and grow your business from scratch. As you follow along and copy the steps, you will also receive all the necessary tools and technology to bring your business idea to light.

The Unlimited Paid Traffic Bundle – As a bonus, you will receive AdSkills’ Bulletproof Ads courses. While each of the 9 Bulletproof systems cost $249 on AdSkills, DEA gives you unlimited access to all the 9 Bulletproof System courses as a bonus. As such, you will receive unlimited access to Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Ads, Native Ads, Display Ads, and Landing Pages.

Digital Experts Academy Review –  #2. ELITE Influence

Digital Experts Academy Review | Digital Experts Academy Elite Influencer

The ELITE Influence package provides students with next-level mentorship. The mentorship-focused package gives students the ability to learn from Masterminds who understand their students’ path and are experienced in growing online businesses following different approaches.

ELITE Influence has three membership options: Essential Membership, ELITE Influence Membership, and the Elite Inside Bonus Window. These membership programs are designed to suit different needs, with the Elite Inside Bonus Window offering the full range of features.

The Digital Experts Academy – ELITE Influence – Some of the Features

– Getting Started Models for all members
– The ELITE Influence 8-Part Series
– SFM Support Team for all members
– The Mastermind Environment for Elite Influence Members and Elite Inside Bonus Window
– Live ELITE Influence Insight Workshop for Elite Influence Members and Elite Inside Bonus Window
– ELITE Influence Insight Workshop for Elite Influence Members and Elite Inside Bonus Window
– ELITE influence Video Training Archive for Elite Influence Members and Elite Inside Bonus Window
– Personal ELITE Influence Concierge for Elite Influence Members and Elite Inside Bonus Window
– Access to Exclusive Facebook Group for Elite Influence Members and Elite Inside Bonus Window
– Action-taker’s Discount valued at $200 for Elite Inside Bonus Window
– Convertri for Elite Inside Bonus Window

Digital Experts Academy Review – #3. ImportXperts

The ImportXperts is designed to cater to the students’ needs for setting up businesses that sell physical products online. It offers the knowledge, resources, and tools a student might need to create an e-commerce platform.

Crucially, the course will teach students all aspects of importing goods, ensuring you start a business with a strong foundation that can withstand the dynamism of the e-commerce business.

The Digital Experts Academy – ImportXperts – Some of the Features

You will get access to many comprehensive resources, which comes with:

– Lessons on the Amazon FBA business model,
– A customized curriculum,
– Lessons on running businesses day-to-day, selling on online marketplaces, lessons on outsourcing, social media marketing, and lessons on how to build your website, and live support,

The ImportXperts Toolbox, which includes:

– Media lounge,
– Exclusive community,
– Jargon buster – an e-commerce dictionary,
– Access to ImportXperts blog, which provides the latest news in e-commerce news and trends.

Digital Experts Academy Review – #4. Marketing Mastery


The Marketing Mastery is a 2-year curriculum designed to help students master everything about digital marketing. Suppose you are interested in how you can formulate and implement a digital marketing plan relying on advanced and effective marketing strategies.

In that case, the Marketing Mastery Package is a good course for you.

The Digital Experts Academy – Marketing Mastery – Some of the Features

Marketing Mastery is an all-encompassing digital marketing package. It covers everything about digital marketing. Additionally, you get certification for all the training modules, which include:

– Copywriting Mastery
– Paid Traffic Mastery
– Email Marketing Mastery
– Optimization & Testing Mastery
– Analytics And Data Mastery
– Search Marketing Mastery
– Content Marketing Mastery
– Social & Community Mastery
– E-Commerce Marketing Mastery
– Conversion Funnel Mastery

digital experts academy product features | marketing mastery

As with other Digital Expert Academy packages, you also get one-on-one mentoring as a standard feature and access to virtual workshops.

Digital Experts Academy Review – #5. Brand Incubator

Digital Experts Academy Review | Digital Experts Academy Brand Incubator

As the name suggests, Brand Incubator is a product package and solution whose focus is to help you understand the principles of building a lasting brand. With the one-on-one mentorship, students are taken through a journey of discovery that helps them reveal their actual values and authentic selves.

This allows the students to build brands that are not only noteworthy but also powerful in communicating their values and those of their company. This approach to building a brand is essential as it helps businesses attract and retain the right customers and clients.

Moreover, understanding your values and building a brand around your values might help you narrow down a business model that works for you and your business.

Digital Experts Academy Review – #6. Mastermind Experience



Digital Experts Academy Review | Digital Experts Academy Mastermind Experience

Here is a quote from the Digital Experts Academy – “At this level, you’ll be educated in advanced Leadership so you can make a major impact on the world. Members spend time with our company Founders and Executives to learn, inspire, and evolve. The outcome is, revitalized vision, empowerment, and drive to scale up personal and business success.”

The Mastermind package was created to help students connect, converge, and create. Under this package, DEA students access weekly live mastermind webinars, one-on-one mentorship, QUARTERLY Masterminds, and you also get an invite to the annual MASTERMIND Retreats. In all these cases, members connect with other inspiring industry experts, collaborate with high performers in the industry in creating and launching exciting ventures, and transform into leaders through mentorship, encouragement, and practice.

Mark Ford – Mastermind Experience Liaison

From March 2015 to the end of June 2020, over 5 years, I was directly involved in the creation, development, implementation and daily management of this Mastermind Experience program. A totally 24/7 immersive and life changing experience that took me to many places around the world that I may not have otherwise visited. Bali, Miami, Dominican Republic, South Africa to name a few.

The impact this has had on me personally, on my life, my associations, connections and on my business is immeasurable. A privileged position and one that enabled me to consult with literally thousands of budding online entrepreneurs and help to impact their business, life and personal development through onboarding processes, fact finding, goal setting, member spotlights, accountability Masterminds, marketing Masterminds and Masterminds on any topic connected to life and business and so much more.

Many times I was the linch pin where, depending on a members identified needs, they were linked up to another member in the Community for mentorship and Masterminds to help them with their individual breaks throughs.

I am truly honoured to have been given the opportunity to be involved in the development of this high level Mastermind Experience program. I broke away to work on building my own brand, Nice Money Publications.

However, I still remain a member and it is where I go for mentorship, leadership and Masterminding with other leaders, as leaders do. If you would like to learn more, I have also wrote more articles that relate to my experience as the Mastermind Experience Liaison.

Anita and Steve Richardson testimonial can also be viewed here.

Digital Experts Academy Testimonials

While there is a lot of good to rave about, the vast majority of DEA students share in their delight of unbeatable mentorship they’ve received through the Digital Experts Academy. For many, beyond the information and knowledge they’ve received, the guidance and mentorship are invaluable.

For many other DEA students, the various educational programs have helped them attain new skills they never thought of learning before. For instance, many DEA students create their first website while undertaking the course. In other words, the courses help students to grow in so many different ways.

Mark Ford’s Personal Success Story

Digital Experts Academy

Over more than a decade the Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Experts Academy have given me the opportunity to live my life with purpose by loyally stepping up for other so that they are given inner peace.

In doing so I have been able to build a business around the things that matter most to me – my family, my friends, my Mentors Community, freedom, watching cricket worldwide and travel.

Over a term of 5 years I was privileged to serve the Community as the Mastermind Experience Liaison and to help, develop, implement and manage a Mastermind Experience program, for the members.

There is no better reward than helping people transform their lives with a digital education that is relevant for today’s online world.

create a new life

Make the rest of your life <> The best of your life <> Mark Ford

Digital Experts Academy Video Testimonials


How Can You Join The Digital Experts Academy

Joining the Digital Experts Academy is straightforward and easy. The Digital Experts Academy provides you with the opportunity to gain access to free on-demand workshops over four days designed to help you learn how people turn their passions and interests into online businesses. Students learn everything they need to start, sustain, and grow profitable online businesses in this free training series.

If you would like to opt in and receive access to the Digital Expert Academy’s On Demand Workshop, click the image below…

The Digital Experts Academy Cost

Okay, I get it. You have come this far. Read all the content in this digital experts academy review, watched the video reviews and you have been thinking… great, I want to join but how much does all this cost?

Well, initially, nothing if you take advantage of the free access you are being given to the On Demand Workshop Series.

After that, it is down to you on how much you are prepared to invest into your future, your online education, mentorship, personal growth, Masterminds, an online Community and more.

Me, well, I went all in and back in 2012 I joined at the top Mastermind Experience Level, which was a five figure sum to join. But what about you?

So, the answer to a question… how much does it cost to join the Digital Experts Academy? … is from zero to tens of thousands of dollars and anywhere in between. Also, on what you are willing to invest. Once you have opted in for the free workshop series you will learn more about how much each individual membership costs.

Over time, products, services, memberships and the costs to join change as a business expands and develops. Therefore, the latest costs to take out a membership with the Digital Experts Academy will be revealed on taking out the free on demand workshop offer.

The Digital Experts Academy Pros and Cons

The Good

– The Digital Experts Academy has plenty of quality training and resources that can turn you into a successful business owner and digital marketer. It is designed to impart as much skill and knowledge as possible to students, thereby setting them up for success. Crucially, it teaches legitimate ways you can earn money on the internet, including affiliate marketing, eCommerce and many more options.

– The Digital Experts Academy has class-leading support. Aside from ample resources that explain the various facets of starting and running online businesses, DEA support is always available to answer your queries. This is essential for digital marketing novices and one of the reasons many Digital Experts Academy students stay members for the long term.

– You also get mentorship, an element that is lacking in many comparable courses. Mentorship is especially helpful for students in need of guidance and support,

– The training is legitimate and well-rounded. While most students are after the program’s knowledge and skills, they will also learn about leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal development, all of which will set them up for a successful journey of self discovery and also in creating and running online businesses.

– You can customize your education to suit your needs based on your passion and/or chosen path. The platform will customize your education based on whether you want to pursue affiliate marketing, establish an e-commerce platform and sell products, or anything else.

The Bad

– One can only derive the full range of benefits and value from the program by enrolling at a high level of membership, such as in the All In Package program or higher. As such, students who want to be well-rounded online entrepreneurs must purchase the top most subscriptions, which can be prohibitively expensive for some budding entrepreneurs.

– Not a downside really. However, for start up online business owners, the Digital Experts Academy takes the unorthodox approach of focusing their educative courses on becoming an affiliate for the products. While the concepts and tools they use are universal and can sell other products, it would be beneficial for students to use a myriad of products as examples in their courses.

Digital Experts Academy Review Conclusion

Digital Experts Academy goes beyond training and education. They offer world-class mentorships designed with the sole focus to help students succeed. By partnership with Six Figure Mentors, DEA students get a chance to learn from the best internet entrepreneurs. Crucially, they learn the latest and greatest strategies in the digital entrepreneurship space.

Digital Experts Academy will help you immensely through your journey if you are looking to make a new start, or maybe transition from traditional businesses or employment. With the ability to structure the classes to meet your goals, needs, and learning style, students have the opportunity to customize the learning experience to their liking. Additionally, the mentorship students receive goes a long way in helping them succeed.

The Digital Expert Academy educational programs genuinely help students succeed in online entrepreneurship by guiding them in creating and growing successful businesses online through various models.

I wish you every success with your life and business and I hope that this Digital Experts Academy review has opened your eyes to what is available and helped you with your own research into what the Digital Experts Academy is all about.

If you decide to move forward with this, then I look forward to seeing you in the Community where you can reach out to me for ongoing support and assistance. Join here.

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