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Digital Experts Academy – What Is The Digital Experts Academy?

mark ford profile imagesIn this article Mark Ford looks at the Digital Experts Academy, what their values are and how they can help you become a professional digital marketing expert.

The Digital Experts Academy is an academy for individuals to take their business and lives to a whole new level within the digital economy that we all live in. The Digital Experts Academy welcomes complete beginners to online business right up to seasoned veterans and the principle of the Digital Experts Academy is to provide the best and cutting edge training and support through their mentorship and coaching.

If you look at traditional education through universities and colleges it is now somewhat outdated because they are not adapting what they teach to what is happening in the outside world as it is now.

Experts are now predicting that 40% of jobs that we know of will disappear over the next few decades because they are being replaced by more efficient technology, artificial intelligence and systems that are far more efficient.

Many people have their heads firmly planted in the sand and ignoring this. They are running the risk of having less financial success and the Digital Experts Academy is a solution to this problem.

digital experts academy review

A Job For Life – Is It?

The principle of traditional education is that you spend a certain amount of time gaining education in a certain area then you come out of that environment to take a job which you think is for life. The reality is that this is not how the world works anymore and it is very likely that over the next 20 – 30 years people will have to re-educate themselves 5 or 6 times. The days of the traditional economy and having that job for life are over which is unfortunate but is a reality!

Education should be where you continually evolve and it is better to do it within an environment which should be fun and amongst friends who support you. This is what the Digital Experts Academy has created with a community of people who are all heading in the same direction.

Also these people can be mentored and coached by people who are at the cutting edge of online business to help them take their business to the next level.

The Digital Experts Academy is a place where you can have access to experts and entrepreneurs who are making an immense headway in the world today. The vision of the Digital Experts Academy is to bring in the real movers and shakers to train, educate and mentor it’s community and it is a long term education that will remain with them for their entire life.

The Digital Experts Academy continually evolves by creating high level and cutting edge curriculums from industry leaders for people to invest in themselves both in the short and long term. They have many different programs including e-commerce, transitioning people from being self-employed to professional digital marketing experts and how to create an internationally recognized brand. Also you can mix it with the industry elite at exotic retreats all around the world.

I myself, over a 5 year period, have been a top level coach with the Digital Experts Academy being the Mastermind ExperienceLiaison and I looked after the members when they get to the final stages of the educational program with the Digital Experts Academy.

So in a nutshell the Digital Experts Academy will help you evolve from an online business owner into a highly credible professional digital entrepreneur. I very much look forward to welcoming you into the Digital Experts Academy once you have finished you core digital marketing within the Mentors program they offer, and I wish you every success.

Digital Expert Academy Review And Information – A Highly Recommended Online Business Solution You Are Invited To Look Into As A Solution To Your Desire To Gain More Freedom…

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digital experts academy review

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